Super Smash Bros. Dark Forces
Smash Dark Forces Logo
The game's logo, designed by Pokerninja2 (tbc).
Developer(s) Lone Planet Productions
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Director(s) Megaxi G. Exal, Jr.
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
The V²
Display C
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
ESRB2013TPegi 12
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Super Smash Bros.
Predecessor Super Smash Bros. Switch (tentative title)

Super Smash Bros. Dark Forces, known in Japan as グレートフレイスマッシュブラザーズ:ダークフォーズ Great Fray Smash Brothers: Dark Forces, is the seventh installment of the Super Smash Bros. series. It will be released on Nintendo Switch, The V², Pharo, Display C, Zenze, Bleakbox, Enigma, and Steam sometime in 2020.

After Masahiro Sakurai decided to take a break from the series, Lone Planet Productions stepped in to develop a new game that will incorporate several popular elements of past installments while also bringing in some new features.

Dark Forces is part of the Vicinity Saga; the story mode takes place after the events of the Smash Fighters TV series to debut on the White Ark Channel.


In terms of gameplay, Super Smash Bros. Dark Forces remains the same as past installments of the series. Players use normal and special attacks to deal damage to each other, trying to knock them out of the stage. Each player has a percentage shown at the bottom of the screen, which increases with each hit they take; the higher the percentage, the greater chance they have of being KO'd.

Each character has a moveset consisting of normal attacks like punches, grabs, throws, and aerial attacks, as well as four special moves unique to said character. They also have a powerful move known as a Final Smash, which can be used after breaking a Smash Ball that appears randomly on the stage.

New to this installment are Street Fighter-esque special moves called Super Smashes and Bro Smashes. A Super Smash is activated by filling up a bar below your character's icon (which can be done through combos, dodges, etc.) and pressing the normal and special attack buttons simultaneously. Each character has multiple Bro Smashes they can perform with allies based on their "elements" (which are shown on the character select screen alongside a character's image); however, these moves can only be used in team battles.

If items are turned on, they will spawn randomly around the battlefield, allowing players to use them to their advantage. Some items can be used to attack opponents, and others will apply certain effects to the player using them.

Compared to past installments, Dark Forces puts an even bigger focus on interaction between players. It is the first game in the series to enable cross play; in other words, Switch players can play online with V2 players, etc.

Due to the large amount of data the game takes up, there are more ways you can save your game without filling up storage. Players can now have multiple game files, which can be saved onto their console's internal storage, as well as their Cloud profile, a MicroSD card, or an amiibo figurine. A wave of Nintendo 64 Controller Paks will be sold specifically for the game, and can be used with the N64 controller adapter to transfer data between consoles. In the case of the V2 and Steam versions, players can also make mods for the game and share them with others, and The Endurance can be used to add mods to the game itself.

Changes from Past Installments

  • Stickers make a comeback from Brawl, replacing the equipment from Smash 3DS/Wii U. They act exactly the way they did in Brawl; you can attach them to the bases of a playable character's trophy to alter their stats. The main difference is that multiple stickers of the same type will stack. For instance, if you place two Arm +10 stickers on a trophy base, they will add up to give the character an Arm +20 boost. However, you cannot stack stickers for a boost over +30.
  • Transformations also return, but this time around, they are not activated by a special move. Instead, they are triggered using the - Button (on Switch; other consoles use different buttons). This is a solution to both the clunkiness of transformations in Brawl and the fact that the - Button generally did nothing in past titles.


A wide variety of modes can be played in the game, some returning and others brand-new. The names of new modes are colored yellow on this table.

Smash A traditional Smash battle, where up to four players can duke it out on many stages based on the properties of Nintendo and its third-parties. On Switch, players can use any of the following controllers:
  • Switch Joy-Cons (separate or connected)
  • Switch Pro Controller
  • Wii U GamePad
  • Wii U Pro Controller
  • Wii Remote (plus Nunchuck or Classic Controller, requires sensor bar)
  • Gamecube Controller (requires adapter)
  • Nintendo 64 Controller (requires adapter)
  • Any Nintendo 3DS system (needs to be activated via Download Play)
12-Player Smash Pretty much self-explanatory. The only real difference is that the stages will be larger to fit all twelve players.
Tag Team Smash Each player can choose three characters to use in battle. These characters can be swapped with a side taunt, and they each have one stock.
Negative Smash This mode reverses the basic Smash rules; the winner is the first player to be KO'd, and the loser is the last player standing. Self destruct will not count as a KO, though, and you will respawn with greater knockback resistance as a penalty.
Special Smash Set up custom gimmicks for a battle. The following settings can be changed:
  • Game Type: You can set up a 12-Player Smash, a Tag Team Smash, a Negative Smash, or a combination of these modes.
  • Stamina: Alternate settings include 300%, which makes it much easier to KO opponents; Stamina, which drops the usual percentages and applies standard HP; and Pie, which replaces percentages with a pie chart (as one player loses HP, everyone else gains more).
  • Size: Players can make their matches Mega or Mini size.
  • Head: One of three items can be worn on your head: a Flower, which adds to your damage every second; a Bunny Hood, which lets you jump much higher; or a Wing Cap, which allows you to fly around the stage.
  • Body: You can apply eight different effects to your characters: Metal, which increases your knockback resistance while decreasing your jump height; Clear, which makes you invisible; Tail, which lets you fall slowly; Rocket Belt (self-explanatory); Screw, which allows you to deal damage as you jump; Back Shield, which deflects projectiles coming from behind you; Super Sneakers, which increase your speed; and Super Stomp, which increases the power of your down attacks and lets you create shock waves after performing a down aerial.
  • Status: Curry makes your character constantly breath out fire that will damage opponents, and Reflect gives them a Frankln Badge that will deflect all projectiles.
  • Gravity: Gravity can be set to Light to enable high jumps and floaty controls, or Heavy to enable lower jumps and greater knockback resistance.
  • Speed: This time around, there are three speed levels to choose from: Half Time, Double Time, and Triple Time.
  • Camera: The camera can be altered to be fixed or angled, or both.
Tournament Up to sixty-four players can sign up for a tournament hosted by the first player. These tournaments can be held locally or online.

With the exception of Stadium, you can play these modes by yourself or with a co-op partner. In the case of Story Mode, multiple players can drop in depending on how many playable characters are in the level.
Path to Finale The game's story mode. As the space-time continuum begins to go haywire, it's up to the Smash Bros. to find as many newcomers as possible to save their worlds.
Classic Fight through ten groups of warriors, then face off against Master Hand and Crazy Hand.
Adventure In this journey, it's you against the multiverse. Travel through various worlds where you'll be challenged by different fighters and eventually come face-to-face with Nightmare. For details, go here.
Arcade Fight waves of characters organized by series in backwards order of debut. Each match has its own conditions, which are randomly chosen from the Special Smash options. The final match pits you against Tabuu.
All-Star Take a trip down memory lane and fight every character in order of appearance. At the end, you will battle the Creation Trio: Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. This mode opens up after you unlock all of the game's playable characters.
Smash City This new mode replaces the basic Challenge mode from past installments. Players go around a large city running errands for different characters; these errands may include defeating waves of enemies, fighting certain characters, and searching for items. There is a leaderboard consisting of different types of tasks; as you climb higher up this leaderboard, the citizens' requests become harder.
Mirror Training A new spin on the Training mode from past installments. Here, you can fight a clone of your character who incorporates techniques you learn into their own fighting style. You can also command them to perform certain actions to teach them new tricks, as well as spawn in items. Mirror fighters can be shared online so other players can test their own skills on them.
Pit of 100 Trials Inspired by the Paper Mario mode of the same name. Journey through a deep, dark pit where you will take on exactly one hundred challenges -- one on each floor. Every tenth floor, you will fight a horde of enemies. On every twenty-fifth, you will have to make your way through a maze. On the fiftieth, the Fighting Glitch Team will show up and challenge you. Finally, on the hundredth floor, the Dark Gaia will try to wipe you out -- defeat it for a huge reward!
  • Home Run Contest: See how far you can launch the Sandbox with a strong attack.
  • Target Practice
    • Target Smash: Choose a character and find all ten targets on a stage that is tailored to suit their skills.
    • Target Blast: Launch a bomb towards a wall of targets and see how many you can destroy.
  • Special Orders: Take care of some orders for a chance to win prizes.
    • Master Orders: Pay a certain amount of gold and choose one of three orders that give you different prizes depending on their difficulty.
    • Crazy Orders: After earning Crazy Passes in other modes, you can hand one over to Crazy Hand and enter a contest to complete as many orders as possible within the time limit.
  • Multi-Man Smash: Test your skills against the Glitches, fighters controlled by the computer to try and take you down.
    • 10-Man Smash: Defeat the ten Glitches. This is perhaps the easiest of the Multi-Man modes.
    • 100-Man Smash: Fight 100 Glitches who get stronger as the battle continues.
    • 3-Minute Smash: Try to survive against the Glitches for three minutes.
    • 30-Second Smash: See how many Glitches you can knock out before time runs out.
    • Effect Smash: Each type of Glitch has its own special effect.
    • Rival Smash: Get more KO's than your rival to win.
    • Endless Smash: Just keep racking up KO's til you die!
    • Cruel Smash: Like Endless Smash, except the Glitches are far stronger than ever and you have a higher chance of knockback.

These modes can be played with multiple other players, but you are not obligated to do so, as you can also play them by yourself.
Smash Run Make your way through a huge, mysterious island and gather as many upgrades as you can. After five minutes, you will be pitted against the other players. For more details, go here.
Light vs. Dark Inspired by the multiplayer mode of the same name from Kid Icarus: Uprising. Players split into two teams, each having one life gauge that is depleted when a member is KO'd. Once a team's life gauge is fully depleted, the last player to be KO'd becomes an Angel, and their strength is increased greatly.
Smash Pillar Based off the ScareScraper multiplayer mode from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Players must make their way through a tower filled with puzzles and enemies, each floor harder than the last. The final floor will have you fight Zero.
Robo Smash Based on the Super Duel mode from Mario Party 5. Players build mechs using parts they find in other modes and use these mechs to fight each other. Unlike other modes, Robo Smash is situated in 3D variations of some stages in the game.

Online Smash gameplay has been drastically revamped in Dark Forces; players are given a much wider variety of match types to choose from. They can either host a game or join one that is already open. When hosting a game, you can choose to invite friends only or open a public lobby.
Basic Smash Players can choose to have a normal Smash battle, an 8-Player Smash, a Tag Team Smash, a Negative Smash, or a Special Smash. Rules can be set by the host.
Smash Run As previously stated, the players must gather upgrades throughout an island maze within five minutes, then use them in a Smash battle.
Juggernaut Played on Omega-form stages only. One player is chosen as the Juggernaut, who becomes giant and metal. The goal of the Juggernaut is to keep their status until the end of a timed Smash. If another player KOs the Juggernaut, they take their status.
Smashball An action-packed sports competition where players fight to score on a special stage made specifically for this mode. Players are split into two teams; the offensive team must launch a soccer ball into the goal of the defensive team, who must use attacks to block it. A defensive player can get up close to an opponent and steal the ball, which triggers a team switch -- then, the defensive team must try and get the ball into the opposite goal.
Stage Builder Returning from Brawl and Smash 3DS/Wii U, the Stage Builder allows players to create custom stages using parts unlocked in other modes. After finishing a stage, it can be shared with other players, who can then "rip out" some parts of the stage and use it in their own. Stages can be organized in the following types:
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Giant (good for 8-Player Smash battles)
  • Super Smash (3D stages)
Tom Nook's Shop Tom Nook runs a shop where you can buy everything you want or need to improve your Smash experience. However, not everything is in stock initially; you need to spend a certain amount of Smash Coins to help Tom upgrade his shop, so he has more room to sell even better things.
  • Nook's Cranny: The shop Tom Nook starts with when you first start the game. Here, you can buy trophies and stickers to add to your collection.
  • Nook n Go: After paying 50,000G, the shop will be upgraded into Nook n Go. Tom Nook will now sell CDs, Switchables, and Chao Garden supplies. You can also purchase trophy stands to create your own custom trophies, then sell them to Tom for Smash Coins.
  • Nookway: This is the third renovation Tom Nook's store will receive, unlocked after you pay 100,000G at Nook n Go. You can now buy Robo Smash and Stage Builder parts and themes for your console's home menu.
  • Nookington's: You unlock this renovation after paying 250,000G at Nookway. At Nookington's, you can purchase collectible Masterpieces -- demos of classic games from Nintendo and other companies. Tom Nook will launch "Club Nook" rewards, which offers discounts and prizes depending on how much you spend.
  • Nookling Emporium: After spending 750,000G at Nookington's, Tom Nook decides to leave the shop business and pursue his childhood dream -- to become a Smash fighter. In other words, he is unlocked as a playable character. He gives his store to his adoptive children Timmy and Tommy, who renovate the shop one last time and open a minigame room.
Chao Garden Straight from the Sonic the Hedgehog series comes the small, yet clever creatures known as Chaos. You can care for your Chao and play a few minigames for a chance to win prizes. Chao Garden supplies can be found in other modes or purchased from Tom Nook's Store (starting at Nook n Go).

Playable Characters

Default Characters

Character Details
Mar10 day 2018 by nibroc rock-dc5hzve

MARIOSSB Mario Series

Mario is the titular character and main protagonist of the Super Mario series of video games. He is best known for protecting the Mushroom Kingdom from the clutches of Bowser and his Koopa Troop, but over the years, he has also taken on many jobs, from carpenting to plumbing and everything in between. He is usually depicted as a kind individual who respects other people's beliefs -- unless he sees them as a threat to his friends and/or the kingdom itself.

Mario is a well-balanced character, and as such is perfect for beginners. He's had a couple changes since Smash 4, but he's still the same fun character so many people know and love.

Standard Special
Mario launches a fireball that bounces across the ground for three seconds or until it hits an opponent. This attack deals 5% damage with a close hit, and 4% damage when farther away.

Side Special
Mario tosses Cappy (the ghost who possesses his hat in Super Mario Odyssey) in the specified direction. Cappy deals 6% damage upon hitting an opponent, and will do an extra 4% damage if they are in his path as he comes back. He can also be used as a platform for an extra jump.

Down Special
Star Spin
Mario spins around horizontally, forming an arc around him that will deal 8% damage to those who come into contact with it. His Co-Star Luma pops out of his hat towards the end of the move, launching opponents upwards with 6% damage. This move will also give Mario a slight boost into the air.

Up Special
Super Jump Punch
Mario leaps into an uppercut position and rises up, releasing coins that rack up hits. This move deals 5% damage upon the first hit, then 1% for hits 2-5, and 3% for hit 6.

Super Smash
Rock Mario
Mario morphs into his Rock form and rolls into enemies, knocking them back and dealing 14% damage.

Final Smash
Fire Mario
Mario grabs a Fire Flower and transforms. All of his attacks now deal an extra 5% damage. After 20 seconds, Fire Mario will unleash a spiral of flames that continuously deals 3% damage to an opponent each time a fireball hits them.

DK Strong

DONKEY KONGSSB Donkey Kong Series

Donkey Kong is a large ape and a major character in the Mario series, eventually gaining enough popularity to gain his own Donkey Kong series. The "Donkey Kong" that first appeared in the arcade game was his grandfather, Cranky Kong. The current Donkey Kong is known for protecting his Banana Hoard and the entirety of Donkey Kong Island from the Kremling Krew, among other threats. He also often participates in sporting events hosted in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Donkey Kong is one of the heaviest characters in the game, and as such is very difficult to knock away. Despite this, he has excellent reach in his attacks and good mobility, though his recovery leaves a lot to be desired. He has a unique grab that allows him to carry opponents around the stage and throw them, used with his forward throw.

Standard Special
Giant Punch
DK winds up his arm and releases a powerful punch. Pressing the B button once begins a charge, and a second press activates the attack. He will be helpless if he uses the attack in midair.

Side Special
Donkey Kong sticks his head out and rams into the opponent. This can be used to bury opponents on the ground, or as a Meteor Smash in midair.

Down Special
Hand Slap
He slams his hands on the ground, creating a shockwave that blows enemies away. This move can also be used as a Meteor Smash.

Up Special
Spinning Kong
DK spins around horizontally, gaining a little vertical distance in the process. The Spinning Kong can deal up to 36%.

Super Smash
Rambi Rush
DK summons Rambi the Rhinoceros and hops on his back, charging forward and knocking opponents back very far.

Final Smash
Konga Beat
Donkey Kong pulls out his bongo drums and starts to beat on them. A real-time interaction shows up, and the player must time the beats right to extend the distance of shock waves that damage opponents.

KSA Kirby Artwork

KIRBYSSB Kirby Series

Kirby is a small, pink, round creature and the star of the series of the same name. Though small and innocent, with a kind heart to match, Kirby is known for using his powers to protect Planet Popstar from various threats. He has the unique ability to inhale enemies and copy their powers (and as such has a big appetite). Furthermore, he has the ability to puff himself up and float in midair.

Kirby is one of the lighter characters, and as such can be knocked away easily. However, he does have a unique neutral special, Inhale, that he can use to copy any opponent's neutral special and use it against them. It will be discarded if he has taken enough damage, though he can freely discard it if he taunts.


MEGA MANSSB Mega Man Series

Mega Man, often called the "Blue Bomber", is the main protagonist of Capcom's Mega Man platformer series. Originally built by Dr. Light as an assistant robot, when Dr. Wily took and corrupted several robots, called Robot Masters, for his own deeds, Light equipped Mega Man with weapons for him to stop Wily and defeat the Robot Masters. He has the ability to use the ability of a Robot Master he previously defeated to help him throughout levels, be it combat or finding secrets.

Mega Man is significantly different in Dark Forces compared to SSB4. He is a lot less projectile-oriented, having attacks like jab, forward smash, and down aerial be replaced with Slash Claw, Hard Knuckle, and Noise Crush respectively. To compensate, Mega Man has a different gimmick that revolves around switching his neutral special. Using his down special Weapon Switch, Mega Man can swap with eight weapons to use for his neutral special, Weapon Use. By default, he uses the Mega Buster, but he can change it to Super Arm, Crash Bomber, Rolling Cutter, Black Hole Bomb, Leaf Shield, Water Wave, and Cement Crush.

Standard Special
Weapon Use
Mega Man uses whichever weapon he is currently equipped with.

Side Special
Proto Shield
He pulls out Proto Man's shield and thrusts himself forward with it; opponents who come into contact with it will take 4% damage and get knocked back a bit. The shield can also be used to block projectiles and as horizontal recovery (although this is not recommended because of the time it takes for the move to end).

Down Special
Weapon Change
Using the attack input will freeze Mega Man in place; you can then use the Control Stick to select one out of eight different weapons. The standard Mega Buster can be used to fire small lasers or a charged beam. With the Super Arm, Mega Man can throw a yellow block in an arc, dealing 9% damage and causing moderate knockback. Crash Bombs will launch forward and stick to an opponent or wall, releasing a small explosion after a few seconds or when B is pressed again. The Black Hole Bomb can be aimed up or down upon input, and releasing it will create a small black hole that will pull opponents towards it. Wheel Cutters will roll across the ground and deal damage to anyone who touches them. The Leaf Shield will summon four leaves that will circle around Mega Man, shielding him from attacks and dealing 2℅ damage to opponents. Water Wave launches a very weak projectile that will form ten waves upon hitting the ground. Cement Crush will allow Mega Man to summon three big cement bricks and drop them all to the ground, acting as a Meteor Smash.

Up Special
Mega Man summons Beat, who carries him upward. He can move a short horizontal distance during this move.

Super Smash
Rush Drill
Mega Man calls for Rush, who transforms into a drill with Mega Man himself as the pilot. By pressing B repeatedly, he will gain a speed boost and deal additional damage; the move can also be curved in any direction using the control stick.

Final Smash
Mega Legends
Mega Man catches opponents with the Black Hole Bomb, then summons X, Mega Man Volnutt, Geo Stelar, and MegaMan.EXE, who all use their Mega Busters alongside him to form one giant laser, which can be tilted up or down to deal tons of damage.

PAC-MAN Nibroc-Rock 3

PAC-MANSSB Pac-Man Series

Pac-Man is the round, circular hero of Namco's Pac-Man series, making his debut in the arcade game Pac-Man, which is listed by Guinness World Records as the most successful coin-operated arcade game. In the original game, he would move around a maze to eat Pac-Dots and Power Pellets, all while avoiding ghosts that chase him around. He later appeared in other titles of varying genres, most notably the Pac-Man World and Pac-Land series. In Super Smash Bros., Pac-Man uses his design from Pac-Land.

Pac-Man is a lightweight fighter who moves quite swiftly along the ground and air. Though his attacks are weak, they do have large hitboxes. The majority of his special attacks are projectiles, all of which he must rely on to keep the flow of battle moving.

Sonic x effectless by nibroc rock-d8pzcgn

SONICSSB Sonic Series

Sonic the Hedgehog is SEGA's mascot and one of the fastest things alive, if not the fastest. He loves freedom and hates injustice, and will stop at nothing to defend his world from the legions of the mad scientist Dr. Eggman -- but that's not to say he won't crack a few jokes along the way.

Sonic's moveset in Dark Forces is a bit different from past installments. His original Spin Dash has been replaced with the Sonic Boost, with the former and the Spin Charge fused together as one move. Otherwise, he remains the same in terms of dashing speed, and he can still rack up combos with ease.

Standard Special
Homing Attack
Sonic rises into the air and homes in on the nearest opponent, swiftly spinning into them.

Side Special
Sonic Boost
He suddenly dashes forward at a very high speed, ramming into enemies and knocking them back. This attack can be charged with combos and strong attacks, and a light blue aura lets you know when the boost is fully charged.

Down Special
Spin Dash
Pressing the B button repeatedly will charge the Spin Dash. Upon release, Sonic will do a short hop before landing back on the stage and rolling around in a ball. The Spin Dash can be used as horizontal recovery, a ground dash, and a distraction against opponents.

Up Special
Spring Jump
Sonic summons a spring to launch him at a great vertical distance. The spring will stay on the ground, allowing other players to use it as well. This move must be used wisely, because Sonic cannot grab ledges until the jump is complete.

Super Smash
Cyan Laser
Uses a Cyan Wisp to transform, quickly ricocheting off walls for three seconds. If he happens to hit an opponent during this move, he will deal 12-18℅ damage depending on how heavy the character is. This move is not recommended for flat stages, though, because Sonic may zoom off screen.

Final Smash
Super Sonic
With the power of the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic becomes Super Sonic. In this form he can soar around the stage and charge into opponents, dealing high damage. Be careful, though -- Super Sonic's controls are extremely slippery, and one false move may send him soaring off the stage.


PITSSB Kid Icarus Series

Pit is the main hero of the Kid Icarus games and the chief commander of the forces of Palutena, the goddess of light. He's generally a cocky, laidback kind of guy, and takes some situations a little less seriously than he should, but all in all he knows what's right and will fight for it at any cost.

Pit regains his moveset from Brawl in this installment, making him a bit more close combat oriented.

Link breath of the wild render by jrrenders-dad872p

LINKSSB The Legend of Zelda Series

Hyrule is constantly haunted by the threat of such enemies as Ganon, the demon king, and a hero is needed to defend its people from destruction. Fortunately for them, this is why we have Link, the legendary Hero of Time. He's the protagonist in the Legend of Zelda series, and each game includes a different incarnation so Hyrule will always be safe.

This Link in particular comes from the time of Breath of the Wild, but his moveset generally remains the same as it has with his previous incarnations in Smash. He uses a balance of close and ranged attacks.

Pikachu (Multiverse Mash-Up)

PIKACHUSSB Pokémon Series

The Pokémon franchise has a wide variety of elemental creatures that players catch and train to compete against other players. Pikachu is perhaps the most recognizable of them all, making it the de facto mascot of the series.

Pikachu is a mostly projectile-based character, and it can be difficult to master its moveset, especially his Final Smash. Once you get the hang of it, though, you'll be racking up damage in no time at all.

Marth (Multiverse Mash-Up)

MARTHSSB Fire Emblem Series

Marth is a hero-king and one of the most widely known characters of the Fire Emblem RPG series. Even with his excessive trust in others and his need for constant reassurance in his actions, he is a bold leader who greatly inspires his followers.

His moveset revolves around his sword, the Falchion, and he deals the most damage close to the tip.


SHULKSSB Xenoblade Series
On an expedition to find the sacred Monado, Shulk's parents and several others died, leaving him one of the few survivors. Years later, he has been studying the sword and eventually used it to fight back against Metal Face's army when his home, Colony 9, was attacked. Bold and adventurous, yet kind and protective, Shulk won't stop til his enemies know the names of himself and his teammates.

Shulk's main gimmick is the Monado Arts, which boost some of his stats while decreasing others. The five Arts he uses in battle are Jump, Speed, Shield, Buster, and Smash.

3DS MetroidSamusReturns char 015


SAMUSSSB Metroid Series

Samus Aran is an intergalactic bounty hunter who has taken down such threats as the alien Metroids and the Phazon substance, and continues to go head-to-head with the menacing Space Pirates. She is level-headed and determined, and does whatever it takes to get things done -- even if it means taking action that goes against the Galactic Federation's ideals.

Samus has two primary suits that she can switch out with each other in combat. The Power Suit is generally slower and bulkier, and focuses more on projectiles; Power Suit Samus can fire missiles and curl up into a small sphere for easier traversal. The Zero Suit, on the other hand, is generally a more close combat-focused suit, with increased speed at the price of weaker attacks. Some of Zero Suit Samus's primary technology includes rocket boots and an energy whip.

SFZero Fox McCloud

FOXSSB Star Fox Series
Fox McCloud is the leader of the galactic pilot squadron named Star Fox, and the main protagonist of the video game series of the same name. After his father James's death at the hands of the deadly warlord Andross, he pulled together a new team of fellow pilots, consisting of the rebellious Falco Lombardi, tech-savvy Slippy Toad, and Peppy Hare, one of James McCloud's closest allies. Together, they set out on missions to promote a sense of justice throughout the galaxy and fend off Andross's forces -- as long as they get paid, of course.

Fox's moveset is filled with quick attacks, allowing him to rack up easy combos and get the upper hand fast. His Final Smash gears him up with a Landmaster tank, which can fire powerful lasers and hover into the air with jets.

Yoshi Obliteration2017

YOSHISSB Yoshi Series
Yoshi is one of Mario's closest friends, first appearing in Super Mario World and showing up in many other games throughout the series, not to mention getting his own games like Yoshi's Island. Yoshi has a huge appetite not unlike that of Kirby or Pac-Man, and usually spends his time eating fruit and strolling all around his island. He is also very defensive of his homeland, and is quick to take action when Bowser and his army threatens it.

Yoshi can swallow enemies with his tongue and spew out eggs, which will roll around with them in it before breaking and giving them a bit of damage. He also has the ability to use a Flutter Jump, which will allow him to stay in the air for a few seconds after jumping.


NESSSSB EarthBound Series
Ness was an average boy in the town of Onett -- at least until a meteorite struck an area near his house and he got entangled in the battle against the diabolical alien known as Giygas, who sought to plunge the entire universe into darkness as punishment for humanity stealing his race's data on PSI energy.

His projectiles, grab game, and far-reaching recovery can make him quite useful in battle, and he can be considered one of the strongest lightweight characters in the game.


VILLAGERSSB Animal Crossing Series
The nameless Villagers move into towns of anthropomorphic animals in search of new opportunities, and they often spend their days fishing, catching bugs, decorating their homes, and talking to their neighbors. In some Animal Crossing games they have traveled downtown, been elected mayor, and designed new houses for the town's inhabitants. Even so, the Villagers are generally depicted as calm, fun-loving people who always look for ways to show their talent.

The Villager uses a variety of strange projectiles found in the Animal Crossing series to stay in the zone. While rather slow compared to other characters, they have outstanding aerial moves and one of the safest recovery abilities in the game.


Excitebikers are racers in the Excitebike championships, and try their hardest to win the races. They can be found not just in bikes, but also driving trucks and using remote-controlled "ExciteBots".

The Excitebiker is a very fast dasher, but also quite slippery in terms of controls. Their moveset is based around biker stunts and, in some cases, other Excite vehicles; their up special summons a Hornet ExciteBot to lift them into the air and gain quick horizontal recovery, and their Final Smash unleashes the Boulder truck, which can be considered a swifter Landmaster with greater impact damage.

419px-Captain Falcon SSB4

Douglas Jay Falcon, usually referred to as Captain Falcon, is a legendary F-Zero racer and bounty hunter. Originally designed as the mascot for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, he takes pride in his racing skills and competes against several other racers in the tournaments. He has even faced off against powerful villains in his universe, most notably the sinister underworld racer Black Shadow.

Captain Falcon is one of the few Smash characters who is both fast and strong. He has powerful combos, fast falling speed, and a great dodging game, but he also lacks projectile moves and his recovery move is short and linear.


SHANTAESSB Shantae Series2
Shantae is a Half-Genie who got her powers from her mother; as such, she shows great prowess in magic, being able to shift into several forms via dancing. Spunky, energetic, and passionate, she defends her home village of Scuttle Town from the cunning pirate Risky Boots, the raging Techno Baron, and any threats to the town... although she may make a few mistakes in the process.

Shantae is a very agile character, being able to string her attacks together in quick combos and dodge attacks deftly. Most of her moves involve her transformations, and she can morph into a spider, a snake, and even an elephant.


SNAKESSB Metal Gear Series
Solid Snake is one of three clones of Naked Snake, a.k.a. "Big Boss", the founder of the military agency FOXHOUND. Snake was sent to take down the rogue nation Outer Heaven and later go up against FOXHOUND itself, which had gone mad with nuclear power.

Snake is a very powerful fighter, using explosive projectiles and close-quarters combat to gain the upper hand. His up special, Cypher, is considered one of the best recovery moves in the game, although it leaves him vulnerable to edgeguarding.

Ice Climbers Shin R

ICE CLIMBERSSSB Ice Climber Series
Popo and Nana are two Eskimo siblings who climb and explore mountains. Their first expedition began when a giant condor stole their vegetables, and since then, they have continued to travel the world in search of mountains to climb for personal enjoyment.

Uniquely, the player controls both Ice Climbers at once, and most of their attacks depend on cooperation to use to their full potential. If one climber is KO'd, the latter will remain in the battlefield, but they will be more vulnerable in general.

Bowser MP10

BOWSERSSB Mario Series
Bowser is the biggest, baddest brute in the Mushroom Kingdom. He leads the massive Koopa Troop alongside his son Bowser Jr., and constantly tries to capture Princess Peach for power -- even going as far as almost forcing a marriage on her. Although Bowser is generally a tough opponent, he can also be rather gullible, easily falling victim to traps set up by other villains.

Bowser is one of the game's slowest fighters, but he is also a combat powerhouse who deals tons of damage with individual attacks.

155px-Sun Moon Red

The Pokémon Trainer is the player's character in the Pokémon series, and their primary goal is to be the very best, like no one ever was. Early in their life they turned their passion for Pokémon battles into a career, and they spend their lives collecting badges and going up against top gym leaders. Like they always say: gotta catch 'em all!

The Trainer in Dark Forces has had some significant changes from their appearance in Brawl. This time around, they can choose to fight on their own as well as use a customizable trio of starter Pokémon from any generation, as long as they select one for each evolution level and one for each basic element (Fire, Grass, and Water). In battle, the Trainer themselves can use items they usually gain on their adventures

KSA Meta Knight artwork
Pink Inkling 2 - Splatoon 2

INKLINGSSB Splatoon Series
Peach Obliteration2017

PEACHSSB Mario Series

ROYSSB Fire Emblem Series

DIDDY KONGSSB Donkey Kong Series
Little Mac Wii 3

LITTLE MACSSB Punch-Out Series

ISAACSSB Golden Sun Series

RYUSSB Street Fighter Series
Toad SM64S

TOADSSB Mario Series

REVALISSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Ever Oasis - Tethu 2

TETHUSSB Ever Oasis Series

WARIOSSB Wario Series
Waluigi SM64S



ZELDASSB The Legend of Zelda Series

LUCARIOSSB Pokémon Series
Bayonetta SSB4

BAYONETTASSB Bayonetta Series

OLIMARSSB Pikmin Series
Chibi robo smash bros style render by nibroc rock-d9ak4np

CHIBI ROBOSSB Chibi-Robo Series


MAXWELLSSB Scribblenauts Series

Unlockable Characters

Character Details
Luigi 2 - RabbidsKingdomBattle

LUIGISSB Luigi'sMansion Series
Luigi is Mario's cowardly brother with a strong fear of ghosts. He's constantly dubbed the Player 2 to Mario's Player 1, and is often ignored as his brother gets all the fame and glory. It's only when Mario is captured by King Boo or a similar enemy that Luigi gets the action and all its rewards to himself. Regardless, he loves his brother dearly and sticks up for him whenever necessary.

Luigi's moveset is similar to Mario's, and he is a rather slippery dasher. His original Green Fireball has been replaced with a Thunder Ball, which will stun opponents for one second.

443px-Noxus mph Artwork

NOXUSSSB Metroid Series

SUSIESSB Kirby Series
Weavile Pokken

WEAVILESSB Pokémon Series
Donkey kong jr render by nibroc rock-dax3k9c

DONKEY KONG JR.SSB Donkey Kong Series
Nightmare Transparent

Nightmare is the living incarnation of the demonic sword, Soul Edge. He is a heartless, terrifying warlord whose name strikes fear and panic into the hearts of millions, and he shows no mercy for humanity, which is shown in battle. His primary goal is to destroy the world and create a new one in his own image, while killing off all humans and reaping their souls to power Soul Edge itself.

Nightmare is, by far, the slowest playable character in the game -- but also the most powerful. His attacks are perfect for knocking back opponents, but he also has a poor aerial game and, as such, "terrible" recovery.

Spring Man


TOM NOOKSSB Animal Crossing Series

NIKKISSB Swapnote Series
Spyro the dragon render by nibroc rock-d94dgvv


DREAMBERTSSB Mario & Luigi Series
Sparkster (Rocket Knight Adventures Japan Artwork)

SPARKSTERSSB Rocket Knight Series

DUCK HUNTSSB Duck Hunt Series
600px-HW Young Link Sword

YOUNG LINKSSB The Legend of Zelda Series

CRASHSSB Crash Bandicoot Series
King k rool transparent by zesiul-d8s67fc

KING K. ROOLSSB Donkey Kong Series

TIN STARSSB Tin Star Series

MR. GAME & WATCHSSB Game & Watch Series
HeartGold SoulSilver Sabrina

SABRINASSB Pokémon Series
Hakkun SSB

HAKKUNSSB2014 - Sutte Hakkun
GX Deathborn

ALBW Hilda

HILDASSB The Legend of Zelda Series

BANJOSSB BanjoKazooie Series
Shadow X Nibroc Rock

SHADOWSSB Sonic Series
WatchDogs AidenPearce

AIDENSSB Watch Dogs Series


While Wario is definitely a big rival to Mario, his classic counterpart is one of his greatest enemies. He hired an alien named Tatanga to distract Mario while he launched an invasion of his castle, before eventually losing to him and going on treasure hunts around the world. Game Boy Wario does have a lot in common with his modern incarnation, though -- his greediness and envy of Mario remains.

Game Boy Wario's moveset mainly relies on his power-ups and reactions in the Wario Land games, and he can also summon assistants from other Game Boy games to help him fight. His attacks still pack quite a punch, but his controls are a bit slipperier than Modern Wario's and his aerial speed is somewhat lower.

To unlock Game Boy Wario, complete Classic on 6.0 difficulty or higher with any other Wario character.

Standard Special
Game Boy Sprite
Holding the B button down will make Game Boy Wario cycle through a group of sprites: Yakuman Tile, Alleyway Bar, Dorakyu, Two Face, and Sky Pop. Upon releasing B, he will toss it forward and deal 10℅ damage on contact (13℅ if in close range). The Yakuman Tile will drop down and dissolve on the ground; the Alleyway Bar will bounce up and down; the Dorakyu will fly in a horizontal line; the Two Face will hover in a zig-zag pattern; and the Sky Pop will home in on the opponent.

Side Special
Game Boy Wario charges forward with his shoulder, ramming into any opponent(s) in the way and dealing 7% damage with each hit.

Down Special
Flat Wario
Calls down a wrecking ball that will hit him or an opponent. Opponents will take 16℅ damage, but Game Boy Wario will gain his Flat reaction, greatly reducing his speed and jump height, yet allowing him to glide around the stage upon receiving knockback. Three attacks will revert him to his normal form.

Up Special
Jet Wario
Game Boy Wario uses a Jet Pot and uses his newly-acquired jet hat to hover up. Bumping into an opponent deals 8℅ damage, and you can change this move's direction with the control stick.

Super Smash
Hot Wario
He pours gasoline on himself and lights a match, turning into Hot Wario. He will then run around, bumping into enemies and causing a burn effect; however, he cannot be controlled, and using this move too close to an edge will cause him to fall off.

Final Smash
Vampire Wario
Game Boy Wario grabs and squeezes a Minicula, causing it to bite him and turn into Vampire Wario. In this form he will knock back an opponent on contact, but pressing Select will turn him into a bat that can fly around in exchange for slower movement.


Character Details Base Character
250px-Dr Mario - Dr Mario Miracle Cure

DR. MARIOSSB Mario Series

The medical field is just one of several jobs Mario has tried out over the years -- and, at least for now, it's still going strong. Dr. Mario uses his pills to wage war on multicolored viruses galore.

In Dark Forces, Dr. Mario keeps his traditional moveset to further differentiate himself from Mario. He is slower but stronger, and his side special lets him use a doctor's sheet that works almost exactly like Mario's old cape.

Standard Special
Dr. Mario tosses one of his pills that change colors each time they are thrown. The left end specifies how much damage he deals with the pill (4% for red, 7% for green, 10% for blue), and the right end determines which effect it gives the opponent upon contact (red burns, green shocks, and blue freezes for two seconds).

Side Special
Doctor's Sheet
Dr. Mario swipes out a sheet that reflects attacks and projectiles. It can also be used to pull opponents slightly towards him. Deals 5% damage.

Down Special
Dr. Tornado
Similar to Mario's Star Spin, but without the Co-Star Luma to blast opponents upwards. However, this move deals more damage (12%).

Up Special
Dr. Jump Punch
This move doesn't spawn coins to add hits, but it is more powerful than Mario's Jump Punch; it deals 9% damage.

Super Smash
Dr. Mario takes a Megavitamin and throws it at the opponent, dealing 14% damage and knocking them back.

Final Smash
Dr. Finale
Dr. Mario releases a vortex of pixellated medicine, pushing opponents back and applying a poison effect to anyone close to it for ten seconds.

Mario 3 - SuperMarioRun
Classic sonic the hedgehog render wttp1 4 by nibroc rock-d9ihbss


Sonic had simpler days back in the 1990s, and this counterpart hasn't gotten any older. Classic Sonic comes from an alternate dimension known as the Maniaverse, which branched off of the prime timeline after the events of Sonic Generations.

Classic Sonic's moveset, like Modern Sonic's, is based on the original moveset in Brawl, but with a major change. Unlike Modern Sonic, though, Classic Sonic's Spin Dash/Charge have been fused into a side special, which is slower but slightly stronger than Modern Sonic's down special. Classic's down special is the Drop Dash from Sonic Mania, which allows him to quickly dash forward upon landing from an aerial attack.

Sonic x effectless by nibroc rock-d8pzcgn


Default Stages

SSBU Space Battlefield Mod

BattlefieldSSB Super Smash Bros. Series
FinalDestination SSBR

Final DestinationSSB Super Smash Bros. Series
Meta CrystalV

Meta Crystal 64SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
Cascade Kingdom
Fossil FallsSSB Mario Series
Bowser World

Bowser WorldSSB Mario Series

Meltdown MayhemSSB Donkey Kong Series
SSBM YoshisStory

Yoshi's Story (Melee)SSB Yoshi Series
ZeldaBreathoftheWild LostWoods

Lost WoodsSSB The Legend of Zelda Series

PhaazeSSB Metroid Series

Neos CitySSB Pokémon Series
Kalos Pokemon LeagueObli

Kalos Pokémon League (Wii U)SSB Pokémon Series
FireEmblem Pales

PalesSSB Fire Emblem Series

Dream Land 64SSB Kirby Series

Halberd (Brawl)SSB Kirby Series
300px-Gaur Plain Wii U

Gaur Plain (Wii U/3DS)SSB Xenoblade Series
StarFoxZero SectorOmega

Sector OmegaSSB Star Fox Series
Earthbound CaveofthePast

Cave of the PastSSB EarthBound Series
FZeroX Silence

SilenceSSB F-Zero Series

Icicle Mountain (Melee)SSB Ice Climber Series

Green Hill Zone (Brawl)SSB Sonic Series

Shadow Moses Island (Brawl)SSB Metal Gear Series
Splatoon2 DiademaAmphitheater

Diadema AmphitheaterSSB Splatoon Series
PacManWorld2 PacDotPond

Pac-WorldSSB Pac-Man Series

Scuttle TownSSB Shantae Series
Wily Castle-0

Wily Castle (Wii U/3DS)SSB Mega Man Series
MushroomKingdomII USBIV

Mushroom Kingdom II (Melee)SSB Mario Series

Castle Siege (Brawl)SSB Fire Emblem Series
SSBBRZS RumbleFalls

Rumble Falls (Brawl)SSB Donkey Kong Series
Boxing Ring

Boxing Ring (Wii U/3DS)SSB Punch-Out Series
GoldenSun Vale

ValeSSB Golden Sun Series

Lost LevelsSSB Mario Series
Excitebike - Mario Kart 8

Excitebike StadiumSSB Excitebike Series
EverOasis Village

Oasis VillageSSB Ever Oasis Series
Suzaku Castle

Suzaku Castle (Wii U/3DS)SSB Street Fighter Series
WarioWare Inc.

WarioWare Inc. (Brawl)SSB Wario Series

Wii Fit Studio (Wii U)SSB Wii Fit Series
KidIcarusUprising AurumIslands

Aurum IslandsSSB Kid Icarus Series
AnimalCrossingHHD DesignerTown

Designer's TownSSB Animal Crossing Series
SonicForces CityHeights

Sunset HeightsSSB Sonic Series

Umbra Clock Tower (Wii U/3DS)SSB Bayonetta Series
MarioSportsSuperstars GrandStadium

Grand StadiumSSB Mario Series

Spear Pillar (Brawl)SSB Pokémon Series

Hyrule NESSSB The Legend of Zelda Series
SSBB Distant Planet Stage

Distant Planet (Brawl)SSB Pikmin Series
ChibiRobo SandersonsHouse

Sandersons' HouseSSB Chibi-Robo Series
MarioBros Stage

Mario Bros. (Brawl)SSB Mario Series
1-2 Switch

1-2 Switch
ZeldaALinkBetweenWorlds LoruleCastle

Lorule CastleSSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Pictochat SSBET

PictoChat (Brawl)SSB Nintendo DS Symbol
NES Remix

NES RemixSSB NES Remix Series
Concert Hall

ConcertSSB Wii Series

Unlockable Stages

LuigisMansionDarkMoon GloomyManor

Gloomy ManorSSB Mario Series
MetroidPrimeHunters Arcterra

ArcterraSSB Metroid Series
KirbyPlanetRobobot MindintheProgram

Mind in the ProgramSSB Kirby Series

Hey You, Pikachu!SSB Pokémon Series
DonkeyKongJr Stage1

Stage 1SSB Donkey Kong Series
SoulCaliburII Tartaros

TartarosSSB SoulCaliber
ARMS SpringStadium

Spring StadiumSSB ARMS Series
StarFox2 Astropolis

AstropolisSSB Star Fox Series

Swapnote StudioSSB Swapnote Series

Town and City (Wii U)SSB Animal Crossing Series
RocketKnightAdventures Zebulos

Kingdom of ZebulosSSB Rocket Knight Series
Great Bay

Great Bay (Melee)SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Spyro LoftyCastle

Lofty CastleSpyroSymbol
CrashBandicoot NSanityBeach

N. Sanity BeachCrash Bandicoot Symbol

Saffron City 64SSB Pokémon Series

Pi'illo CastleSSB Mario Series
TinStar EastDriftwood

East DriftwoodSSB Tin Star Series

Duck Hunt (Wii U/3DS)SSB Duck Hunt Series

Jungle Japes (Melee)SSB Donkey Kong Series
Game&Watch Egg

Flat Zone 3SSB Game & Watch Series
SutteHakkun PeacefulIslands

Peaceful IslandsSSB Sutte Hakkun Series
WatchDogs TriompheMountain

Triomphe TowerSSB Watch Dogs Series
SonicMania Studiopolis

StudiopolisSSB Sonic Series
BanjoKazooie MumbosMountain

Mumbo's MountainSSB Banjo Kazooie Series

Mario ClashSSB Mario Series


Image and Name Description

TrophySSB Super Smash Bros. Series
Trophies can be collected as you go through the game's various modes, and they are stored on your house's shelves in Smash City. After unlocking a playable character's trophy, you can place stickers on its base, allowing you to customize them as you see fit.

StickerSSB Super Smash Bros. Series
During battles, there is a chance of a sticker floating down onto the stage. You can pick them up and later place them on trophies to customize certain characters.
New Smash Ball

Smash BallSSB Super Smash Bros. Series
Once caught, this energized orb allows you to use your character's Final Smash, a powerful move that can deal tons of damage. In Dark Forces, it will hover towards the character with the highest damage percentage so as to give them a better chance at winning. Watch out, though -- other players can still steal the ball.

Assist TrophySSB Super Smash Bros. Series
This item can be used to summon a random character to join you in battle. These assistants may place certain effects on opponents or just straight up attack them.

PokéballSSB Pokémon Series
Players can throw a Pokéball anywhere (except off the stage) to summon a Pokémon who will help them out. Throwing a Pokéball at an opponent will deal damage.

Super MushroomSSB Mario Series
Touching this mushroom makes you larger for a limited time. You can deal more damage, but you will be a much easier target.

Poison MushroomSSB Mario Series
It looks kind of like a Super Mushroom, but looks can be deceiving. This mushroom will cause you to shrink and become a bit weaker. However, it will also allow you to avoid attacks more easily, so use your size to your advantage!
KRTDL Warp Star

Warp StarSSB Kirby Series
Grab this item to zoom into the air before crashing down at another location. The impact can deal plenty of damage.
HW Cucco

CuccoSSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Normally, these chickens are harmless, but once attacked, they will get angry and swarm around the character who attacked them.

Flame Monitor Sneaker MonitorLightning MonitorWater Monitor
MonitorSSB Sonic Series

These boxes can be opened with attacks, and will grant you a special item depending on the icon it displays.
  • The Super Sneakers will increase your speed for a limited time.
  • The Energy Shield will block damage, but will only take ten hits before dissolving.
  • The Flame Shield will block all fire-based attacks, but dissolve upon five hits or an electric/water attack. If you press the top action button plus left or right in midair, you will get a short boost in the specified direction.
  • The Lightning Shield blocks electric attacks and will dissolve once you take eight hits or a fire/water attack. You'll also get an extra jump, which can be useful for vertical recovery.
  • The Water Shield blocks water attacks, but not fire/electric attacks. Your down smash will be replaced with a sort of bounce attack. This shield dissolves after three hits.

Assist Trophies

Image and Name Description

LakituSSB Mario Series
When summoned, an 8-Bit Lakitu appears and starts dropping Spiny Eggs, which hatch into Spinies that start walking around the stage. Coming into contact with a Spiny will cause mild knockback.
Knuckle Joe KSSU

Knuckle JoeSSB Kirby Series
Dashes up to each player on stage except the one who summoned him, and attacks them with a barrage of rapid punches.
540px-Funky Kong Artwork - Tropical Freeze

Funky KongSSB Donkey Kong Series
Funky rides in on his surfboard, bringing a massive wave with him. Anyone who gets caught in the wave will be knocked back and enter a helpless state.

InfiniteSSB Sonic Series
Infinite essentially does what Shadow did as an assist in Brawl and SSB4. When summoned, he slows down every character in the battlefield except the character who summoned him. This lasts for ten seconds.
Cooking Mama

Cooking MamaSSB CookingMama
She takes your opponents and puts them in a pot, stirring up the contents to make batches of food for you to heal with as your opponents are launched out.

Space InvadersSSB Space Invaders Series
The invaders begin to move side to side as they hover down, dealing damage and knockback to anyone who comes into contact with them. They can, however, be destroyed with attacks and pronectiles.

My Music

The My Music feature returns from Brawl and Smash 4. Super Smash Bros. Dark Forces will include several songs in its soundtrack, both old and new.

Stage Songs
SSBU Space Battlefield Mod

BATTLEFIELDSSB Super Smash Bros. Series
Battlefield - Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U

Battlefield - Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Menu (Melee) - Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Smash Tour - Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Classic Map - Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Step: The Plain - Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Battlefield - Super Smash Bros. Melee

Duel Zone - Super Smash Bros. (Remix by Mikeaudio

Data - Super Smash Bros.

Tournament Grid - Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Targets! - Super Smash Bros. Melee

Melee HD Connectivity

Super Smash Bros. Dark Forces will use a "cross save" system that connects it to Glacier's HD remake of Melee. If you have a Melee HD save file on your console, you can transfer content from Melee HD to Dark Forces and vice versa.


Dark Forces to Melee HD

  • Mega Man, Meta Knight, and Excitebiker will become playable.
  • Sector Z, Planet Zebes, the Dr. Mario stage, Wily Castle, and Excitebike Stadium will be unlocked.

Melee HD to Dark Forces

  • Meowth, Saki, and Sigurd will now be playable.
  • Poké Floats, Mushroom Kingdom III, Green Greens, Akaneia, and Underwater Tunnel will be unlocked.
  • An alternate skin for Pit, based on his appearance in Melee HD, will be unlocked in Dark Forces.

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