Bowser's Castle
Universe Mario
Previous Smash Appearances New
Availability Starter
Available in 8-Player? No

 Bowser's Castle is a new stage debuting in Super Smash Bros. Crusade. It is based on the iconic location present in most games of the Mario series.


Bowser's Castle is mainly comprised of a large platform that slowly curves upwards on the edges, similar to a stretched U shape. Two metal blocks are planted into this ground, one on each curve, and the top of each edge has some gated platform next to it, with it being on the left of the platform on the left side and vice versa. Occasionally, certain enemies pop up, such as the metal blocks lighting and becoming large Fire Bars, Thwomps crushing the wired platforms and breaking them, or a Missile Bill Blaster appearing in the center of the stage. The most fearsome enemy is a giant Magma Bowser Statue, who appears from the background breathing fire and swiping with his rock claws. Attacking the statue's arms will cause it to break apart, dropping rocks on any nearby players, and when finished off, it will sink into the lava, causing pillars of hot magma to rain down as an attack from the character that got the last hit.

Omega Form

The Omega Form takes place on a large platform with the Magma Bowser head in the middle of it.

Battlefield Form

The Battlefield Form features the Omega Form platform with 3 wired platforms above it.



At the end of Mario's journey lies one of the most constantly threatening and treacherous areas to overcome: Bowser's Castle. Often saturated with lava and tough enemies, it is frequently the final test for Mario in order to save the day. Watch out for that Magma Bowser Statue!