This a list of alternate characters in Super Smash Bros. Crimson Sky - Indigo Night.

Alternate Characters

Image Name Alt. Char. of? Moveset
Dr Mario by DohIMissed Dr. Mario Mario NeutralDual Megavitamin
SideVirus Throw
DownDr. Whirlwind
Mr L Mr. L Luigi NeutralShoom Shake
SideFire Burst
UpSuper Jump Stomp
DownMind Shift
FSBrobot L-Type
Daisyinsupermariosupermario3dsupermarioworld Daisy Peach NeutralFlower Swing
SideSuper Ball
UpBunny Flight
DownCrystal Smash
FSCrystal Mega Strike
Dry Bowser1 Dry Bowser Bowser NeutralBlue Fireball
SideBone Throw
DownDry Bones
FSBone Walkers
240px-Funky Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Funky Kong Donkey Kong NeutralBananarang
SideCoconut Shooter
UpBarrel Blast
DownBandana Whip
FSFunky Flights
360px-Dixie Kong .cim- Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Dixie Kong Diddy Kong NeutralVine Lasso
SideSpinning Hair Top
UpHair Copter
DownOrange Grenade
FSCannon Shot
Darkpit Dark Pit Pit NeutralSilver Arrow
SideDark Charge
UpPower of Flight
DownDark Pit Staff
FSDark Rain
Galacta Knight Galacta Knight Meta Knight NeutralKnight Beam
SideSpin Slash
UpKnight Spin
DownGround Twister
LucinaSSB4Render Lucina Marth NeutralGaleforce
DownDual Guard
FSDual Strike
Shadow rivals Shadow Sonic NeutralHoming Attack
SideChaos Burst
UpChaos Control
DownChaos Spear
FSChaos Blast

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