There are a number of Special Taunts in Super Smash Bros. Conquest.

Pit: God Communication

Fox: Star Fox

Fire Emblem: Supports

Paper Mario: Tattle

Upon using your Down Taunt on the Paper-Thin Theater stage as Paper Mario, your Partners will converse about your opponent.

Character Dialogue
MarioSSBOmegaMario Goombario: Hey, who's that copycat over there?

Goombella: I don't know, let me check my Tattle Log.

Tippi: Maybe it's Mario from another dimension?

Kersti: Get on with it, Goombella!

Goombella: Ah, here we go. That's Mario, must be some sort of lookalike. Anyway, he fights completely different from you. Keep on your toes for those fireballs!

PeachssbPeach Goombella: Is it just me, or does she look like Peach?

Goombario: Yeah, she really does.

Koops: Well, I hope it's not our Peach.

Tippi: While these three try to figure her out, we'll give you some info, Mario. That's Peach, obviously some alternate dimension princess. She can float in the air and hides all sorts of weapons under her dress.

Kersti: Try not to be too predictable, her Toad can reflect attacks back at you!

BowsersmashBowser Baby Yoshi: It's Bowser! Hit him hard, Gonzales! We can't let him get away with whatever scheme it is that he's hatching this time around! Pummel him!

Tippi: Bowser can't be THAT bad, can he? He helped us save the universe after all.

Kersti: Oh, believe me, Bowser's bad to the bone! Am I the only one noticing that he looks a bit more... 3-dimensional?

Bombette: This Bowser is a heavyweight, so use that to your advantage!

Goombella: Hey! I'm the one with the Tattle Log!

Captain Toad TT artwork05

Captain Toad

Goombario: Hey, looks like that Toad's done well for himself!

Kersti: Yeah, apparently he was once some intergalactic explorer...

Goombella: Well, let's not let that stop us from fighting him! He's pretty slow and has a HORRIBLE jump!

Tippi: He's got a pickaxe though, so be careful, Mario!

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