Wingo's Watchtower
Universe Mario
Previous Smash Appearances New
Availability Starter
Available in 8-Player? No

 Wingo's Watchtower is a new stage debuting in Super Smash Bros. Crusade. It is based on the level of the same name from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.


Wingo's Watchtower is a vertically oriented stage, with randomly generated elements that can include ladders, moving platforms, and spinning towers. The stage will occasionally scroll vertically to change up the layout, which is signaled by flashing red arrows. Throughout the level, Wingo will fly around the stage and flap his wings. This causes a wind current in a certain direction, which can make it easier or harder to recover depending on where the player is.

Omega Form

The Omega Form takes place at the top of the tower, a giant platform made of coins. Oddly, this section is never seen in the standard form of the stage. In addition, Wingo can sometimes be seen flying around.

Battlefield Form

The Battlefield Form features the Omega Form platform with 3 blue platforms above it.



While Mario must fight Bowser, Captain Toad's journey sees him taking on the greedy Wingo. This large bird has a penchant for all that glitters, gold or not, and ends up stealing his Power Stars or his partner Toadette. With his powerful wings, his tricks will quite literally blow you away.

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