Meta Crystal
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Previous Smash Appearances SSB
Availability Unlockable
Available in 8-Player? Omega Form only

 Meta Crystal is a returning stage from the original Super Smash Bros. game that appears in Super Smash Bros. Crusade. It is the stage where Metal Mario and his brother are fought as bosses, both normally and in Classic Mode.


Meta Crystal features a main platform that lifts up towards the right side. On the part of the platform that's flat, a red wired platform hangs above that acts similarly to one of the platforms in Battlefield. Occasionally, Metal Mario shows up as a boss and defeating him will give you an extra point or stock.

Omega Form

The Omega Form takes places on a giant red platform identical to the one hanging above the normal stage. Metal Mario does not show up here.

Battlefield Form

The Battlefield Form flattens the main platform and adds 3 of the smaller red platforms around the stage to resemble Battlefield.



Meta Crystal is the home of Metal Mario and Metal Luigi. It takes place in another world, an odd one that's overabundant in minerals. It definitely seems to have some connection to the Mushroom Kingdom's caverns in some way, but other than that, this place is a complete mystery...

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