Super Mario Maker
Universe Mario
Previous Smash Appearances New
Availability Starter
Available in 8-Player? Normal Form Only

 Super Mario Maker is a new stage based on the game Super Mario Maker, and appears in Super Smash Bros. Crusade. It is not to be confused with the Super Smash Bros. 4 rendition of the stage.


Super Mario Maker is a completely random stage that has a different layout every time it is played on. Like its predecessor, it features many random factors such as slopes, breakable blocks, ? Blocks, lava, conveyors, and pipes. However, the big differences are that enemies can show up occasionally, ranging from Goombas to Koopas, and that sometimes the theme of the stage can change from the overworld to others such as underground.

Omega Form

The Omega Form takes places on a giant platform just like the one in the original stage. The theme and game will still switch during the match.

Battlefield Form

The Battlefield Form features a giant platform with 3 small bridges hovering above.



Who knew Mario had a degree in architecture? Super Mario Maker allows players to build the Mario levels of their dreams, and the plumber in red changes into a special outfit to celebrate 30 years of jumping and saving princesses. He probably has a lot of fun playing your levels!...but maybe not the automatic ones.