During the game, you collect items called Trophies, that are necesarry to complete the game 100%. They can be finded randomly or doing something.


Mario Series

Trophy Name Description How to Get
MarioTrophy Mario

"The most well known plumber in the world, Mario has defeated many villians and saved a bunch of princess over years."

Complete Classic Mode with Mario.
StarmanMarioTrophy Starman Mario

"Mario's most powerful form, when he gets the Starman he will be unstopabble. Defeating anyone in his way."

Beat three opponents using this Final Smash.
LuigiTrophy Luigi

"The brother who have doesn't have fear of ghosts and lives on adventures with his brother."

Unlock Luigi.
LuigiPoltergust5000Trophy Poltergust 5000

"Luigi's main weapon of Combat, the Poltergust 5000, that who sucks up every opponent and launches them"

Win 50 fights using Final Smashes with any Mario character (including Luigi).
PeachTrophy Peach

"The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, she has been captured many times and saved by Mario, but, already saved Mario once."

Complete Classic Mode with Peach.
PeachBeamTrophy Peach Beam

"During the events of Paper Mario, Peach made a wish and get a powerful attack nicknamed Peach Beam! This powerful attack defeats everything on the screen."

Won a fight using this Final Smash.
YoshiTrophy Yoshi

"Yoshi, the Mario's helper for all those years, he finally got his own adventure in different worlds, in different stories and in different ways."

Complete Classic Mode with Yoshi.
DragonYoshiTroph Dragon Yoshi

"Yoshi's ultimate form, that originiated from Super Mario World. This form makes him fly and throw fireballs."

Defeat 100 opponents using this final smash.
GenoTrophy Geno

"The star hero, he was commanded to save all the Seven Star pieces from the evil guys, he is finally back for a other adventure."

Unlock Geno
GenoFlashTrophy Geno Flash

"Geno's ultimate power, this attack can destroy everything on the screen."

Defeat 3 opponents using this Final Smash.

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