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Series Mario
Availability starter

Cloud is a DLC character in Super Smash Bros. Cross.



Moveset and Attributes


Overall, Cloud has access to incredible offensive options that can overwhelm the opposition fairly easily, but only if his movements don't get punished and are performed in a precise manner.


Type Name Description
Jab N/A
Forward Tilt N/A
Up Tilt N/A
Down Tilt N/A
Forward Smash N/A
Up Smash N/A
Down Smash N/A
Neutral Aerial N/A
Forward Air N/A
Back Air N/A
Up Air N/A
Down Air N/A
Dash Attack N/A
Neutral Special Blade Beam Cloud sends a blade of wind forwards, acting as a projectile that disappears upon hitting anything. Overall stronger if started on the ground and in the first few frames, while the aerial version is slower, deals less damage, and gives Cloud a slight amount of lift. When under Limit Break status, the move becomes a much stronger multi-hitting move with higher velocity.
Side Spec. Cross Slash Cloud strikes with a combo of slashes, which can continue up to five hits so long as the first slash connects. The slashes aesthetically spell out the kanji 凶 (kyo). When under Limit Break status, Cloud instantly unleashes all five strikes and the attack gains high power.
Up Spec. Climhazzard A rising slash upwards, which can be finished with a downwards slash that sends opponents flying. The first hit deals set knockback, while the second hit deals more damage in the middle of the blade and less if near the hilt. The second hit can meteor smash when Cloud falls. When under  Limit Break status, the first slash gains tremendous distance, greatly improving Cloud's vertical recovery.
Down Spec. Limit Charge Cloud poses and charges up his Limit Gauge, an invisible meter which can alternatively be filled by taking or dealing damage. When the meter is full, Cloud gains a slight overall boost to all his stats and can use a more powerful one-use version of his special attacks.
Finishing Touch Limit Charge turns into Finishing Touch when the meter is full, which is a large whirlwind that deals 1% damage but tremendous knockback.
Grab N/A
Pummel N/A
Forward Throw N/A
Back Throw N/A
Up Throw N/A
Down Throw N/A
Ledge Atk. N/A Swipes at the opponent's feet before pulling himself up.
Floor Atk. N/A Spins the Buster Sword around him before getting up.
Final Smash Omnislash Cloud dashes forward at high speed, and flings any opponents he runs into to the top of the screen. After a series of quick sword slashes, Cloud charges up a final blow which sends him and his victims careening to the ground, causing a huge explosion that sends them flying with high knockback.
Up Taunt N/A
Left Taunt N/A
Right Taunt N/A
Down Taunt N/A



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