Super Smash Bros. Craze is a SSB game for the Nintendo 3DS. It is a prequel to the canon fourth, and discludes stickers.

Playable Charcters


Image Name Description Series
Mario Mario is back! He loves his fireballs, but they have grow bigger! He can float down from the sky on in his trusty cape! Super Mario
Bowser His majesty is returning for all-new adventures. Breath Fire up, down, left and right! Group pound for massive effect. Super Mario
Peach Peach has a parsol! Duck! She can throw turnips, like in Melee. Super Mario
Yoshi Yoshi can throw eggs, and even summon Pak E. Derm to hit opponents! Yoshi
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong has the strength! Legend has it that Donkey Kong was quick and agile. before tasting bannana. Donkey Kong
Kirby Sucking in enemies is what Kirby does best! Kirby
Link Link's sword can slash, bash, and crash the party. If only he had a feiry one... The Legend of Zelda
Zelda This Hyrulian princess is as young as a... young person? The Legend of Zelda
Olimar He is back! Pikmin

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