A page depicting the various trailers for Super Smash Bros. Conquest.

E3 Reveal Trailer - The Princess is Treasure Enough!

The Mario series emblem pops up on screen, then disappears with a coin sound.

Mario (veteran), Peach (veteran), Luigi (veteran) and a Toad are running from Bowser (veteran) through Toad Town. As they make a sharp turn, Peach trips and falls. The three look back in horror as Bowser picks up Peach and laughs. Toad puts a determined look on his face and runs off, entering a house. The Mario Bros. jump on Bowser's head. The Smash Bros. emblem pops up and Mario says "Let's a-go!".

Gameplay footage of Mario and Luigi fighting Bowser on the Toad Town stage plays, ending with Bowser using his Flying Slam on the Bros.

Bowser now has Peach, Mario and Luigi in his grasp, with Mario struggling to break free. Suddenly, a bright light appears in the darkness. Toad emerges from the shadows, wearing a headlamp, a backpack and a jacket. He points his pickaxe at Bowser and a newcomer tag appears. Captain Toad treks in!


Captain Toad (newcomer) charges at Bowser and frees Luigi. It changes to gameplay footage of Captain Toad and Luigi beating Bowser badly (though Captain Toad does near everything), ending with the Koopa king getting KO'd.

The princess, now free from Bowser's clutches, thanks Captain Toad and kisses him on the cheek, with Mario looking rather jealous. From the distance, we see Link (veteran), Pikachu (veteran) and Kirby (veteran) watching. They look at each other then jump down and attack the foursome. Mario and Captain Toad are about to charge at their fellow Smashers, but Peach holds them back. She winks and goes into a Peach Bomber. Peach blooms!

It skips to gameplay footage of Peach fighting Link, Kirby and Pikachu. It appears to be a tie, as Peach shakes hands with Link and Kirby, and rubs Pikachu's head.

The Smash Ball appears onscreen and everyone (including Bowser) rushes for it, leading them Peach's castle, which flickers for a second with the image of Bowser's castle. The camera pans up to the sky and the logo for the game appears.

A childish laugh is heard in the background, followed by Peach screaming, propellors whirring and both the mysterious character and Bowser laughing as Peach screams louder than she ever has before: "MARIOOOOO!"

My Saving Grace

The group are taken aback at what had happened. They look around, confused, until Lakitu flies down and points at his camera. It shows what had just happened.

As the group ran toward the Smash Ball, the castle flickered again, this time staying as Bowser's Castle for longer. They stop and stare, all but Bowser who grins evilly. He looks back and sees a shadow approaching. The shadow appears to be Bowser Jr.(veteran), who laughs in a childish manner. He, in his Junior Clown Car, flies to Peach, only to be stopped by a well-timed Gale Boomerang from Link. He, Kirby and Mario engage in a battle against Bowser Jr., playing gameplay footage of the fight. The fight ends with Bowser Jr. winning and grabbing Peach. He flies off with the princess and Bowser holds onto the side of the Junior Clown Car.

The group are shocked upon seeing this. They look around to see Pikachu pointing to the sky, jumping urgently. The camera pans to where the electric mouse Pokémon is pointing and, sure enough, we see the two Koopa royalties making off with Peach, about to fly into the highest point of Bowser's castle which stood where Peach's one once was. Suddenly, a blast of white hits the Clown Car and goes off into the distance. Bowser Jr. looks extremely worried, Bowser is mad as can be and Peach has her eyes covered. They land (relatively) safely on the roof where Peach is taken inside. The group rush inside the castle to save the princess.

Gameplay of Smash Run is played, with separate clips for each character. However, this is on an area that has not been seen before, it looks to be a completely different area based inside Bowser's castle (it was later confirmed that this was one of the Smash Run maps).

When they reach the top of the castle, they see Peach in a cage and Bowser Jr. about to grab the Smash Ball. When he gets it, he transforms into Shadow Mario. He is about to splat them all with his paintbrush, when the white light reappears, this time hitting Shadow Mario, thus turning him back into Bowser Jr. The light lands, revealing itself as Shaymin (newcomer) in his Sky Forme. Shaymin graces the battlefield!


Gameplay footage of Shaymin (Sky Forme) fighting Bowser Jr. on the Bowser's Castle stage plays. After using all his special moves, saying the names aloud, he uses Gracidea Flower to change to his Land Forme. He fights like this for the rest of the battle, which ends in Bowser Jr. being KO'd.

Bowser Jr. is blasted into the wall, falling out of his Clown Car in the process. Shaymin then grabs the Smash Ball and uses Flare Seed, cutting open Peach's cage. A view of outside Bowser's castle is shown, with the two Koopa royalties (among their minions) are blown through the walls and given a star KO.

Peach's cage falls to the floor and the group exit the castle. They ponder on how Peach's castle suddenly became that of Bowser's before the screen fades to black and the logo appears.

A Pokémon's cry is heard, then played again in reverse.

Courage, Power and Wisdom

The Legend of Zelda symbol flashes onscreen and gameplay footage of Link playing Smash Run on the Hyrule Kingdom map plays. When it finishes, Link is shown standing before a large castle. The doors open and he is greeted by Princess Zelda (veteran) who gives a friendly smile. The two walk through the large hall with paintings on either side. Occassionally, the two flash between their adult forms and their toon forms, but they don't seem to notice.


They reach a stairwell and Zelda gestures at the paintings. They look at the portraits together until they reach the center one. A bright light shines from it, coming from the Triforce in it. The duo look at it, Zelda curiously, Link with his sword drawn. A short figure emerges from the painting in a similar manner to how Link first exited the wall in A Link Between Worlds. He looks up, revealing himself to be Toon Link (veteran).


Ganondorf (veteran)emerges from the throne room, smirking. He jumps down and delivers a strong Warlock's Foot, knocking the Toon characters back. He charges a Warlock Punch, Link readies his sword and Zelda prepares Din's Fire. All while the Triforce symbols on their hands glowed.


Gameplay footage of Zelda and Link fighting Ganondorf on the Hyrule Castle stage plays, ending with stage beginning to shake. All four characters are wondering what is going on, when Ganondorf lands a Warlock's Punch and they suddenly become paintings in the wall which they hit against. Ganondorf is left looking at his fist, wondering if this was some sort of new ability. A crack appears in the wall and the three walk into it with worried expressions, Toon Link struggling. They appear in Lorule Castle and decide to look around for a bit. Toon Link is very scared, especially when a spell hits the adults, turning them into trophies.

He looks up and sees Hilda looming above him, twirling her staff. Toon Link hits her with his bow and the two engage in a battle. Gameplay footage plays of Toon Link battling Hilda. The ground shakes and Yuganon appears, stomping his foot and KO'ing the hero (Hilda was currently in mid-air). The battle scene ends. As Toon Link is blasted upwards, Hilda shoots a blast from her scepter that turns him into a trophy.

Hilda smiles evilly, until Yuganon tries to steal her staff. She fights back, using weak magic from her hands. She then creates a ball of energy atop the staff which explodes with a blast of light, turning both Lorule's princess and Yuganon into trophies.

The screen fades to black and the logo appears, accompanied by Lorule's Triforce.

Distorted Cries

The Pokémon symbol flashes onscreen and Pikachu and Shaymin (Land Forme) are shown walking through a city. They avoid the humans, in fear of being captured. Eventually, they stumble across a mirror and Shaymin, in front, stops to look at it. Pikachu walks into Shaymin, who falls into the mirror (in a similar manner to the beginning of Poképark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure) and Pikachu jumps in to save him.

They appear in the Distortion World. They look around for the mirror but it has vanished. The duo decide to explore further. Gameplay footage of the duo in Smash Run (with the Distortion event taking place) plays. When it ends, they are at a cliff with nothing but a long drop down. A Pokémon's cry is heard (the first one at the end of My Saving Grace) and Shaymin jumps back, scared. Giratina swoops in front of the gratitude Pokémon and grabs Pikachu. Shaymin becomes angry and changes Formes. As he is about to attack, a blue figure stops him. The camera pans up, revealing it to be Lucario (veteran).

342px-Lucario SSB4 Artwork

Lucario jumps to Giratina and attacks swiftly, making good use of Extreme Speed. He uses Force Palm a few times and finally delivers a fully charged Aura Sphere, forcing Giratina to release his hostage. Pikachu lands safely on the cliff and all three Pokémon attack. Gameplay footage of the trio on the Distortion World stage fighting Giratina plays, ending with his defeat.

The three are puzzled as to how to escape, until a mirror appears where Giratina was, with an image of the regular world. Shaymin flies through it holding Pikachu, then looks back at Lucario. Lucario looks away and begins to walk in the opposite direction. Shaymin sees that he isn't coming and exits. Lucario looks back at the mirror, then quickly away again. Finally, he jumps through it, but the two small Pokémon are nowhere to be seen.

The screen fades to black and the logo is shown, for the first time without a hint toward another trailer.

The New Fighter

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