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Super Smash Bros. Crimson Sky - Indigo Night
SSBCS Cover Art SSBIN Cover Art
The game's cover art for Super Smash Bros. Crimson Sky and Super Smash Bros. Indigo Night.
NovaPen Productions Logo
Genre(s) Fighing, Action
Release Date(s)
February 29, 2016
Single player/multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Ratingsymbol t
Media Included Wii U Disc/3DS Card
 Super Smash Bros. Crimson Sky - Indigo Night is an upcoming game for the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. It is the fifth game in the Super Smash Bros. series.


Following its predecessors, Super Smash Bros. Crimson Sky - Indigo Night uses a battle system unlike that of typical fighting games. Players are able to select a variety of characters including many newcomers. Players then choose a wide range of stages to battle on. This game also includes many new items and Assist characters. There is a new Story Mode and a new mode called Boss Mode, where you play as the Bosses in Story Mode and fight other bosses. Some characters also feature alternate costumes, which are alternate characters with different movesets and playstyles.


Super Smash Bros. Crimson Sky - Indigo Night/Character Roster Crimson Sky Roster

SSBCS Roster

Indigo Night Roster

SSBIN Roster

Both Versions


Image Name Series Moveset
250px-Mario SSB4 Mario Mario NeutralFire Orb
SideGust Cape
UpExplosive Punch
DownHigh-Pressure F.L.U.D.D.
FSMario Finale
Peach.SSB4 Peach  Mario NeutralJoy Vibe
SidePeach Bomber
UpPeach Parasol
FSPeach's Wheel of Moods
DonkeyKongSSB4 Donkey Kong Donkey Kong NeutralStorm Punch
UpSpinning Kong
DownElectrical Slap
FSKonga Beat
Yoshi-ssb4 Yoshi Yoshi NeutralEgg Lay
SideEgg Roll
UpEgg Throw
DownYoshi Bomb
FSSuper Dragon
Wario SSB3M Wario Wario NeutralChomb
SideWario Bike
DownWario Waft
FSAtomic Waft
250px-Link SSB4 Link Legend of Zelda NeutralHero's Bow
SideGale Boomerang
UpSpin Attack
FSTriforce Slash
250px-Zelda SSB4Sheik-ssb4 Zelda/Sheik Legend of Zelda NeutralNayru's Love/Needle Storm
SideDin's Fire/Burst Grenade
UpFarore's Wind/Vanish
DownPhantom Slash
FSLight Arrow
Samus250ZSamus250 Samus/Zero Suit Samus Metroid NeutralCharge Shot/Paralyzer
SideMissile/Plasma Whip
UpScrew Attack/Flying Spin Kick
DownBomb/Flip Jump
FSZero Laser/Gunship
386px-PitSSB4 Pit Kid Icarus NeutralPalutena's Arrow
SideUpperdash Arm
UpPower of Flight
DownGuardian Orbitars
FSThree Sacred Treasures
KirbySSB4 Kirby Kirby NeutralInhale
SideHammer Flip
UpFinal Cutter
DownHammer Bash
FSUltra Sword
Meta knight Meta Knight Kirby NeutralGalaxia Flame
SideDrill Rush
UpDimensional Cape
DownMantle Shield
FSGalaxia Darkness
250px-Olimar SSB4 Olimar Pikmin NeutralPikmin Pluck
SidePikmin Throw
UpWinged Pikmin
DownPikmin Order
FSEnd of Day
391px-FoxSSB4 Fox Star Fox NeutralBlaster
SideFox Illusion
UpFire Fox
Chibi-Robo the awesome Chibi-Robo Chibi-Robo NeutralChibi-Blaster
DownPick Up
FSSilhouette Film
Pikachu SSB4 Pikachu Pokémon NeutralThunder Jolt
SideSkull Bash
UpQuick Attack
FSVolt Tackle
Lucario SSB4 Artwork Lucario Pokémon NeutralAura Sphere
SideForce Palm
DownDouble Team
FSMega Lucario
Marth250 Marth Fire Emblem NeutralShield Breaker Rush
SideDancing Blade
UpDolphin Slash
FSCritical Hit
Ice climbers Ice Climbers Ice Climber NeutralIce Shot
SideSquall Hammer
FSIce Sculptures
Sonic SSB4 Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog NeutralHoming Attack
SideSpin Dash
UpSpring Jump
DownSpin Charge
FSSuper Sonic


Image Name Series Moveset
250px-Luigi SSB4 Luigi Mario NeutralFire Orb
SideGreen Missile
UpExplosive Punch
DownLuigi Cyclone
FSPoltergust 5000
Bowser SSB4 Bowser Mario NeutralFireball
SideFlying Slam
UpWhirling Fortress
DownBowser Bomb
FSGiga Bowser
Diddy Kong DKC-MOTA! Diddy Kong Donkey Kong NeutralPeanut Popgun
SideMonkey Flip
UpRocketbarrel Boost
DownBanana Peel
FSRocketbarrel Barrage
K.RoolRender King K. Rool Donkey Kong NeutralKloud
UpPropeller Pack
DownFire Away!
Ganondorf SSBCS - SSBIN Ganondorf Legend of Zelda NeutralSpell Ball
SideFlame Choke
UpTwilight Portal
DownDark Inferno
FSDark Beast Ganon
ToonLinkSSB4 Toon Link Legend of Zelda NeutralDeku Leaf
SideSkull Hammer
UpSpin Attack
FSWind's Requiem
411px-SSB4 - Dedede Artwork King Dedede Kirby NeutralInhale
SideGordo Throw
UpSuper Dedede Jump
DownJet Hammer
FSWaddle Dee Army
CaptainFalconSSB4Render Captain Falcon F-Zero NeutralFalcon Punch
SideRaptor Boost
UpFalcon Dive
DownFalcon Kick
FSFalcon Blast
Jigglypuff SSB3M Jigglypuff Pokémon NeutralSing
SideFairy Wind
NintenSSB Ninten EarthBound NeutralPK Beam
SidePK Hypnosis
UpPK Teleport
DownPSI Shield
FSBrain Cyclone
GameandWatchBell Mr. Game & Watch Game & Watch NeutralChef
DownOil Panic
SolidSnake Solid Snake Metal Gear NeutralHand Grenade
SideRemote Missile
FSGrenade Launcher

Crimson Sky Only


Image Name Series Moveset
Bowser Jr MP9 2 Bowser Jr. Mario NeutralFlame Shot
SideGraffiti Ball
UpBurst Propeller
DownShell Dive
FSJr. Clown Car
SakiAssist Saki Sin and Punishment NeutralCannon Sword
SideDashing Strike
UpBullet Storm
DownManual/Auto Lock-On
FSRuffian Form
Isaac SSB3M Isaac Golden Sun NeutralBoulder
DownPunji Strike
360px-VillagerSSB4 Villager Animal Crossing NeutralPocket
SideLloid Rocket
UpBalloon Trip
FSDream Home
SSBS Krystal Krystal Star Fox NeutralFireball Shot
SideIce Spray
UpRocket Staff
DownPower Quake
FSKrazoa Krystal
SamuraiGorohTransparency Samurai Goroh F-Zero NeutralStingray Slice
SideKatana Combo
UpFiery Tornado
DownSpeed Boost
FSRed Canyon Raid
Plusle and Minun SSBCS - SSBIN Plusle & Minun Pokémon NeutralTwin Shock
SideShock Wave
UpHelping Hand
FSTrump Card
Robin a Robin Fire Emblem NeutralAstra
FSInvisibility Ties
Ness SSB3M Ness EarthBound NeutralPK Flash
SidePK Fire
UpPK Thunder
DownPSI Lifeup
FSPK Rockin
ExciteBike Excitebiker Excitebike NeutralStumble
DownOil Slick
FSRacers Start
Mike Jones Mike Jones StarTropics NeutralPsychic Shockwave
SideRandom Throw
UpAnklet Boost
DownMagic Mirror
FSSnowman Doll
220px-MegaManSSB4 Mega Man Mega Man NeutralMega Buster
SideCrash Bomber
UpRush Coil
DownLeaf Shield
FSBlack Hole Blast
480px-Pac-ManSSB4 Pac-Man Pac-Man NeutralBonus Fruit
Side8-Bit Ghosts
UpMappy Trampoline
DownChomp Chain
FS8-Bit Pac-Man


Image Name Series Moveset
Waluigi w00t Waluigi Mario NeutralLiar Ball
UpTwist Dunk
FSBob-omb Cannon
Babybros Baby Bros. Yoshi NeutralChain Chomp
SideKoopa Shell
FSPocket Chomp
Toon Zelda HDTetra Toon Zelda/Tetra Legend of Zelda NeutralMagic Arrows/Spoils Bag
SideMirror Shield/Bombchu
UpSage Bridge/Catapult
FSPhantom Zelda/Pirate Barrage
ALBW Ravio Ravio Legend of Zelda NeutralRental
SideRental Return
UpTornado Rod
DownRavio's Bracelet
FSRavio's Mysterious Bag
Ridley brawl by starwaffle-d3dam4y Ridley Metroid NeutralFireball Shoot
SideFlying Grab
UpAir Dash
DownDoomtail Stab
FSOmega Ridley
306px-Phosphora2 Phosphora Kid Icarus NeutralElectro Charge
SidePhosphora Bow
DownStatic Shield
FSLightning of Judgment
Dillon Person Dillon The Rolling Western NeutralWild Armadillo
SideRoll Along
UpBounding Leap
DownGrinding Shell
FSTower Defense
Wolf SSB3M Wolf Star Fox NeutralClaw Blaster
UpIce Wolf
DownWave Reflector
FSWolfen Airstrike
Mewtwo SSB3M Mewtwo Pokémon NeutralPsystrike
FSMega Mewtwo Y
Hawlucha by mblock-d6oiyzh Hawlucha Pokémon NeutralPower-Up Punch
SideWing Attack
UpSky Attack
FSFlying Press
382px-IkeSSB4 Ike Fire Emblem NeutralEruption
SideTriple Draw
FSYune's Blessing
Porky-Minch-Smash-Bros zps6a48bd37 Porky EarthBound NeutralMoney
DownPlay Dead
FSDevil's Machine
Takamaru Takamaru The Mysterious Murasame Castle NeutralShuriken
SideFalcon Strike
UpWindmill Sword
DownInvisibility Cloak
FSInazuma Lightning
Sheriff Sheriff NeutralPistol
SideGiddy Up
Up8-Way Joystick
DownSpinner Knob
RyuHayabusa Ryu Hayabusa Ninja Gaiden NeutralShuriken
SideWindmill Shuriken
DownFireball Ninpo
FSArt of the Fire Wheels Ninpo
Bayonetta-character Bayonetta Bayonetta NeutralOnyx Roses
DownMoon of Mahaa-Kalaa

Indigo Night Only


Image Name Series Moveset
RosalinaSSB4 Rosalina Mario NeutralLuma Shot
SideStar Bits
Up: Launch Star
DownGravitational Pull
FSPower Star
LittleMacPNG Little Mac Punch-Out NeutralStraight Lunge
SideJolt Haymaker
Up: Rising Uppercut
DownSlip Counter
FSGiga Mac
200px-Tom Nook Tom Nook Animal Crossing NeutralSlingshot
SideBug Net
Up: Balloon
DownFossil Dig
FSLottery Winner!
Starfysmash Starfy The Legendary Starfy NeutralStar Spin
SideUltra Star Spin
Up: Level Warp Cauldron
DownShooting Star
Slippy Slippy Star Fox NeutralGatling Gun
Up: Air Frog
DownSensor Bomb
FSDemon Launcher
BlackShadow Black Shadow F-Zero NeutralSorcerer's Ball
SideShadow Palm
Up: Shadow Leap
DownEnergy Blast
FSShadow Smash
Zoroark3D Zoroark Pokémon NeutralThief
SideNight Slash
Up: Foul Play
FSNight Daze
ChromFEA Chrom Fire Emblem NeutralThrust
SideBlade Gale
Up: Ascending Sword
DownGround Blade
FSSword Rain
Lucas-Earthbound Lucas EarthBound NeutralPK Shield
SidePK Paralysis
Up: Pencil Rocket
DownPSI Lifeup
Mach Rider Render Mach Rider Mach Rider NeutralMachine Gun
SideGatling Punch
Up: Reform
DownGear Shift
FSMaximum Velocity
BalloonFighterJoeAdok Balloon Fighter Balloon Fight NeutralBalloon Burst
SideDeflation Boost
Up: Flipper
DownBalloon Blow
FSBalloon Trip
Bomberman TCS5 Bomberman Bomberman NeutralBomb Throw
SideBomb Lay
Up: Jetpack
DownBomb Kick
FSLight Bomb
Raymancrosszfsxfvxd Rayman Rayman NeutralCharge Punch
Up: Propeller
FSRaving Rabbids


Image Name Series Moveset
Geno2 Geno Mario NeutralGeno Beam
SideGeno Blast
Up: Geno Whirl
DownGeno Boost
FSGeno Flash
Ashley SSB4 Ashley Wario NeutralMagic Lightning
SideDevil Fork
Up: Broom Stick
FSPhantalones Gigantacus
GHIRAHIM Ghirahim Legend of Zelda NeutralDark Sky Strike
SideKnife Storm
Up: Demon Warp
DownDark Counter
FSBlack Tornado
250px-YugaALBWZELDA Yuga Legend of Zelda NeutralPainting Blast
SideElectric Storm
Up: Flame Pillar
FSYuga Ganon
SSBBRZS DarkSamus Dark Samus Metroid NeutralPhazon Cannon
SidePhazon Spreader
Up: Phazon Boost
DownDark Echo
FSDark Laser
Palutenassb4 Palutena Kid Icarus NeutralExplosive Flame
SideAngelic Missile
Up: Warp
DownReflect Barrier
FSMega Black Hole Laser
Ray Mk III Ray MK III Custom Robo NeutralBasic Gun
SideStandard Bomb
Up: Bomb Jump
Falco r Falco Star Fox NeutralHeavy Blaster
SideSpiral Kick
Up: Thunder Bird
DownGrenade Roll
250px-GreninjaWiiU-3DS Greninja Pokémon NeutralWater Shuriken
SideShadow Sneak
Up: Aqua Jet
FSNight Assault
Aegislash by theangryaron-d6rscu6 Aegislash Pokémon NeutralSwords Dance
SideNight Slash
Up: Aerial Ace
DownKing's Shield
FSSacred Sword
Anna FE13 Artwork Anna Fire Emblem NeutralBow
Up: Sacred Tome Naga
DownWeapon Switch
FSPegasus Strike
MASKEDMAN Claus EarthBound NeutralLaser Gun
SidePig Bomb
Up: Bat Pack
DownShield Break
FSPig Mask Army
Duckhuntdog Duck Hunt Dog & Ducks Duck Hunt NeutralDuck Hunting
SideClay Shooting
Up: Fly Away
FSOpen Season
Muddy Muddy Mole Mole Mania NeutralIron Ball
SideHole Trap
Up: Cabbage Jump
FSMole Family
Banjo-Kazooie Banjo and Kazooie Banjo and Kazooie NeutralEgg Shot
SideRunning Shoes
Up: Shock Spring Pad
DownDragon Kazooie
SSBBRZS Sora Sora Kingdom Hearts NeutralSonic Blade
SideStrike Raid
Up: Ragnarok
DownDrive Transformation
FSTrinity Limit

Alternate Characters

Super Smash Bros. Crimson Sky - Indigo Night/Alternate Characters


Both Versions

Image Name Series
BattlefieldDay-SSB43D Battlefield Super Smash Bros.
Final Destination SSB4 Final Destination Super Smash Bros.
Starship Mario Starship Mario Mario
SSBBRZS Luigi's Mansion Luigi's Mansion Mario
Peach's Castle MK7 Peach's Castle Mario
Bowser's CastleSega Bowser's Castle Mario
Sunsetshore Sunset Shore Donkey Kong
Diddy's island Diddy's Island Donkey Kong
Gangplank Galleon - Overworld - Donkey Kong Country 2 (SNES) Gangplank Galleon Donkey Kong
Yoshi Touch & Go Touch & Go Yoshi
Diamond City WWMM Diamond City Wario
Gerudo Valley Gerudo Valley Legend of Zelda
Skyloftwiiu Skyloft Legend of Zelda
Al1012030433binout Ganondorf's Tower Legend of Zelda
Spirit Train Spirit Train Legend of Zelda
Skytown Skytown, Elysia Metroid
Reset Bomb Forest Reset Bomb Forest Kid Icarus
Quilty Square Quilty Square Kirby
Sonic on Halberd SSB4 Halberd Kirby
Mj8klz City Trial Kirby
DreamDen-sub13 Dream Den Pikmin
Macbeth Macbeth Star Fox
16011442a4216728064b232632958l Green Plant, Intersection F-Zero
Chibi2 Sanderson Household Chibi-Robo
GatewayColosseum Pokémon Colosseum Pokémon
Mt. Silver Pokémon
Distortion World Pokémon
Plegia Castle Fire Emblem
Flat Zone 3 Game & Watch
Icicle Ruins Ice Climber
Windy Hill Zone Sonic
Shadow Moses Island Metal Gear

Crimson Sky Version

Image Name Series
Airship Armada Mario
Waluigi Pinball Mario
Yoshi's Story Yoshi
Outset Island Legend of Zelda
Kokiri Forest Legend of Zelda
Tallon IV Metroid
Reaper Fortress Kid Icarus
Navy Fleet Sin and Punishment
Jupiter Lighthouse Golden Sun
Animal Island Animal Crossing
Wild West The Rolling Western
Assault Great Fox Star Fox
Thorntail Hollow Star Fox
Aeropolis F-Zero
Saffron City Pokémon
Kalos Pokémon League Pokémon
S.S. Anne Pokémon
Warpath Fire Emblem
Arena Ferox Fire Emblem
Fourside EarthBound
Empire Porky Building EarthBound
Takamaru's Ninja Castle The Mysterious Murasame Castle
Exciting Arena Excitebike
Island Tunnel StarTropics
The Desert Sheriff
Dr. Wily's Castle Mega Man
Sky City Tokyo Ninja Gaiden
Pac-Land Pac-Man
Trinity of Realities Bayonetta

Indigo Night Version

Image Name Series
Comet Observatory Mario
Forest Maze Mario
WarioWare, Inc. Wario
The Sky Legend of Zelda
Sealed Grounds Legend of Zelda
Phaaze Metroid
Palutena's Temple Kid Icarus
Boxing Ring Punch-Out
Holosseum Custom Robo
Shopping District Animal Crossing
Gluglug Lagoon The Legendary Starfy
Sauria Star Fox
Zoness Sea Base Star Fox
Meteor Stream F-Zero
Prism Tower Pokémon
N's Castle Pokémon
Team Flare Secret HQ Pokémon
Black Temple Fire Emblem
Coliseum Fire Emblem
Giygas' Lair EarthBound
Saturn Valley EarthBound
Bomb Factory Bomberman
Spiral Mountain Banjo & Kazooie
Station of Awakening Kingdom Hearts
Murphy's Glade of Dreams Rayman


Super Smash Bros. Crimson Sky - Indigo Night/Bosses


Super Smash Bros. Crimson Sky - Indigo Night/Items

Assist Trophies & Pokémon

Super Smash Bros. Crimson Sky - Indigo Night/Assist Trophies & Pokémon

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