This is the list of events in Super Smash Bros. DX.


Name Character Used Ally(s) Opponent(s) Objective Location
Super Mario Bros. Mario Luigi Bowser Defeat Bowser Top of Peach's Castle
King of the Jungle Choose Bowser, Mario Giant DK Defeat Giant DK Golden Temple
The Swordsmen Link (2 lives) N/A Marth, Meta Knight Defeat Marth and Meta Knight Great Deku Tree
Pokemon Battle Pikachu (3 lives) N/A Pokemon Trainer Defeat the Pokemon Trainer Pokemon Stadium 3
Mass Attack Kirby N/A Kirby (x10 with copy abilities) Defeat 10 Kirbys in 1 minute Lor Starcutter
Games Played on Paper Mario (2 lives) N/A Paper Mario (2 lives) Defeat Paper Mario Decalburg
Child's Play Choose (2 lives) N/A Ness (x3) Defeat 3 Nesses Pink Cloud
Sibling Rivalry Luigi (tiny, 2 lives) N/A Mario (2 lives) Defeat Mario World 1-1
Fox Hunting Samus N/A Giant Fox Defeat Giant Fox Sector Z
Veteran's Battle Choose N/A Mario, Link, Samus, Fox Defeat Mario, Link, Samus and Fox (fought seperately) World 1-1, Great Deku Tree, Aether, Sector Z (in order)

Once the first ten events are cleared, Wario can be unlocked.


Events 11-16 can be unlocked by first unlocking Toad, Ganondorf, Waluigi, Prince Fluff and Toon Link, and having unlocked the stages New Kingdom and Pirate Ship.

Name Character Used Ally(s) Opponent(s) Object Location
Silver and Gold Choose N/A Mario and Luigi Get 300 coins in less than 3 minutes New Kingdom
Legend of Toon Link Toon Link (2 lives) N/A Link, Zelda and Ganondorf Defeat Link, Zelda and Ganondorf. Pirate Ship
Pinball Wizard Wario (3 lives) N/A Waluigi (3 lives) Defeat Waluigi Waluigi Pinball
Fungus Among Us Mario Peach Toad (x20) Defeat 20 Toads without letting Peach get KO'd. Top of Peach's Castle
Fit For A Prince Prince Fluff N/A Kirby, Meta Knight KO Meta Knight before Kirby does. Patch Castle
All-Star Onslaught Choose (3 lives) N/A Luigi, Peach, Bowser, DK, Yoshi, Zelda, Kirby, Meta Knight, Pikachu, Marth KO all the opponents! Battlefield


Events 17-22 can be unlocked by first unlocking Falco, Captain Falcon, Bandana Dee, Zoroark and Mr. Game & Watch and having unlocked the stage Raisin Ruins.

Name Character Used Ally(s) Opponent(s) Objective Location
Caw! Falco N/A Captain Falcon (Metal) Defeat Metal Capt. Falcon Red Canyon
Flat Out Mr. Game & Watch N/A Paper Mario Defeat Paper Mario Wii U
The Little Guy Bandana Dee N/A Meta Knight, Kirby (both giant) Defeat Giant Meta Knight and Giant Kirby Raisin Ruins
Foul Play Zoroark Pokemon Trainer Pikachu (2 lives, giant) Defeat Giant Pikachu without letting the Pokemon Trainer get KO'd Giant Chasm
Super Luigi 64 Mario N/A Luigi (x64, tiny) Defeat 64 Luigis in under 2:30 New Kingdom
Newcomer's Battle Choose N/A Bandana Dee, Waluigi, Zoroark (fought seperately) Defeat Bandana Dee, Waluigi and Zoroark Raisin Ruins, Waluigi Pinball, Giant Chasm


Events 23 through 28 can be unlocked by unlocking all characters and stages and clearing events 1-22.

Name Character Used Ally(s) Opponent(s) Objective Location
Sonic Speed Choose N/A Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles (fought seperately) Defeat Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles Angel Island Zone
Waka Waka! Pac-man N/A N/A Survive 1 minute without getting hit by ghosts Classic Pac-man
Ultimate Fight Choose N/A Toad, Prince Fluff, Shadow Defeat the listed opponents Yoshi's House, Patch Castle, Green Hill Zone
Bro. Battles Wario Waluigi Mario, Luigi Defeat Mario & Luigi Waluigi Pinball
Unlockable's Battle Choose (3 lives) N/A Toad, Wario, Paper Mario, Ganondorf, Toon Link, Prince Fluff, Captain Falcon, Mr. Game & Watch, Falco Defeat the listed opponents (fought 2 at a time) Battlefield
Third Party Battle Choose (2 lives) N/A Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, Pac-man, Rayman (fought seperately) Defeat the listed opponents Angel Island Zone, Green Hill Zone, Classic Pac-man, Battlefield


The final two events are unlocked by beating all the previous events. At first, only 29 is unlocked, then 30 is unlocked when 29 is cleared.

Name Character Used Ally(s) Opponent(s) Objective Location
The Power of Two Choose (2 lives) N/A Master Hand, Crazy Hand (200 HP each) Defeat Master Hand and Crazy Hand Final Destination
The Final Test Choose (2 lives) N/A All characters Defeat all 33 playable characters Battlefield, Final Destination 

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