Super Smash Bros. Crashin' is set to release January/Febuary 2015. It's the fifth game in the Super Smash Bros. series. Unlike it's sucssor, it's only for Wii U.

Confirmed Characters

This game will have 75 playable characters, 56 returning and 19 new. All characters from all four past games make a comeback for the first time ever (since Melee) Mii Fighters are consitter newcomers even though they appeared in the fourth game, there are 3 new kinds of Mii Fighters. Some characters made it due to special events. Young Link made it due to Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D, Inkling due to Slatoon, Sackboy due to Little Big Planet 3 and Kirby Lover7485 due to Strive for Bravery.

SSBC Roster Mario
Mario (Mario)
SSBC Roster Luigi
Luigi (Mario)
SSBC Roster Peach
Peach (Mario)
SSBC Roster Bowser
Bowser (Mario)
SSBC Roster Dr. Mario
Dr. Mario (Mario)
SSBC Roster Rosalina and Luma
Rosalina and Luma (Mario)
SSBC Roster Bowser Jr.
Bowser Jr. (Mario)
SSBC Roster Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong)
SSBC Roster Diddy Kong
Diddy Kong (Donkey Kong)
SSBC Roster Link
Link (Legend of Zelda)
SSBC Roster Zelda
Zelda (Legend of Zelda)
SSBC Roster Shiek
Shiek (Legend of Zelda)
SSBC Roster Gannondorf
Gannondorf (Legend of Zelda)
SSBC Roster Young Link
Young Link (Legend of Zelda)
SSBC Roster Toon Link
Toon Link (Legend of Zelda)
SSBC Roster Samus
Samus (Metroid)
SSBC Roster Zero Suit Samus
Zero Suit Samus (Metroid)
SSBC Roster Yoshi
Yoshi (Yoshi)
SSBC Roster Kirby
Kirby (Kirby)
SSBC Roster King Dedede
King Dedede (Kirby)
SSBC Roster Meta Knight
Meta Knight (Kirby)
SSBC Roster Fox
Fox (Star Fox)
SSBC Roster Falco
Falco (Star Fox)
SSBC Roster Wolf
Wolf (Star Fox)
SSBC Roster Pikachu
Pikachu (Pokemon)
SSBC Roster Jigglypuff
Jigglypuff (Pokemon)
SSBC Roster Pichu
Pichu (Pokemon)
SSBC Roster Mewtwo
Mewtwo (Pokemon)
SSBC Roster Kanto Trainer, Red
Kanto Trainer, Red (Pokemon)
SSBC Roster Lucario
Lucario (Pokemon)
SSBC Roster Greninja
Greninja (Pokemon)
SSBC Roster Captain Falcon
Captain Falcon (F-Zero)
SSBC Roster Ness
Ness (Earthbound)
SSBC Roster Lucas
Lucas (Earthbound)
SSBC Roster Ice Climbers
Ice Climbers (Ice Climbers)
SSBC Roster Marth
Marth (Fire Emblem)
SSBC Roster Roy
Roy (Fire Emblem)
SSBC Roster Ike
Ike (Fire Emblem)
SSBC Roster Robin
Robin (Fire Emblem)
SSBC Roster Lucina
Lucina (Fire Emblem)
SSBC Roster Mr. Game and Watch
Mr. Game and Watch (Game and Watch)
SSBC Roster Wario
Wario (Wario)
SSBC Roster Pit
Pit (Kid Icarus)
SSBC Roster Palutena
Palutena (Kid Icarus)
SSBC Roster Dark Pit
Dark Pit (Kid Icarus)
SSBC Roster Olimar
Olimar (Pikmin)
SSBC Roster R.O.B.
R.O.B. (NES)
SSBC Roster Villager
Villager (Animal Crossing)
SSBC Roster Wii Fit Trainer
Wii Fit Trainer (Wii Fit)
SSBC Roster Little Mac
Little Mac (Punch Out)
SSBC Roster Shulk
Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles)
SSBC Roster Duck Hunt
Duck Hunt (Duck Hunt)
SSBC Roster Snake
Snake (Metal Gear Solid)
SSBC Roster Sonic
Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog)
SSBC Roster Mega Man
Mega Man (Mega Man)
SSBC Roster Pac-Man
Pac-Man (Pac-Man)
SSBC Roster Paper Mario
Paper Mario (Mario)
SSBC Roster Captain Toad
Captain Toad (Mario)
SSBC Roster Dixie Kong
Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong)
SSBC Roster King K. Rool
King K. Rool (Donkey Kong)
SSBC Roster Ghirahim
Ghirahim (Legend of Zelda)
SSBC Roster Ridley
Ridley (Metroid)
SSBC Roster Bandana Dee
Bandana Dee (Kirby)
SSBC Roster Krystal
Krystal (Star Fox)
SSBC Roster Unova Trainer, Hilda
Unova Trainer, Hilda (Pokemon)
SSBC Roster Black Knight
Black Knight (Fire Emblem)
SSBC Roster Viridi
Viridi (Kid Icarus)
SSBC Roster Inkling
Inkling (Splatoon)
SSBC Roster Mach Rider
Mach Rider (Mach Rider)
SSBC Roster Exitebike
Exitebike (Exitebike)
SSBC Roster Wonder Red
Wonder-Red (The Wonderful 101)
SSBC Roster Rayman
Rayman (Rayman)
SSBC Roster Sackboy
Sackboy (Little Big Planet)
SSBC Roster Kirby Lover7485
Kirby Lover7485 (Kirby Lover7485)
SSBC Roster Mii Fighters
Mii Fighters (Brawler, Swordfighter, Gunner, NEW Archer, NEW Fencer, NEW Jetpacker)

Bold means unlockable

Methods of Unlock
Ness Beat Classic Mode without continues Play 5 VS matches Have Ness join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Marth Beat Classic Mode on 5.5 or higher as Ike or Robin Play 10 VS matches Have Marth join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Luigi Beat Adventure Mode with Mario Play 20 VS Matches Have Luigi join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Falco Beat Classic or Adventure Mode as Fox without continues Play 45 VS Matches Have Falco join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Viridi Beat the Event "Goddess Collide" Play 70 VS Matches Have Viridi join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Rayman Collect 5 Rayman based trophies Play 85 VS Matches Have Rayman join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Dixie Kong Beat Classic Mode as Diddy Kong on 6.0 or harder Play 100 VS Matches Have Dixie Kong join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Captain Falcon Beat the event "F-Zero Marathon" Play 125 VS Matches Have Captain Falcon join in "The Shadow Bugs"
R.O.B. Beat Adventure Mode as 10 chaarcters Play 144 VS Matches Have R.O.B. join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Bowser Jr. Beat Classic Mode as Bowser on 7.0 or higher Play 170 VS Matches Have Bowser Jr. join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Meta Knight Beat the event "Halbert Persuit" Play 210 VS Matches Have Meta Knight join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Bandana Dee Beat Adventure Mode as Kirby, Meta Knight and King Dedede Play 245 VS Matches Have Bandana Dee join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Young Link Beat the event "7 Years 2.0" Play 270 VS Matches Have Young Link join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Dr. Mario Beat Adventure as Mario in 20 minutes Play 301 VS Matches Have Dr. Mario join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Roy Beat Classic Mode as any Fire Emblem character Play 340 VS Matches Have Roy join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Dark Pit Beat Classic Mode as Pit, Palutena and Viridi Play 365 VS Matches Have Dark Pit join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Lucina Beat the event "Lucina's Revenge" Play 400 VS Matches Have Lucina join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Sonic Beat Classic Mode as Mario, Mega Man and Pac-Man Play 433 VS Matches Have Sonic join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Duck Hunt Beat the event "NES Zapper" Play 475 VS Matches Have Duck Hunt join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Sackboy Beat the event "The Little Big World" Play 512 VS Matches Have Sackboy join in "The Shadow Bugs"
King K. Rool Beat the event "King's Ship" Play 546 VS Matches Have King K. Rool join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Unova Trainer, Hilda Beat the event "Kanto Boy, Unova Girl" Play 580 VS Matches Have Hilda join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Snake Beat Adventure Mode as 25 characters Play 620 VS Matches Have Snake join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Gannondorf Beat Classic Mode on 7.5 or higher or Adventure on Hard as Link, Young Link or Toon Link Play 675 VS Matches Have Gannondorf join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Exitebike Beat Classic Mode as Mach Rider on 7.0 or higher Play 721 VS Matches Have Exitebike join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Mr. Game and Watch Beat Classic Mode as Duck Hunt or R.O.B. Play 777 VS Matches Have Mr. Game and Watch join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Paper Mario Beat Adventure Mode as Mario or Dr. Mario on Hard or higher Play 825 VS Matches Have Paper Mario join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Jigglypuff Beat Classic Mode as all starting characters Play 865 VS Matches Have Jigglypuff join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Wolf Beat the co-op event "Double the Wolf" Play 905 VS Matches Have Wolf join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Mewtwo Beat Classic Mode as any Pokemon character on 8.0 or higher Play 965 VS Matches Have Mewtwo join in "The Shadow Bugs"
Kirby Lover7485 Beat Classic or Adventure Mode as all the other 74 characters Play 1000 VS Matches Have Kirby Lover7485 join in "The Shadow Bugs" (Beat Story Mode)



Single Player


Click here to see the trailers of veterans and newcomers.

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