Super Smash Bros. Creation
Developer(s) Zodiac Productions
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U


Release Date(s)
December 2014
Genre(s) Crossover fighter
Super Smash Bros. Creation is a new game in the Super Smash Bros. series developed by Zodiac Productions. The game focuses on user created content, and allows for users to create their own levels and characters.


See Super Smash Bros. Creation/Characters.


See Super Smash Bros. Creation/Stages.

Creation Elements

Character Creator

The character creator allows high customisability, ranging from big things like race (e.g. Human, Ape, Angel, Pikachu), to stats like weight, power and speed. You can then also equip them with different items and abilities. All default clothing items give no boosts in stats, and you only start with 5 weapons, but as you play more of the game, more will be unlocked, and more will be added in future updates. Once your character is complete in the aethetics department, you can piece together their moveset, from the way they run and jump, to specials and final smashes. After that, all that is left is things such as naming and sounds, and then your character is ready to be played as, and uploaded for others to download. You can also import any characters you have made or unlocked, in order to create alternate versions of them (e.g. Spirit Tracks Toon Link, Sonic using the Wisp Powers from Sonic Colours)

For a full list of equippable items that affect your character in some way, see Super Smash Bros. Creation/Equipment.

Stage Creator

All backgrounds and stage elements from Brawl are unlocked by default, but you can unlock stage elements and backgrounds from other games as you play. Several new types of parts have been added, such as breakable elements that regenerate, interactive stage hazards, and the option to make the stage a scrolling stage.

For a full list of unlockable stage parts, see Super Smash Bros. Creation/Stage Parts.

Game Modes

  • Versus - The standard multiplayer mode common of all Super Smash Bros. games. Also includes tournament mode and special versus.
  • Single player - A variety of modes player with one or two people, such as home run contest, multi-man battle, event mode, break the targets, and all star mode.
  • Cross Console - Battle people over wifi, or through the 3DS's wireless connect.
  • Creation - Contains the creator modes, the creation bazaar (where creations can be uploaded and downloaded. However, you can only used creations where you have unlocked all the equipment used), and a new mode, the Creator Colosseum. In the Creator Colosseum, you can battle against the Fighting Polygon Team, the Fighting Wireframe Team, the Fighting Alloy Team, the Subspace Army, and shadow versions of playable characters in order to unlock new equipment and stage parts.
  • Vault - View trophies, music, trailers from the game's development, and masterpieces.
  • Options

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