Super Smash Bros. Corruption is the sixth game in the Super Smash Bros. series, and is the second one to be developed also by GalaxySoft Inc., the first being Super Smash Bros. Emissary. Several newcomers join the roster along with several characters from the comic Homestuck by Andrew Hussie.



Name Series Final Smash
John Egbert Homestuck Heir of Breath
Lloyd Irving Tales Rising Phoenix
Shadow the Hedgehog* Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos Shadow
Knuckles the Echidna* Sonic the Hedgehog Master Emerald
Edd Gould Eddsworld Cola Flood
Magnius* Tales Beast
Guts Man* Mega Man Super Boulder Arm
Mii (Male/Female) Nintendo Mii Parade
Fawful* Mario and Luigi Quote Performance
Blanka* Street Fighter
Yoob* Mario and Luigi Mega Suck
Bowser Jr.*  Super Mario Koopa Clown Car
9-Volt WarioWare Tetris Stackup


Name Series Final Smash
Mario Super Mario Mega Mario
Luigi Super Mario Poltergust 5000
Princess "Peach" Toadstool Super Mario Peach Blossom
Bowser* Super Mario Giga Bowser
Yoshi* Super Mario Super Dragon
Link Legend of Zelda Wolf Link
Zelda/Sheik Legend of Zelda Light Arrow
Ganondorf* Legend of Zelda Beast Ganon
Pokemon Trainer Pokemon Triple Finish
Pikachu Pokemon Volt Tackle
Lucario* Pokemon Aura Storm
Mewtwo* Pokemon Hidden Power
Kirby Kirby Ultra Sword 
King Dedede Kirby Waddle Dee Army
Meta Knight* Kirby Galaxia Darkness
Ness EarthBound PK Starstorm
Lucas* EarthBound PK Starstorm
Porky* EarthBound Mecha Form
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog Super Sonic
Miles "Tails" Prower* Sonic the Hedgehog Tornado Bomb
Mega Man* Mega Man Fully Charged Blaster
Fox McCloud Star Fox Landmaster
Falco Lombardi* Star Fox Landmaster
Samus/Zero Suit Samus Metroid Zero Laser
Donkey Kong* Donkey Kong Konga Beat
Wario* WarioWare Wario-Man
Captain Falcon* F-Zero Blue Falcon
Olimar Pikmin End of Day
Pit Kid Icarus Palutena's Army
Steve* Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe
Diddy Kong* Donkey Kong Rocketbarrel Barrage
Mii (Male/Female) Nintendo Mii Party


The detailed story will be uploaded soon

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