Equipment is split into 7 different categories; head, torso, hands, legs, feet, accessory, weapon. Characters can have 1 of the first 6, and 5 weapons, although only two will be visably present on the character. Some equipment items will unlock new moves, or provide abilities that you'd otherwise have to equip.

Some items do not relate to a character who's in SSBC, and instead, their items are unlocked by beating a character from their franchise. Each third party character also has a chance to unlock items from 2 other franchises by the same company. FT stands for FIghting Team, and means that the regular enemies in the Creation Colosseum have a chance to drop the equipment.

Head Equipment

Name Franchise Character of Origin (Game) Character You Beat to Unlock it Effect
Wing Cap Super Mario Bros. Mario (Super Mario 64) Mario

Higher jumps. Wing glide recovery move available.

Vanish Cap Super Mario Bros Mario (Super Mario 64) Mario or Luigi Dodges last for longer. Vanish countering move available.
Metal Cap Super Mario Bros. Mario (Super Mario 64) Mario or Wario Punches have increased power. Metal ground-pound attack available.
Green Cap Super Mario Bros Luigi (Mario. Bros.) Luigi Added resistance to electric attacks. Luigi Torpedo available.
Dark Plumber's Cap Super Mario Bros. Mr. L (Super Paper Mario) Luigi Greatly increases jump height.
Paper Cap Super Mario Bros. Paper Mario (Paper Mario) Paper Mario Paper Mario's partner attacks available.
Paper Mining Helmet Super Mario Bros. Goombella (Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door) Paper Mario Stronger head attacks.
Star Crown Super Mario Bros. Rosalina (Super Mario Galaxy) Peach Slower falling speed. Stronger upper body attacks.
Jet Helmet Super Mario Bros. Fawful (Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga) Bowser Chomping and laser attacks and jet recovery available.
Snifit Mask Super Mario Bros. Snifit (Super Mario Bros. 2) Bowser Jr. Basic shooting attack available.
Chimpy Cap Donkey Kong Diddy Kong (Donkey Kong Country) Diddy Kong Fast movement. Chimpy charge available.
Monkey Cap Donkey Kong Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest) Dixie Kong Helicopter spin recovery move and hair attacks available.
Power Suit Helmet Metroid Samus (Metroid) Samus Alternate moveset available, switch between the movesets through Final Smash.
Yarn Crown Kirby Prince Fluff (Kirby's Epic Yarn) Prince Fuff Yarn abilities available.
Pika Headband Pokemon Pikachu (Pokemon Red/Blue) Pikachu Electric attacks available.
Poke Cap Pokemon Pokemon Trainer (Pokemon Red/Blue) Pokemon Trainer (Any Pokemon) Multiple movesets available, switch between movesets through down special.
Mining Helmet Animal Crossing Resetti (Animal Crossing) Villager Digging attacks unlocked.
Nook Ears Animal Crossing Nom Nook (Animal Crossing) Villager Turnip based attacks unlocked.
Dust Mask Dust Xero (Dust) Blake Canas Added resistance to non-physical attacks.
Headphones Orignal - FT Non-phtsical attacks have boosted power. Extra boost on top of that for music based attacks.
SSB Cap Original - FT All special attacks used by characters in the game available. Any special attacks that require some form of weapon requires you have a similar weapon equipped.

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