Universe Super Smash Bros.
Previous Smash Appearances SSB, SSBM, SSBB, SSB4
Availability Starter
Available in 8-Player? Yes

 Battlefield, although classified as a new stage, is technically a returning stage that appears in Super Smash Bros. Crusade. It was revealed on July 2, 2015 and heavily resembles the version seen in Super Smash Bros. 4.


Battlefield works a lot like how it has in past games of the series. It consists of one large, solid platform, along with two rows of platforms above it. The bottom row has two platforms with one close to each edge of the stage, and the second row housing one platform above the center of the stage. Asides from a constantly changing background of day to night, the stage features no gimmicks whatsoever.

Omega Form

The Omega Form makes the solid platform larger and gets rid of all the extra platforms, resembling Final Destination.

Battlefield Form

Battlefield is the basis of the Battlefield Form, so it does not have a true Battlefield form. Instead, selecting Battlefield in this form will largely increase the solid platform's length while keeping the hovering platforms in the same positions, above a third row of platforms with one on each edge and one in the center. This is identical to Big Battlefield in Super Smash Bros. 4, which was absent as its own stage in this game.



If you're looking for a quiet, relaxing spot to smash on, there's probably no better place than the Battlefield. All it has is 3 floating platforms decorating the main platform. I'll admit, it does sound a little bland compared to other stages, but at least it's pretty! It's especially eye-catching when you battle during sunset. It's the basis for the Battlefield Form stages.