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Super Smash Bros. Crash! is a fighting game for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS and will be released the 14th of September 2014.


Playable Characters


Characters in Italics are Unlockable


Unlocking Criteria

Jigglypuff: Complete Classic Mode as Pikachu

Ness Do 200 Multiplayer Matches

Falco: Complete Classic Mode as Fox or Krystal

Mr. Game & Watch: Do 500 Multiplayer Matches as Lucina

Wario: Complete Classic Mode as Mario, Luigi, Peach or Rosalina

Ganondorf: Do 10 Single Player Matches as Toon Zelda

Duck Hunt: Do 35 Single Player Matches as Little Mac

Bowser Jr: Complete Classic Mode 20 times as Bowser

Crash Bandicoot: Complete Classic Mode as Sonic

Krystal: Do 20 Multiplayer Matches as Fox or Falco

Chorus Boys: D0 750 Single Player Matches

Pokeball Pokémon

Assist Trophies

Stage Hazards