Below is a list of all 4 items found in Super Smash Bros. Crusade.

Smash Ball

Series: Super Smash Bros.
Item Category: Final Smash

Smash Balls are the symbol of the entire Smash Bros. series, and one of the most unique items in the game. When the Smash Ball appears, a gasp from the crowd will be heard, alongside a quick flash to signify its arrival. The Smash Ball will slowly float around for around 15–20 seconds, and afterwards fly off. However, players can attack it and break it open to unlock the ability to use a Final Smash by pressing the Smash Ball. The amount of damage that a Smash Ball can resist frequently varies, but generally about 3 to 5 stong or aerial moves will be enough to break open the ball. Even once the Smash Ball is broken, it can still be released if the player holding it uses a strong enough attack to knock it out.

Assist Trophy

Series: Super Smash Bros.
Item Category: Helping

Assist Trophys are small trophy bases with a helper character stored inside. Grabbing an Assist Trophy will allow you to summon an assist the moment you have a free moment on the ground (meaning characters that attack the holder with enough power while they're in the air can knock the Assist Trophy away). Assists come from a wide range of series represented in Smash Bros. and can perform all sorts of unique tricks, but generally the assists are divided into one of 4 categories:

  • Offensive: Will throw out attacks at the player. Most can be attacked and possibly defeated.
  • Stage Changing: Will affect the stage around them in some way.
  • Helper: Will attempt to benefit the summoner in some way such as boosting their power or healing them.
  • Status: Can inflict different status effects on any of the opposing fighters.

Most assists only show up for a certain amount of time before they disappear, but some from the Offensive category can be attacked and knocked out early: this doesn't feature any bonus like you would get from defeating bosses, however.

Poké Ball and Master Ball

Series: Pokémon
Item Category: Helping

Poké Balls are small round capsules that are often used by trainers to catch or release Pokémon.  If you throw one, it will release a Pokémon when it hits the ground. These Pokémon are similar to Assist Trophies in that they will perform different attacks that can help you or affect the batle in some way, but only do so for a short time before they disappear.

In addition, there are purple, rarer variants of Poké Balls known as Master Balls. Master Balls generally only release legendary or mythical Pokémon thus making them a far valuable item. However, there are a few exceptions to this: sometimes extremely rare and powerful Pokémon that are not legendary or mythical like Zoroark may be found, and Goldeen may be found inside as a dud Pokémon.

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