These are the trailer for Characters in Super Smash Bros. Crashin'. Usally, they confirm a forgotten veteran and/or newcomer.

F3 2013 Reveal Trailer

The trailer opens up in an unkown location when a mysterious shadow sees a flyer for a new tournament and runs off. Continues with veterans Mario, Link, Kirby and Pikachu having a fight on the new Battlefield. Turns into a gameplay montage revealing Bowser, Fox, Luigi, Robin, Samus, Yoshi, Meta Knight and Donkey Kong all as returning veterans.

Cuts back to Battlefield where Mario gets served by a new character, Inkling. (Inkling Splats In)  Cuts to gameplay montage of Inkling battling the already seen fighters, before cutting to the logo, ending the trailer.

The "Ray" of Hope

WARNING! WARNING! Mario, Luigi, Kirby and Donkey Kong look upon a cliff to see a wierd looking fighter. He turns around revealing to be Rayman.

King and the Ship

Third Party Legends Return

Goddess of Nature... and a Dee?

Mach Race

History Made of Paper

Krystal of Command

The Wonderful Smash01

Emblem of the Knight

Kanto Boy and Unova Girl

Size Doesn't Matter

Melee's Forgotten

The Point of the Sword

Retro Ride

Making a World

Brawl's Forgotten

A Treasure Beyond Reach

Kong Family Tree

The Color of Bravery is Yellow

The trailer begins in the motel of doom, as Viridi, King K. Rool, Exitebike and Rayman are looking for something important, suddenly a yellow blurr runs in from behind and knocks out the 4. This blurr reveals to Kirby Lover7485. (Kirby Lover7485 Strives For Battle) Kirby Lover7485 stares at the screen for a bit afterwards and angerily say, "Yes I look like a yellow Sonic! Deal with it!" Suddenly from behind, Mach Rider and Sackboy are ready to attack and Kirby Lover7485 dodges and attacks back. Gameplay montage plays as seen how Kirby Lover7485's moveset is way different than Sonic's. Netural B being Star Toss, Side B being Pootchy, Up B being Warp Star and Down B being Spike Plant. Also shows Kirby Lover7485's Motel of Doom as a new stage. Near the end of the trailer, Kirby Lover7485 uses his Final Smash, Master Emerald Wrath. Kirby Lover7485 blasts a beam from the Master Emerald and the Darkness flies in and sucks up his enemies. Cuts to logo afterwards, cuts back to the motel of doom where Kirby Lover7485 has defeated Mach Rider and Sackboy, Kirby walks in and smiles. Kirby Lover7485 turns to him and smiles back. The two high-five as the trailer ends.

Launch Trailer

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