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Developer(s) LYON Games
Publisher(s) LYON Games
Platform(s) Nintendo Alpha
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
E10+ for Violence
Genre(s) Fighting

Super Smash Bros. DX (often abbreviated to SSBDX) is a game under development to be part of the Super Smash Bros. series for the Nintendo Alpha. The game is being developed and published by LYON Games. The game features new stages and features, along with bringing back stages from the past 2 games. Many features are brought from Super Smash Bros.: Ultimate Fight, also developed by LYON Games.


These are the default controls for the game, but they can be changed to almost anything.

  • A: Attack
  • B: Special
  • X: Jump
  • Right stick: Smash
  • Left stick: Move
  • Left stick down: Crouch
  • Left stick up: Jump*
  • RZ: Grab
  • L/R: Shield
  • L/R + left/right: Roll
  • L/R in air: Air Dodge
  • L/R + down: Dodge
  • Start: Pause
  • D-pad: Taunt

*: If tap jump is on in controls

Playable Characters

Italics denotes newcomer.

Default Fighters

Name Image Series Moveset Final Smash
Mario Mario SSBB Super Mario Bros.
  • Standard: Fireball
  • Up: Super Jump Punch
  • Side: Cape
  • Down: Star Spin
Mario Finale
Luigi Luigi SSBB

Super Mario Bros.

  • Standard: Fireball
  • Up: Super Jump Punch
  • Side: Green Missile
  • Down: Luigi Cyclone
Poltergust 3000
Peach Peach ssbb Super Mario Bros.
  • Standard: Para-shield
  • Up: Parasol Glide
  • Side: Peach Bomber
  • Down: Veggie Toss
Peach Blossom
Bowser 250px-Bowser SSBB Super Mario Bros.
  • Standard: Fire Breath
  • Up: Whirling Fortress
  • Side: Hammer Toss
  • Down: Bowser Bomb
Koopa Clown Car
DK Donkey Kong SSBU Donkey Kong
  • Standard: Giant Punch
  • Up: Spinning Kong
  • Side: Headbutt
  • Down: Hand Slap
Super Kong
Yoshi Yoshissbb Yoshi
  • Standard: Gulp
  • Up: Wing
  • Side: Egg Toss
  • Down: Ground Pound
Super Dragon
Link Link ssbb The Legend of Zelda
  • Standard: Silver Arrow
  • Up: Spinning Blade
  • Side: Boomerang
  • Down: Bomb
Triforce Slash
Zelda Zelda ssbb The Legend of Zelda
  • Standard: Nayru's Love
  • Up: Farore's Wind
  • Side: Din's Fire
  • Down: Triforce Shield
Light Arrow
Kirby Kirby ssbb Kirby
  • Standard: Inhale
  • Up: Final Cutter
  • Side: Hammer
  • Down: Stone
Crash Kirby
Meta Knight Meta Knight SSBU Kirby
  • Standard: Mach Tornado
  • Up: Shuttle Loop
  • Side: Drill Rush
  • Down: Dimensional Cape
Galaxia Darkness
Samus 120px-Brawlrsamus Metroid
  • Standard: Power Shot
  • Up: Screw Attack
  • Side: Homing Missile
  • Down: Bomb
Zero Laser
Pikachu 120px-BrawlPikachu Pokemon
  • Standard: Electro Ball
  • Up: Quick Attack
  • Side: Skull Bash
  • Down: Thunderbolt
Volt Tackle
Pokemon Trainer Pkmntrainerssb Pokemon
  • Standard: Overheat/Razor Leaf/Water Gun
  • Up: Sky Uppercut/Vine Whip/Waterfall
  • Side: Hammer Arm/Vine Whip/ Razor Shell
  • Down: Pokemon Switch
Blast Burn/Frenzy Plant/Hydro Cannon
Marth 120px-MarthBrawl Fire Emblem
  • Standard: Shield Breaker
  • Up: Dolphin Slash
  • Side: Dancing Blade
  • Down: Counter
Critical Hit

Fox ssbb

Star Fox
  • Standard: Blaster
  • Up: Fire Fox
  • Side: Fox Illusion
  • Down: Reflector
Ness Ness SSBU Earthbound
  • Standard: PK Flash
  • Up: PK Thunder
  • Side: PK Fire
  • Down: PSI Magnet
PK Starstorm

Unlockable Fighters

Name Image Series Moveset Final Smash
Toad Toad-ssb Super Mario Bros.
  • Standard: Mushroom Toss
  • Up: Super Jump
  • Side: Kart
  • Down: Veggie Toss
Turnip Rain
Wario Wario SSBU Super Mario Bros
  • Standard: Bite
  • Up: Corkscrew
  • Side: Bike
  • Down: Wario Waft
Waluigi Waluigi-ssb Super Mario Bros.
  • Standard: Tennis Racquet
  • Up: Whirluigi
  • Side: Baseball Bat
  • Down: Bomb Toss
Nuke Bob-omb
Paper Mario Papermario-ssb Paper Mario
  • Standard: Super Hammer
  • Up: Spring Jump
  • Side: Hammer Throw
  • Down: Boomer
Star Beam
Ganondorf Ganondorf SSBB The Legend of Zelda
  • Standard: Warlock Punch
  • Up: Dark Dive
  • Side: Gerudo Dragon
  • Down: Shadow Kick
Beast Ganon
Toon Link Toon Link The Legend of Zelda
  • Standard: Hero's Bow
  • Up: Spinning Blade
  • Side: Boomerang
  • Down: Bomb
Triforce Slash
Prince Fluff Princefluff-ssb Kirby
  • Standard: Yarn Whip
  • Up: Yarn Whip
  • Side: Racecar
  • Down: Weight
Bandana Dee Bandanadee-ssb Kirby
  • Standard: Spear Stab
  • Up: Spearcopter
  • Side: Triple Spear Toss
  • Down: Downward Thrust
Spear Barrage
Zoroark Zoroark-ssb Pokemon
  • Standard: Foul Play
  • Up: Agility
  • Side: Dark Pulse
  • Down: Snarl
Night Daze
Capt. Falcon Captain Falcon SSBU F-Zero
  • Standard: Falcon Punch
  • Up: Falcon Dive
  • Side: Raptor Boost
  • Down: Falcon Kick
Blue Falcon
Sonic Sonicssbb Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Standard: Homing Attack
  • Up: Spring Jump
  • Side: Spin Dash
  • Down: Spin Charge
Super Sonic
Shadow Ssbshadow Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Standard: Homing Shadow
  • Up: Spring Jump
  • Side: Shadow Dash
  • Down: Shadow Spin
Chaos Control
Knuckles Knuckles-ssb Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Standard: Mega Punch
  • Up: Spring Jump
  • Side: Triple Punch
  • Down: Downward Punch
Hyper Knuckles
Mr. Game & Watch Mr. Game and Watch Game & Watch
  • Standard: Cook
  • Up: Fire
  • Side: Judgment
  • Down: Oil Panic
Rayman Rayman-ssb Rayman
  • Standard: Rocket Punch
  • Up: Fly
  • Side: Double Punch
  • Down: Slam
Pac-man Pacman-ssb Pac-man
  • Standard: Pac-roll
  • Up: Pac-Jump
  • Side: Pac-Punch
  • Down: Pac-Pound
Super Pac-man
Falco Falco ssbb Star Fox
  • Standard: Blaster
  • Up: Fire Bird
  • Side: Falco Phantasm
  • Down: Reflector

Unlocking Criteria

Name Criteria
  • Clear Classic Mode with Peach
  • Play 20 fights
  • Clear the first ten events
  • Play 150 fights
  • Clear Classic Mode with Wario
  • Play VS. Mode for 10 hours (cumulative)
Paper Mario
  • Clear the event "Games Played On Paper"
  • Clear Classic Mode with Link and Zelda
  • Play 300 fights
Toon Link
  • Clear Classic Mode with all other Legend of Zelda characters
  • Play 500 fights
Prince Fluff
  • Clear Classic Mode with Kirby
Bandana Dee
  • Clear Classic Mode with Meta Knight
  • Clear Classic Mode with Pikachu and the Pokemon Trainer
Captain Falcon
  • Clear Classic Mode on Hard with 3 lives without continuing
  • Clear Adventure Mode with all default characters
  • Clear Classic Mode with Sonic
  • Clear Classic Mode with Shadow
  • Clear Boss Battles
  • Clear Classic Mode with all other characters
  • Clear Classic Mode with Fox
Mr. Game & Watch
  • Clear Target Test with all default characters


The character pack can be purchased for 1200 Wii Points, or each character can be bought individually for 300 Wii Points a piece.

Name Image Series Moveset Final Smash
Dr. Mario Drmario-ssb Super Mario Bros
  • Standard: Megavitamin
  • Up: Super Jump Punch
  • Side: Super Sheet
  • Down: Dr. Tornado
Mega Man Megaman-ssb Mega Man
  • Standard: Mega Buster
  • Up: Rush Coil
  • Side: Black Hole Bomb
  • Down: Thunder Wool

Ultra Blast

Mr. L Mr l-ssb Paper Mario
  • Standard: Green Fire
  • Up: Spring Jump
  • Side: Green Missile
  • Down: Barry
King K. Rool Krool-ssb Donkey Kong
  • Standard: Tackle
  • Up: Leap
  • Side: King Klaw
  • Down: Cannonball
Crystal Banana
Little Mac Littlemac-ssb Punch-Out!
  • Standard: Mega Punch
  • Up: Uppercut
  • Side: Low Punch
  • Down: Block


New Stages

Default Stages

Name Image Series
Battlefield BattlefieldSSBB Super Smash Bros.
Final Destination FinalDestinationSSBB Super Smash Bros.
World 1-1 W1-1 Super Mario Bros.
Top of Peach's Castle N/A Super Mario Bros.
Great Deku Tree Dekutree The Legend of Zelda
Aether 250px-Purified Aether Metroid
Pokemon Stadium 3 N/A Pokemon
Lor Starcutter KRtDL Lor Starcutter Kirby
Golden Temple 260px-GoldenTemple65 Donkey Kong
Yoshi's House Yoshi's pad Super Mario Bros.
Sector Z 200px-3D Sector Z Star Fox
Wii U Wii u Nintendo
Pink Cloud
Pink cloud

Unlockable Stages

Name Image Series
Waluigi Pinball Waluigi pinball Super Mario Bros.
Decalburg SSBU- Decalburg Paper Mario
Patch Castle N/A Kirby
Giant Chasm Giant Chasm Pokemon
Angel Island Zone N/A Sonic the Hedgehog
Classic Pac-man N/A Pac-man
Raisin Ruins N/A Kirby
Red Canyon N/A F-Zero
The Snoring Tree Snoringtree Rayman

Returning Stages

All returning stages must be unlocked.

Name Images Series
Pirate Ship (Brawl) PirateShip The Legend of Zelda
Mario Circuit (Brawl) 120px-Mario1 Super Mario Bros.
Green Hill Zone (Brawl) Green Hill Zone SSBB Sonic the Hedgehog
N's Castle (Ultimate Fight)
Jungle Hijinx (Ultimate Fight) 120px-JungleHijinxs Donkey Kong
New Kingdom (Ultimate Fight) 250px-1-6 Donuts Super Mario Bros.

Unlock Criteria

Name How to Unlock
Waluigi Pinball Unlock Waluigi
Decalburg Unlock Paper Mario
Patch Castle Unlock Prince Fluff
Giant Chasm Unlock Zoroark
Angel Island Zone Unlock Sonic
Classic Pac-man Unlock Pac-man
Pirate Ship Play 20 fights as Toon Link
Mario Circuit Unlock all characters in the Super Mario Bros. series
Green Hill Zone Unlock Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles
N's Castle Play 20 fights each with Pikachu, the Pokemon Trainer and Zoroark
Jungle Hijinx Play 20 fights as Donkey Kong
New Kingdom Play 20 fights each with Mario and Luigi
Raisin Ruins Play 20 fights as Kirby
Red Canyon Unlock Captain Falcon
The Snoring Tree Unlock Rayman

Game Modes


Difficulty levels in solo game modes are Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard and Extreme

Classic Mode

Play through 12 stages, including three bonus stages.

Adventure Mode

Play through 10 worlds, consisting of either sidescrolling levels or fights. The following is the list of stages.

World 1: Mushroom Kingdom

  • 1-1: Sidescrolling
  • 1-2: Vs. Mario, Luigi & Peach
  • 1-3: Vs. Bowser

World 2: Yoshi's Island

  • 2-1: Vs. Giant Yoshi

World 3: Hyrule

  • 3-1: Sidescrolling

World 4: Aether

  • 4-1: Vs. Samus
  • 4-2: Vs. Tiny Samus & Giant Samus

World 5: Popstar

  • 5-1: Sidescrolling
  • 5-2: Vs. 10 Kirby's (with copy abilities)
  • 5-3: Vs. Kirby & Meta Knight

World 6: Pink Cloud

  • 6-1: Vs. Ness

World 7: Pokémon Stadium 3

  • 7-1: Vs. Pikachu
  • 7-2: Vs. Pokémon Trainer

World 8: Sector Z

  • 8-1: Vs. Fox

World 9: Battlefield

  • 9-1: Vs. Fighting Silhouette Team (x20)
  • 9-2: Vs. Master Hand

World 10: Final Destination

  • 10-1: Vs. Crazy Hand

Adventure Mode 2.0

After All-Star Mode is beaten once, a slightly different version of Adventure Mode is played. In this mode, it is altered so that only unlockable playable characters (and Donkey Kong) can be fought. Locations stay the same, with the exceptions of Pink Cloud, Yoshi's Island and Aether, which are removed for Angel Island Zone, Golden Temple and The Snoring Tree. Red Canyon, Decalburg and Classic Pac-man are included as well. The list of stages is as follows:

World 1: Mushroom Kingdom

  • 1-1: Sidescrolling
  • 1-2: Vs. Wario & Waluigi
  • 1-3: Vs. Toad

World 2: Golden Temple

  • 2-1: Vs. Giant Donkey Kong

World 3: Hyrule

  • 3-1: Sidescrolling
  • 3-2: Vs. Ganondorf & Toon Link

World 4: Popstar

  • 4-1: Sidescrolling
  • 4-2: Vs. Prince Fluff & Bandana Dee
  • 4-3: Vs. King Dedede (unlocked if 4-2 is beaten in under 1 minute)

World 5: Decalburg

  • 5-1: Vs. Paper Mario

World 6: Red Canyon

  • 6-1: Vs. Tiny Captain Falcon (x10)
  • 6-2: Vs. Captain Falcon

World 7: Pokémon Stadium 3

  • 7-1: Vs. Zoroark

World 8: Sector Z

  • 8-1: Vs. Falco

World 9: Angel Island Zone

  • 9-1: Vs. Sonic
  • 9-2: Sidescrolling
  • 9-3: Vs. Shadow & Knuckles

World 10: The Snoring Tree

  • 10-1: Vs. Rayman

World 11: Classic Pac-man

  • 11-1: Vs. Pac-man
  • 11-2: Vs. Mr. Game & Watch (unlocked if 11-1 is beaten in under 40 seconds)

World 12: Battlefield

  • 12-1: Vs. Fighting Silhouette Team (x30)
  • 12-2: Vs. Master Hand

World 13: Final Destination

  • 13-1: Vs. Crazy Hand
  • 13-2: Vs. Giga Bowser (unlocked if on Very Hard or Extreme)


  • Break the Targets: Break all 10 targets as fast as you can!
  • Board the Platforms: Find and board all 10 platforms as fast as you can!
  • Race to the Finish: Avoiding hazards, get to the finish before time runs out!
  • Home-Run Contest: Hit a Sandbag as far as you can!

All-Star Mode

The player must fight all 30 characters, with damage carrying over through battles unlike Classic Mode. And on top of that, you only have one life and three* healing items!

Event Mode

See here.

*5 if the game is played co-operatively


Like the past installments, Group mode difficulties are levels 1-9.

VS. Mode

The main mode of SSBDX. FIght up to 3 other people in Time, Stock or Stamina matches! Can be played locally or online.


A tournament of 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 or 32 players. Rules are custom. Can be played locally or online.

Special Match

Create your own match in this! Item conditions can be set like Curry or Metal, or you can have a sudden death battle where damage always starts at 300%! Can only be played locally.


Stage Builder

Create your own stages for fighting on! Comes with lots of features!


Pay for a chance to get trophies!


Look at photos or replays from matches.


Name Image Description
Smash Ball Smash Ball Once broken, allows a fighter to use his/her final smash.
Crates BrawlCrates Throw them and see what comes out!
Capsule BrawlCapsule Throw to make an item come out - be careful, they sometimes explode.
Super Mushroom 200px Makes a player grow, increasing power.
Mini Mushroom Mini Mushroom Makes a player smaller and easier to KO.
Maxim Tomato Maxim Tomato Restores 50% of damage.
Heart Container Heart container2 Restores 100% of damage.
Golden Mushroom Golden mushroom Restores all damage.
Starman 200px Provides brief invincibility.
Warp Star Warp Star Fly off and then crash down in a big explosion.
Home-run Bat Homerunbat A battering object that deals heavy damage.
Star Rod Star rod Batter opponents or fire powerful stars.
Fan 250px-Fan Smack opponents repetitively with this weaker weapon.
Super Scope BrawlSuperScope Shoot opponents with small shots, or charge a large shot.
Golden Gun Goldengun Shoot opponents with five very powerful shots.
Superspicy Curry Superspicycurry Allows the player to briefly breathe fire.
Carrot Carrot Allows the user to jump higher and descend slowly.
Metal Box 250px-MetalBoxSSBB Turns the player to metal, increasing weight and knockback resistance.
Hammer SSBBHammer Inflict very heavy damage on opponents.
Ultra Hammer Ultrahammer Inflict extreme damage onto opponents.
Shells Ssbdx shells Shoot a shell that slides along the ground, or homes in depending on color.
Bob-omb BobombNSMBU A bomb that explodes upon contact. If left alone, it'll start walking around.
Smart Bomb Smart Bomb Explodes in a huge radius.
Motion Sensor Bomb BrawlMotion-SensorBomb Sticks to terrain, then explodes when motion is sensed.
Gooey Bomb Gooey Bomb Sticks to people or terrain, then explodes after awhile.
Beam Sword BeamSword Batter opponents with this sword.
Fire Flower 200px Allows the player to shoot fireballs.
Leaf (new) 200px Allows players to flick other fighters with a raccoon tail.
Soccer Ball Strikers ball Hit fighters with this and they'll go flying!
Kuribo's Shoe (new) Kuribo's Shoe Deals heavy damage when landing on other players, also creates earthquakes when you land.
Screw Attack ScrewAttackBrawl Makes a player spin every time they jump, surrounded by an electric force.
Return Postage Badge Returnpostage Causes attacks to be reflected.

Assist Trophy

Assist Trophies are items that release characters which will have certain effects on the battle. The full list can be found here.

Poke Balls

Similar to Assist Trophies, Poke Balls will release a Pokemon that will perform a special moves. Master Balls can also be found, which release legendary Pokemon. The chance of getting a Master Ball is much smaller than the chance of just a normal Poke Ball. The full list of Pokemon can be found here.


Super Smash Bros. DX featured achievements, the first title in the series to do so. For a full list of achievements, check here.


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