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Both Versions


Image Info Attacks Tilts/Smashes Aerials/Throws Neutral Specials
533px-Mario SSB4 Artwork-0
Neutral Attack: Punches with his left, then his right, and then kicks with his right foot. First hit does 3% damage, second punch does 2%, and kick does 4% for a total of 9%.
Dash Attack: Leg Sweep- Slides forward and kicks with both feet. Does 9% if connected with the initial hitbox, does 7% if it hits later.
Pummel: Grab Headbutt- Headbutt for 3% damage.
Floor Attack (face-up): Gets up then kicks behind him, then in front of him. Does 6%.
Floor Attack (face-down): Gets up then punches behind him, then in front of him. Does 6%.
Floor Attack (sitting): Kicks behind him, then in front of him while getting up. Does 5%.
Ledge Attack (below 100%): Does a somersault and then kicks upwards, from a laying down position. 8% to those on the stage and 6% to those extremely close by.
Ledge Attack (above 100%): Gets up then does a kick similar to his forward tilt. Does 10%.
Forward Tilt: Power Kick- Does a roundhouse kick with his right leg. Does 11%.
Up Tilt: Uppercut- Delivers an uppercut while spinning. 7% damage.
Down Tilt: Crouch Kick- Sweeps low to the ground with his leg. Deals 6% if Mario’s foot connects, while hitting with his leg/body deals 8%.
Forward Smash: Fire Smash- Steps back and then forward, causing a blast of fire out of his hand. Does 14% if Mario’s arm connects and 17% if the fire connects; angling up increases the damage to 15%/18% and angling down decreases it to 13%/16%. If fully charged, deals 19.6% (arm) or 23.8% (fire) (angled up: 21%/25.2%, angled down: 18.2%/22.4%).
Up Smash: Head Snap- Sends opponents skyward with a headbutt. 16% uncharged and 20% fully charged.
Down Smash: Breakdance Kick- Does a breakdance sweep. The front hit deals 17% damage (22% charged), while the back hit does 13% (15% charged). Does moderate knock back.
Neutral Aerial: Air Kick- Performs a Sex Kick kick in the air. Initially does 10%, then 5% afterwards.
Forward Aerial: Meteor Punch-It is a very weak meteor smash that is difficult to land, but it does have the benefit of sending opponents on a diagonal trajectory instead of straight down. Does 15% when sweetspotted, does 11% when sourspotted, and 10% if landed with the later hitbox.
Back Aerial: Back Kick- Spins and kicks backward. Does 12% when the initial hitbox is landed, does 7% if landed with the later hitbox.
Up Aerial: Flip Kick- Does a somersault and kicks upward. Does 11% with diagonal knockback.
Down Aerial: Mario Tornado. Spins with fists then strikes with both on opposite sides. Hits 5 times for 1% each before a final hit of 7% for a total of 12%. If Mario lands while spinning, nearby opponents receive 2%.
Forward Throw:Single Spin- Mario spins around once then throws his opponent in front of him. Does 10%.
Back Throw: Tornado Spin- Mario whirls around several times then throws his opponent backwards. It is Mario’s most damaging throw dealing 14%.
Up Throw: Sky Hurl- Mario throws his opponent high into the air. Does 8%.
Down Throw: Slamdown- Mario slams his opponent into the ground. Does 6%.
Up Taunt: Turns into Super Mario.
Left Taunt: Jumps up while thrusting one fist into the air.
Right Taunt: Twirls around twice and then thrusts his hand out to give a peace sign.
Down Taunt: Spins in the air and falls on his back.
Idle Pose (1): Moves his head from left to right and holds his fists in front of his face.
Idle Pose (2): Moves his hat.
Entrance: Mario crashes down via a star found up in the sky. He then quickly adjusts his hat and says “Let’s a go!
Cheer: Ma-ri-o!
Neutral Special: Fire Orb
Side Special: Gust Cape
Up Special: Explosive Punch
Down Special: High-Pressure F.L.U.D.D.
Final Smash: Mario Finale
Bee Mario
Penguin Suit
Tanooki Suit
Dr. Mario
Striker Mario
Neutral Special: Snowball
Side Special: Raccoon Tail
Up Special: Raccoon Fly
Down Special: Star Spin
Final Smash: Fire Tornado
Main Stage: Starship Mario
Main Theme: Overworld Theme
Neutral Special:
Side Special:
Up Special:
Down Special:
Final Smash: Fire Giant Crush
Peach SSB4
Neutral Attack: Double Slap-Deals a two-hit combo. Each slap deals 3% damage, racking up to 6% damage if both hits land.
Dash Attack: Strikes with both arms extended forward, then quickly spreads her arms out. Each hit deals 4% damage, racking up to 8% damage if both hits land.
Pummel: Kicks the opponents shin. Deals 2% damage per hit.
Floor Attack (face-up): Swirls around in a similar fashion to Mario’s down smash. 8% damage.
Floor Attack (face-down): Peach swings her legs around. Does 6% damage for each hit.
Floor Attack (sitting): Two kicks to either side. Does 5% damage for each hit.
Ledge Attack (below 100%): Lunges onto the stage, hip first. 6% damage.
Ledge Attack (above 100%): Slowly gets up and swirls her body in a similar fashion to Mario’s down smash, only with less range. 10% damage.
Forward Tilt: A 180 degree high kick. Can deal up to 13% damage up close, and as low as 7% damage from further away.
Up Tilt: Raises hand up, creating a heart cloud. Deals 13% damage.
Down Tilt: A downward hand sweep to the ground. Deals 10% damage.
Forward Smash: Strikes with either a frying pan from Super Mario RPG, a golf club, or a tennis racket, from the various Mario Tennis and Golf games. Damage and knockback vary with each weapon.
Up Smash: Twirls around with arm raised. Deals 8-11% damage when not sweetspotted, 15-21% when sweetspotted at her palm, and 17-23% damage when sweetspotted at her shoulder, and 12-13% if it connects late into the move.
Down Smash: Spins dress around like a blade, slashing whoever gets caught in it. Each hit deals 5-7% damage, racking up to 20-28% if all four hits land.
Neutral Aerial: Spins around with arms extended. Deals 13% damage when sweetspotted, 10% if hit shortly afterwards and 7% if hit at the end of the attack.
Forward Aerial: Strikes with her crown (aka: Crown Slap.) Deals 15% damage.
Back Aerial: Swings her hips out behind her. Deals 14% damage when sweetspotted and 7% when sourspotted.
Up Aerial: An upward kick. Deals 13% damage.
Down Aerial: A series of four downward kicks. First three kicks deal 3% damage each, with the fourth kick dealing 5% damage, racking up to 14% damage if all four kicks land.
Forward Throw:Slaps opponent away. Deals 10% damage.
Back Throw: Places opponent behind her and bumps him/her away with rear. Deals 11% damage.
Up Throw: Puts opponent above her, and volleys him/her upward. First hit deals 2% damage, while second hit deals 6% damage, racking up to 8% damage in total.
Down Throw: Sits on opponent. Deals 7% damage.
Up Taunt: Takes her parasol out and spins it, saying “Sweet”.
Left Taunt: Sings and dances in a taunting manner (“Ring Around the Rosie”) while holding her dress, while musical notes float around her.
Right Taunt: Leans forward, puts her hand on her hip, and shakes her finger at the opponent while making a Tsk, tsk, tsk sound.
Down Taunt: Spins around, winks, points, bends a little and says “Uh-huh!”.
Idle Pose (1): Looks at her nails.
Idle Pose (2): Fiddles with hair.
Entrance: Appears spinning out of a shower of hearts, then winks and poses with her parasol saying “Hi!”.
Cheer: Peach!
Neutral Special: Joy Vibe
Side Special: Peach Bomber
Up Special: Peach Parasol
Down Special: Vegetable
Final Smash: Peach's Wheel of Moods
Athletic Peach
Shadow Queen Peach
Neutral Special: ???
Side Special: ???
Up Special: ???
Down Special: ???
Final Smash: Peach Blossom
Main Stage: Peach's Castle
Main Theme: ???
Neutral Special:
Side Special:
Up Special:
Down Special:
Final Smash: Brawl Princess

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