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Series Fire Emblem
Availability starter

NOTE: Although Corrin originates in SSB4, and as such is a veteran, there is still a lot of info we don't know about them. This page is being created now for convenience.

Corrin is a character in Super Smash Bros. Cross.

Moveset and Attributes


Overall, Corrin's playstyle is unknown.


Type Name Description
Jab N/A
Forward Tilt N/A
Up Tilt N/A
Down Tilt N/A
Forward Smash N/A
Up Smash N/A
Down Smash N/A
Neutral Aerial N/A
Forward Air N/A
Back Air N/A
Up Air N/A
Down Air N/A
Dash Attack N/A
Neutral Special Dragon Shot Corrin transforms their free arm into a draconic mouth that fires a large dark blue blast at the opponent. The blast stuns opponents for periods of time depending on how long the button was held. If the opponent was close to Corrin when the projectile was fired, Corrin attempts to bite them with their arm. This attack can also be used by holding the special button after the projectile has fired, and its damage and launch power increase the longer the button was held.
Side Spec. Dragon Lunge
Up Spec. Dragon Ascent Corrin jumps up and attacks with his extended wings. The angle of flight can be altered.
Down Spec. Counter Surge Counter Surge operates similarly to many a counter special move, but it bears several distinctions unique to it. It launches opponents on a vertical trajectory, defends Corrin from front and back with water surges as forceful as the countered attack and each other, and Corrin outright evades the attack rather than absorbing it, meaning that nearby opponents can be hit by the missed attacks. Corrin utilizes their Dragon Fang for this attack, morphing into full dragon form as they retaliate.
Grab N/A
Pummel N/A
Forward Throw N/A
Back Throw N/A
Up Throw N/A
Down Throw N/A
Ledge Atk. N/A
Floor Atk. N/A
Final Smash Torrential Roar
Up Taunt N/A
Left Taunt N/A
Right Taunt N/A
Down Taunt N/A

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