This is a list of achievements that are found in Super Smash Bros. DX.

Name How to Unlock Points
Newcomer Win your first fight 5
People Person Unlock all playable characters* 15
Beat 'Em Up Clear Adventure Mode for the first time 15
Untouchable Defeat Giga Bowser without taking damage. 20
Around the World Unlock all stages* 10
Like A Boss! Clear Boss Battles without continuing. 10
Perfect Game Win a match without being KO'd or taking damage. 15
Triple KO KO three people with one attack. 10
Classic Clear! Clear Classic for the first time. 5
Superstar Clear All-Star mode for the first time. 10
Throwback Play on a retro stage 5
Tourist Take your first photo 5
We Are The Champions Win your first tournament 10
Wide Variety Use every item at least once 15
Out of the Park Perform a KO with a fully charged Home-Run Bat swing 10
Bullseye Complete Target Smash with every character* 10
Now Boarding Complete Board the Platforms with every character* 10
Current Events Clear all 30 events 15
Finale Get a triple KO with a Final Smash 10
From The Ground Up Create a custom stage 5
Two Sides To Everything Clear Adventure Mode 2.0 for the first time 15

*: Excludes downloadable content

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