Theese are all the playable Charcters in the game.

Hence the name, most newcomers in this game taken directly out of Super Smash Bros. Crusade (including Weegee), making the roster go towards it's never gone before.

Character   Info  
Mario was first created by Shigero Miyamoto as the protagonist for the game Donkey Kong for the Arcade. He would[[Click to Continue > by QS| follow]] this up with more arcade games such as Donkey Kong Jr. and Mario Bros. He is touted as a character. He can shoot fire from his palm, perform a spin jump, and use FLUDD, which now does damage.
Luigi Crusade

Although Mario's younger brother has always played second fiddle, Luigi finally garnered the spotlight with his very own game, Luigi's Mansion. As such, many of his moves are based off that. He can use a vacuum to pull in or even straight up suck up opponents, and send out Polterpup to attack.</p>

Complete Classic as Mario.

Weegee is a Photoshop meme that is based on Luigi's apearance in the DOSPC game Mario is Missing!. Luigi has a strange appearance in this game compared to others, with paler colors and an awkwardly stiff stance. This was pointed out in the 4chan forums in 2007, as seen here. Because of his strange look, he became the subject of "facebombing" and other memes. One of Weegee's well-known "powers" is that his gaze will freeze any other who looks him in the eyes and transform the victim into a clone of Weegee. Weegee is generally regarded as a creepy and evil character, but his true alliances are unknown.  He was also playable in Crusade.
">Princess Peach has been a mainstream Mario character since her first appearance in Super Mario Bros., in which Mario had to rescue her from the clutches of the evil Bowser. She usually takes on the role of the damsel in distress, though she has been known to help out Mario on several occasions. In Smash Bros., Peach uses her style dress to float above the fray, suddenly descending and attacking with numerous weapons. A frying pan? Umbrella? TOAD?! Where does she keep it all? And because Toad is playable, she has Toadsworth instead.
Toad Crusade
After being a part of Peach's moveset since Melee, he has finally separated from peach. Resembling a toadstool, Toad (Japanese: キノピオ, Kinopio) is a "Mushroom Retainer", a loyal, hard-working attendant ofPrincess Peach. Usually appearing as a helper in the Mario games, relying on other characters when in danger, Toad has occasionaly taken the lead in titles such as Super Mario Bros. 2, Wario's Woods and New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Much like Yoshi, Toad is one of many in his species of the same name.

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