The list of Trophies in Super Smash Bros. Conquest.

Mario Series

Image Name Origin Type Description
Mariossbi Mario Donkey Kong (1981) Character Possibly one of the most famous gaming icons yet, it's-a-him, Mario! This plumber knows how to dress! Look at those overalls! And that cap too! Fancy!
Warp Pipe Mayhem Super Smash Bros. Conquest (2015) Final Smash As if one Warp Pipe wasn't enough, Mario summons a whole bunch of them with this attack! He jumps into one, and launches into another, and another, and another, okay you get the idea.
PeachSmashNoBackGround Peach Super Mario Bros. (1985) Character The graceful ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom is a lightweight character armed with turnips and a parasol! This sport-loving monarch can summon a Toad to protect her and hit foes far with her heavy Peach Bomber attack!
Vibe Peach Vibes Super Princess Peach (2005) Final Smash Joy! Calm! Rage! Gloom! Peach splits into four (somehow) and each Peach has a Vibe! Joy Peach floats around dealing very little damage while Gloomy Peach runs around crying, causing foes to slip. Calm Peach tries to collect items and Angry Peach attacks foes, dealing heavy damage. You REALLY don't want to mess with Angry Peach!
Bowser SSB4 Bowser Super Mario Bros. (1985) Character The evil Koopa King is a veteran in Super Smash Bros., making his fighting debut in Melee! A heavy character with low speed, but great power! Don't get on his bad side and it'll all be good, okay?
Giga bowser by emilykiwi-d6y21sn Giga Bowser Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001) Final Smash WHOA! Bowser's gigantic! I guess that's why they call him Giga Bowser... In this form, Bowser is utterly invincible and given great power. His attacks even have a dark effect! I told you not to get on his bad side...
CaptainToadCTTT Captain Toad Super Mario Galaxy (2007) Character Can you say "Ready for adventure?" No? Well Captain Toad certainly can! What this little explorer lacks in jump, he makes up for in variety. He comes armed with a pickaxe, a headlamp, a minecart and a backpack full of who knows what?
Toadbrigade Toad Brigade Super Mario Galaxy (2007) Final Smash Teamwork is the aim of the game here! Captain Toad calls upon his Toad Brigade to assist him in battle. Isn't that cute? Wrong. The Toads rush onto the stage from all directions, one is even in a Starshroom!
250px-Luigi SSB4 Luigi Mario Bros. (1983) Character Luigi brings the green thunder! Not really. He doesn't really have any electric powers. I suppose there is the Thunderbrand, but that's a one-off sorta thing. Mario's brother is often left out and overshadowed, but now it's up to you to prove that he's great! Luigi number one!
Boo Storm Super Smash Bros. Conquest (2015) Final Smash Hey, Luigi's got his Poltergust out! Wait, what's he doing? BOOS!? WHA- BOOS EVERYWHERE! Oh, he's just sucking them up. Good. Well, these Boos can still hurt you. And you don't wanna be sucked into the Poltergust either!
Rosalina.SSB4 Rosalina & Luma Super Mario Galaxy (2007) Character Is she the princess of space or something? I really don't know. Anyhow, Rosalina is accompanied by her Luma friend here! If Rosalina or the Luma get KO'd, a new Luma will appear to assist their mama. You can shoot Luma to attack in two places at once. Who says you can't multitask?
Grand Star Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U (2014) Final Smash Using the power of the stars, Rosalina summons a Grand Star! This shoots Power Stars and Rosalina can still walk around. I bet this would fuel the Comet Observatory for years to come!
Paper Mario Stan Paper Mario Paper Mario (2000) Character Our favourite plumber clad in red- wait that's not Mario! Mario's 2D form is the lightest character in the game, even lighter than a certain balloon-like creature! He has a variety of attacks to use so be warned!
Paperize Paper Mario: Sticker Star (2012) Final Smash Paper Mario summons Kersti to help him defeat his foes. She produces random stickers and gives them to Paper Mario to place down on the stage. These will have different effects, depending on the sticker.