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Super Smash Bros. Cross
Working Logo
Developer(s) Sixgon Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) PC
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. Cross is a Smash Bros. game by Sixgon Games.



Super Smash Bros. Cross, like all other SSB games, focuses on knocking your opponents off-stage.


Controls can be customized. Here are the defaults:

  • Start - Pause/Unpause
  • Left Thumbstick - Move/Aim/Climb/Duck/Dodge
  • V2Action Red - Attack
  • V2Action Green - Special
  • V2Action Blue - Jump
  • V2Action Purple - Final Smash
  • Left Shoulder Button/Inner Trigger - Grab
  • Right Should Button/Inner Trigger - Shield
  • Right Thumbstick - Quick Smash
  • V2Directional - Taunt

Game Modes


Changes from SSB4

  • Custom Moves are now specific to Miis. However, each Mii has a 4th Special; Equipment is still available to all fighters.
  • Final Smashes have been moved to their own button, allowing players to use their Neutral Special while holding a Smash Ball, as well as making Final Smashes slightly easier to activate.
  • Omega Stages have been removed.
  • Blast Zones have generally been reduced to Brawl size.
  • Target Smash has returned, with some revamps.
  • Battle Rules now save; Costumes save on each Player Name.
  • Various Fighter changes (any notable changes are on a Fighter's page).


This list may change.


Click on the tabs to view the fighters. Click on the images to view each fighters' pages.

CrossMarioIcon CrossWaluigiIcon CrossYoshiIconCrossDKIcon CrossLinkIcon CrossRavioIcon CrossSamusIconCrossKirbyIconCrossDDDIcon CrossWaddleDIcon CrossPikaIcon CrossFoxIcon CrossMarthIconCrossCorrinIcon CrossPitIcon CrossIciesIconCrossMacIcon CrossNessIconCrossCapnFalconIcon CrossIsaacIcon CrossDillonIcon CrossInklingIcon CrossPrimidIconCrossShantaeIcon CrossMegaManIcon



Main Article: Super Smash Bros. Cross/Mii

Miis are customizable fighters.


  • This game is considered a reboot of Super Smash Bros. Smackdown.
Super Smash Bros. Cross
Fighters Starting Mario · Waluigi · Yoshi · Donkey Kong · Link · Ravio · Samus · Kirby · King Dedede · Waddle Dee · Pikachu · Fox · Marth · Corrin · Pit · Ice Climbers · Little Mac · Ness · Captain Falcon · Isaac · Dillon · Inkling · Primid · Shantae · Mega Man
Unlockable Luigi · Ganondorf · Jigglypuff
Stages Starting TBA
Unlockable TBA
Enemies Common TBA
Bosses TBA
Items Smash Ball · Assist Trophy · Poke Ball · Djinn
Helpers Pokemon TBA
Assists TBA
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