This is the list of Pokemon that can be used in Super Smash Bros. DX by picking up and throwing Poke Balls or Master Balls found on the stage.

Normal Pokemon

Name Move Used Damage Knockback Other
Magikarp Splash None None
Koffing SmokeScreen None None Creates a cloud of smoke, which obstructs view.
Snorlax Body Slam Medium Medium
Bonsly Flail Medium Very High Must be picked up and thrown.
Wobbuffet Counter Varies Low Only activates when hit.
Blastoise Hydro Pump Low Medium
Unown Hidden Power Low Low
Meowth Pay Day Low Very Low
Golem Rollout Low-High Medium Uses the move three times. Damage rises each time.
Voltorb Selfdestruct Medium High Can be picked up and thrown.
Electrode Explosion High Very High Can be picked up and thrown.
Infernape Flare Blitz Low High
Scizor X-Scissor Medium Medium
Emolga Electro Ball Medium High
Sceptile Leaf Blade Medium Medium

Legendary Pokemon

These are legendary Pokemon, who are much more rare and more powerful than normal Pokemon. They are found in Master Balls.

Name Move Used Damage Knockback Other
Ho-oh Sacred Fire Low Very Low Damage is constant
Entei Lava Plume Low High Damage is constant
Reshiram Fusion Flare Medium Very High
Zekrom Fusion Bolt Medium Very High
Kyogre Hydro Pump None High
Suicune Aurora Beam Low Very High
Victini V-Create High High
Lugia Screech Medium High
Articuno Blizzard Low High Freezes fighters
Dialga Hyper Beam Very High Very High

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