A list of items in Super Smash Bros. Crimson Sky - Indigo Night


Image Name Series Effect
Wii U U --- stylus Stylus Nintendo The stylus appears in an enlarged form, about the size of a baseball bat. Used as a battering weapon, it is a standard-powered tool to deal some damage and knockback to the foe; rather unremarkable. The item is based on the 3DS’ model. This newest stylus is capable of being shortened and lengthened to fit the player’s preference. When using a smash attack with this item, the stylus would extend to its full length, giving it a bit more range.
Rumble int 1207260451 Rumble Pak Nintendo It is a thrown projectile that vibrates forcefully upon hitting an enemy, who will convulse a bit before taking knockback.
PowerGlove Power Glove Nintendo The Power Glove gives the character extra range on their physical hits. Jabs, Tilts, Aerials and Smash attacks are all affected. Their range is effectively doubled, shown by an ‘energy’ version of the character’s hand/weapon extending beyond their normal range, looking somewhat like Isaac’s giant energy hand projectile.However, your attacks would deal about one third less damage, and Forward Tilts and Forward Smashes would become their 45 degree angle upward/downward varieties at random.
SmashBall Smash Ball Super Smash Bros. The Smash Ball is an item that enables the character that broke it to activate their Final Smash.
AssistTrophy Assist Trophy Super Smash Bros. An Assist Trophy is an item that, when grabbed, releases a random Nintendo or third-party character to assist them.
Bumperssb4 Bumper Super Smash Bros. It has the same type of mechanics before. If smash thrown, it almost always deals a KO. It is possible to destroy a bumper with a Final Smash.
Smokeball2 Smoke Ball Super Smash Bros. The Smoke Ball is a item that can obscure the vision of other players by releasing a massive amount of smoke. The smoke ball can be thrown at an opponent which does a small amount of damage and obscures the player from view. If it doesn’t hit a player, it will bounce up and down, emitting smoke, until picked up again.
BrawlSuperScope Superscope Super Smash Bros. Nothing has changed much from the SSBB version of this gun. Players can still run and jump while shooting the gun. The only change is players can now crouch or duck while shooting as well.
RaygunSSB4 Ray Gun Super Smash Bros. The Ray Gun functions much like is SSBB version. It holds up to 16 shots and can be fired while running, walking and jumping as well as crouching much like the Super Scope.
Homerunbatwiiu Home-Run Bat Super Smash Bros. The Home-Run Bat is one of the most feared items in the Super Smash Bros. series. When hit normally, it only does 7-8% damage but when used with a Smash Attack, it can do OHKO at 30% damage and a very high knock back.
Crackerlauncher Cracker Launcher Super Smash Bros. The Cracker Launcher remains the same as in SSBB but the players can now crouch while shooting. However, at times, the Cracker Launcher will malfunction causing the launcher itself to explode. This may happen if the player shoots two or three rounds. The launcher will jam, emit smoke, and then explode. The player can drop the launcher and escape before it explodes. It does 20% damage if it explodes to the player holding it.
250px-BlastBox Blast Box Super Smash Bros. The Blast Box is a box full of explosives that can be ignited if hit with a projectile, physical attacks, or attacks with a weapon. It will almost always OHKO an opponent.
BeamswordSSBB Beam Sword Super Smash Bros. The Beam Sword has made an appearance into all Super Smash Bros. game. It looks much like a Lightsaber from the Star Wars movies. Players can whack or slice at opponents with the beam sword. Besides that, it hasn’t changed much throughout the series.
Paper Fan Paper Fan Super Smash Bros. The paper fan appears as it did in previous Smash games. It can suck in players after every attack. It has high attack speed compared to other weapon items.
GooeyBomb Gooey Bomb Super Smash Bros. The Gooey Bomb, when throw, latches onto a player or surface. It will then stick to them where ever they go. Players can also pass the bomb onto an opponent by hitting or running past them. It has a timed explosion so it's almost like a hot potato game.
Sandbag the awesome Sandbag Super Smash Bros. Sandbag serves as an item that expels stickers, CDs and trophies.
1428667-5060wp0006sp render laser cannon super Laser Cannon Super Smash Bros. The Laser Cannon is a powerful laser-based arsenal that can fire four laser beams. The laser beams themselves do not do much damage but it can be fired 5 times without charging up. The beams shoot out straight but twirl together as they get farther away from the cannon. The beams do 10% damage and can fire 5 times. However, it takes 20 seconds for it to recharge. It can only recharge 3 times before it becomes defective and runs out of charges. It is also cumbersome and players can’t dash or double jump while holding it.
GoldenHammer Golden Hammer Mario The Golden Hammer appears again in SSB! It delivers fast, powerful attacks and allows the opponent to float. However, unlike before, it doubles the opponents jumping height allowing even higher jumps while using the Golden Hammer. As well as before, there is a chance it could be a Squeaky Hammer so be careful!
Bob-ombwalk Bob-omb Mario It remains the same with very little changes. The biggest change is it causes a different type of knock back, depending on where it hits the opponent. Explosions on either side causes mostly horizontal knock back while explosions from the top area does vertical knock back.
GreenShellMK8 Green Shell Super Smash Bros. The Green Shell comes back as a powerful throwing item that can KO opponents at high levels. Players can either pick up the shell and throw it or jump on top of the shell which will cause it to propel itself further. Additionally, hitting it with an attack will cause it to shoot forward. The stronger the attack, the stronger the damage it delivers to the opponent.
Iceflower Ice Flower Super Smash Bros. When A is pressed and held, a stream of ice blasts out and slowly freezes the opponent. It doesn't automatically freeze but gradually while both hurting and slowly down the opponent. When thrown, it deals 6% ice damage.
StarmanSM3DW Starman Mario The Starman gives the player invincibility for 10 seconds and now, a player cannot be KO’d by attacks.
Soccer ball1 Soccer Ball Mario The Soccer Ball is a powerful item that can be launched by hitting it with an attack. The more powerful the attack, the harder the soccer ball hits. If hit with a exceptionally strong attack or a smash attack, the soccer ball ignites on fire as it speeds through the air. It can be deflected by counters or reflectors or a bumpers. If shielded, it can break them. It can’t be caught while on fire but if hit by a basic or weak attack, the opponent can grab it, place it on the ground, and given the opportunity to kick/hit it back.
Vanishcap2 Vanish Cap Mario It renders the wearer invisible for 10 seconds as well as pass through impassable solid platforms and thin walls with a visible side. It can fall off the wearer if hit with a hard enough attack. It lasts for approximately 14 seconds before the wearer reappears. If knocked off, the timer on the cap returns to normal.
Hothead SMWWii Hothead Mario It can be thrown to cause damage or it can be thrown onto a surface. It will then begin to follow a set track and circle around it – like a stage or a block. It can damage players this way. It can now cause Blast Boxes, Gooey Bombs and Bob-ombs to explode upon impact.
250px-MetalBoxSSBB Metal Box Mario The Metal Box allows players to appear as a metallic form of the player. Characters under the effects of the Metal Box, besides a huge change to their appearance, experiences increased weight, deals more knockback when attacked, increases falling weight, reduces jumping height, makes double, multiple jumps, and gliding useless.
Chancecube Chance Cube Mario The Chance Cube has five items it can grant to a player when they throw it. The following are: a Starman , a Heart Container, an Assist Trophy or Pokéball, a random item, or a self-destruct mechanism.

When the cube hits any type of surface when thrown, it bursts apart and the item appears on the thrower or his/her hands. However, the self-destruct mechanism will cause the thrower to explode and deals high vertical knock back. It can be caught and throwing it at opponents deals no damage.

OilBarrelMKC Oil Barrel Mario When thrown on the ground, it creates a medium sized puddle of oil. Whenever a character steps on it, they slip much like a banana but keeps slipping until they some how manoeuvre out of the oil slick. However, be careful because it can affect the player who first used the Oil Barrel.
SpinDrill Spin Drill Mario When grabbed, the player jumps on top of it and immediately begins spinning and drilling. It doesn't affect jumping or dashing and retains the normal speed of the character. However, it can damage any opponent that gets close to it, hitting for 1% damage for each hit. Additionally, if a opponent is jumped on while the Spin Drill is active, it does 5% damage each hit and constantly pushes the opponent to the ground. It can be quiet destructive in the right hands. As a added bonus, it has a slight vacuum affect that draws opponents closer to it. However, this depends wholly on how close the Spin Drill is. The duration lasts for 12 seconds and cannot be dropped if attacked.
BooMP8art Boo Mario When used, it will hover around an opponent for 20 seconds during which, if a opponent picks up an item (even a Smash Ball), it will steal it and deliver it to the player who used it. It is quite useful but only affects one character.
BlimpBerry Blimp Fruit Mario Upon contact, it will comically inflate the opponents body and causes them to float to the top of the screen. While it does no damage, it can still KO an opponent if they reach the very top. However, struggling will shorten the duration of the blimp fruit. The blimp fruit lasts roughly 12 seconds but excessive struggling will shorten the time by .5 seconds. Additionally, if someone is holding the fruit holds it past 5 seconds, they themselves will turn into a blimp so it’s best to throw it as soon as you get it.
SSBM Trophy Bucket Bucket Mario Unlike other performance-altering items, the bucket affects the opponent of the player who grabs it. When grabbed, the player’s character holds the item by its handle. The purpose is to throw the bucket. If it contacts an enemy, instead of dealing damage, it will become stuck over their head, obscuring their vision and removing all of their abilities sans walking, in addition to making them look completely stupid. For several seconds, the opponent would be highly vulnerable, and could find themselves pushed right off of a ledge and to their doom. The item disappears eventually. If a thrown bucket fails to connect, it will simply hit the ground and can be picked up again.
YoshisWatermelon MDR Watermelon Mario When eaten, by pressing A, a spew of watermelon seeds come from the character’s mouth. It only does 1% damage but it can shoot out 20 seeds in total. It doesn’t cause flinching; much like Fox’s lasers.
SuperLeafSM3DW Super Leaf Mario When grabbed, this rare item would give the player a Tanooki tail, granting them several abilities. It would turn their dash attack into a speed-boosting tail spin that reflects projectiles. Additionally, the player’s shield would be replaced by the ability to turn to stone, invincible to all damage, but like Kirby in Stone form, they’d be susceptible to being grabbed. Or, this could just be an aesthetic “skin” for the normal shield, if that’s too broken. The leaf would also grant the ability to glide. However, this item would wear off like other enhancements, so hopefully you don’t lose it mid-glide.
HammerSSBB Hammer Donkey Kong The Hammer, alongside the Home-Run Bat, is one of the most feared and damaging items in the Super Smash Bros. Series. When picked up, the character goes into a hammer smashing animation and can strike opponents for very high damage. The Hammer does 22% damage with every hit, same as SSBB. However, the Hammer can malfunction and the hammer head can fly off from it. It can be picked up and thrown for 22% damage.
Magnet Magnet Donkey Kong It causes nearby players to be drawn to the character using the magnet. However, players can’t control when to use it since it lasts for 10 seconds. During this period, opponents are drawn to the player no matter where they go. Therefore, if the player holding the magnet is KO’d, so are the opponents.
BrawlBunnyHoodArtwork Bunny Hood Legend of Zelda The Bunny Hood appears again as a piece of equipment that can boost the height and speed of players jumps, the players running speed, and the falling speed of players. The effect lasts 12 seconds and can fall off with enough damage.
GustBellowsSS Gust Bellows Legend of Zelda By pressing and holding down A, the player can shoot out gusts of air at opponents. While it does no damage, it can push them fairly far distances; especially those who are light weight. Lower percentages do not move as far while higher ones do. Heavy weights like Bowser and Donkey Kong hardly feel the effects of the Gust Bellows unless they are at a very high percentage.
Navi Firefly Fairy Legend of Zelda If you capture a fairy, it will stay with you for only a minute. If you are KO’d during this time, the game does not take away a life or a point (depending on the mode) but when you respawn, 50% damage will added to your damage meter.
Cucco Cucco Legend of Zelda It allows a player to cross a area after jumping by using the bird's strong wings. However, the player will fall into a helpless state if hit while in midair. The Cucco will then fly to safety. The Cucco can also be attacked repeatedly until it calls for it’s brethren. Cuccos will then invade the stage and attack players. They will not attack the person who picked it up last unless it was that player that caused the Cucco to cry. The lasts 10 seconds.
Groosenator The Groosenator Legend of Zelda The Groosenator acts much like Snake’s Final Smash. However, in order to deliver successful attacks, the player must angle the bombs just right so they hit the opponents. This is because the bombs arc much like a real catapult. The player can adjust the catapults track movement by moving left and right and move the angle of the catapult by moving up or down. Pressing A while fire the catapult and launch a LoZ bomb onto the stage. The bomb has a large blast radius and does between 15-20% damage, depending on the distance from the centre of the blast. It has 6 stocks of ammunition but it has no time limit. However, not shooting after 10 seconds will result in a immediate launch of the bomb. The Groosenator itself appears far from the stage which, much like Snake’s Final Smash, allows a full view of the stage.
High jump boot High Jump Boots Metroid The wearer can jump even higher than the Bunny Hood and even perform a third jump. They last for 15 seconds and can be knocked off while the player is wearing them.
Palm Palm Kid Icarus When equipped, the Palm allows the player to shoot energy shots when attacking. When hit directly, it doubles the damage of the attack. The projectile shot damage is halved when it connects though.
Punchingbag Punching Bag Punch-Out The Punching Bag can be punched, kicked, and smashed. This increases it’s damage on the bag. When picked up and thrown, it can do a lot of damage based on how much it was attacked before. It can do between 1% to 101% damage; depending how much damage it has.
StarrodSSBB Star Rod Kirby The Star Rod functions much like in the previous Super Smash Bros. Games. When tapping A, it only does 5-10% damage while fully charging it’s smash attack will increase it to 13-24% damage and the projectile does 6-12% damage. It holds 16 to 18 projectiles.
Superspicycurry Superspicy Curry Kirby The Superspicy Curry remains the same from the previous game save for a changes. Players can now grab the opponent and flames will still damage the opponent. It works much like a pummel.
WheelieBike Wheelie Kirby The Wheelie can be picked up and thrown. It does moderate knock back and around 15-22% damage. However, if thrown while it’s wheel is spinning does an additional 10% damage. It will also chase after players and try to attack.
Hydra2 Hydra Kirby In order to be used, the three parts must be collected. Being hit can cause pieces to fall out from players.

Once all three are collected, an aiming screen is shown. Instead of the fiery red aiming screen as before, the colours are inverted on the outer edges. It gives it a very intense feel.

Once the player presses A, the air ride shoots forward and rams into people. It is capable of doing a OHKO when it hits one or more people. It deals extremely high vertical knock back. The player who then rode the Hydra into battle falls back into the stage.

Triple Star Kirby Triple Star Kirby The stars will circle around the character and will follow them wherever he or she goes. The stars does 8% damage upon contact and has small knock back. It also cancels out projectiles but not Final Smashes. It is possible to still hit the character who is holding the item by attacking right when the stars are not protecting the character. This is because they circle the character and there are brief points where the character is not fully protected. The character can also fire one of the stars into the opponent which does 15% damage when thrown. The star that was thrown is replenished by the wand. The duration lasts for 10 seconds.
Bugnet Bug Net Animal Crossing The Bug Net is used to swipe at opponents. Hitting them on the head will cause them to go into a surprised look and they will begin to look around at who hit them in the head. If done in the air, it will cause the opponent to fall to the ground. It deals 5% if a regular hit and 10% if a smash attack.
Pitfall Seed Pitfall Animal Crossing It traps opponents in the ground if either thrown or if thrown onto the ground and a player steps on it. If thrown in the air, the opponent is Meteor Smashed very powerfully and almost always a OHKO.
BeeHive Beehive Animal Crossing When thrown, the beehive sticks onto the opponent which results in a swarm of bees buzzing around the opponents head. It lasts for 6 seconds and hits 3 times for 1% damage each hit. It does 18% damage total. However, the opponent can shake up the beehive thus destroying the bees and beehive but it is fairly difficult unless the player starts as soon as he is hit.
Plasmacannon Plasma Cannon Star Fox Players can use the Plasma Cannon but at their own risk. It can only shoot 5 rounds and, when fired, it causes 10% damage to the player. However, if it lands a shot on a opponent, it does 50% damage and very high knock back. It has one of the largest KO potentials other than the Hammers and Starman. However, after firing, it recoils thus causing the player to be pushed back so it cannot be fired in succession. It can be dropped after taking a lot of damage.
Speedboost Speed Boost F-Zero A Speed Boost is a hovering non-holdable item that a player can jump through. It resembles a revolving ring of sorts. When jumped through, it will shoot the player forward. This can both good and bad since it can possibly KO a player if the Speed Boost is to close to the side or upper boundaries. As well, it can also aid in escaping an opponent, knocking an opponent into the ring for a KO, aid in recovering to the stage, or in jumping. It increases a players speed by 50% as it shoots them through the boost. However, the effect is only temporary and diminishes as soon as the player leaves the ring.
SSBEB,PokeBall Poké Ball Pokémon A Poké Ball is an item that, when thrown, releases a Pokémon which assists the user.
SSBEB,MasterBall Master Ball Pokémon A Master Ball is the same as a Poké Ball except that it releases rare or Legendary Pokémon.
Rarecandy Rare Candy Pokémon The Rare Candy is a temporary stat enhancing item that boosts all stats for 5 points. It lasts for 15 seconds but, during this time, it can be hit out of the player and grabbed by the opponent. However, it does not reset the clock so grabbing it only re-starts the timer.
Armorslayer Armourslayer Fire Emblem The Armourslayer is a powerful sword that has a very slow start up swing, but when connecting, it can do upwards to 45% damage and high knock back. During the start up lag, the opponent is immune to flinching so it is a particular damaging weapon. However, it slows down the opponent and, like the Metal Box, reduces jumping fight and increases falling speed. Armoured and heavier opponents like Ike and Chrom actually receive more damage and knock back when hit compared to lighter characters such as Pikachu and Kirby. It can be dropped if the player takes enough damage.
MrSaturn2 Mr. Saturn EarthBound Mr. Saturn is a walking, jumping, and living item that can be picked up and thrown at opponents. It does very little damage and has little knock back but it can be thrown repeatedly before it disappears. When thrown with a smash attack, it does 11% damage, tapping A does 8% damage, and dropping it 4% damage.
Franklinbadge Franklin Badge EarthBound The Franklin Badge allows players to reflect projectiles of any type when hit by them. It lasts a certain amount of time and then the effect wears off the player. If it is overloaded, it will just absorb or allow the projectile to pass through the player.
Burgertoy Burgertoy Nintendogs When thrown, it does an initial 25% damage and can easily break through shields. However, once it hits the ground, it will continue to bounce around the stage and hitting opponents for 8% damage. Once it stops, another player can pick it up and throw it. Therefore, it is not restrictive to one player. It lasts approximately 25 seconds and will then disappear.
Unira Unira Clu-Clu Land When picked up, it extends its spikes and can damage opponents. If it hits a solid surface, it will latch onto that and extend its spikes out. Hitting the item will cause damage and knockback.
Gold Ring NSMB2 Fan-art Ring Sonic Touching a ring that appears will prevent all damage on the next attack received (but not the knockback). When hit, the ring flies out of the character, allowing their opponent to snag it for themselves. The ring can be exchanged multiple times before it fades away, like all other items do.
Mgs4 drum can Drum Can Metal Gear The notorious oil drum is capable of being picked up, carried (with reduced speed), and thrown, but would also serve as a sort of shield from weak attacks when the holder crouches. Additionally, it would provide the carrier with a “crouch” ability, allowing them to lay inside the drum and roll across the stage, dealing damage to those it steamrolls.

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