This is a list of Assist Trophy characters found in Super Smash Bros. DX.

Mario Series

Name Effect
Bro. Team

Unleashes a Hammer Bro, Boomerang Bro, Fire Bro and Ice Bro. Hammer Bro shoots 3 hammers that do light damage. Boomerang Bro shoots 2 boomerangs that do light damage. Fire Bro shoots 4 fireballs that do medium damage, and Ice Bro shoots 4 snowballs that do light damage but freeze fighters.

Chain Chomp Bounces a few times before lunging into a random fighter. Does heavy damage, medium knockback.
Toad Brigade Flies off in their Mushroom Ship, then crash down on the stage causing a small explosion. Does medium damage and heavy knockback, similar to Snorlax or a Warp Star.
Lakitu Lobs 5 Spinies that walk around on the stage.
Geno Causes huge beams of light to come down on to the stage, dealing high damage and doing medium knockback.

Legend of Zelda Series

Name Effect
Octorok 5 Octoroks shoot rocks that do medium damage.
Tingle Will either make balloons appear that don't do anything, or make Hammers and Ultra Hammers appear on the stage.

Metroid Series

Name Effect
Metroid Causes constant damage to one fighter.

Kirby Series

Name Effect
Knuckle Joe Performs three different moves on fighters. The first move has low damage and low knockback, increasing to medium, and then high over the course of the next two.
Waddle Doo Uses his Charge Beam, which does low damage and medium knockback.

Star Fox Series

Name Effect
Slippy Toad Calls in three Arwings that shoot fighters. Shots have low knockback but do medium damage.
Andross Sits in the background and then punches a random fighter. Does medium damage and knockback.

Fire Emblem Series

Name Effect
Roy Roy uses his B-Standard move from Super Smash Bros. Melee (Blazer), which has a much bigger radius. This attack does medium knockback, but low damage.

Paper Mario Series

All assist trophies for Paper Mario are partners. Because there are quite a few, they are listed seperately.

Name Effect
Kooper Fire Shell - Fires himself at an opponent. Does medium damage and low knockback.
Parakarry Shell Shot - Fires himself at an opponent, but with more force than Kooper. Does low damage, but medium-high knockback.
Flurrie Gale Force - Targets one opponent, then blows them away. Similar to Kyogre.
Ms. Mowz Stelas items onscreen. Similar to Munchlax from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
Bobbery Bob-ombast - Causes an explosion with the radius of a Smart Bomb. Deals medium damage, and very high knockback.

Mother/EarthBound Series

Name Effect
Lucas Lucas used PK Freeze, which does low damage and freezes fighters.

Sonic Series

Name Effect
Dr. Eggman Rides in a machine and swings a metal ball. The ball does medium damage and high knockback. Players take small damage from jumping on the machine.

Other Series

Name Effect
Excitebikes Ride around for a short while, dealing minimal damage to fighters.
Infantry & Tanks Roam around the stage, shooting fighters.

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