Upon the announcement of Super Smash Bros. Conquest on July 8, 2015, a series of pictures posted daily on Miiverse (by the game's co-developer, going by alias of Hammy) depicting scenes from the games began.

July 2015


A picture of Mario, Link, Pikachu and Kirby fighting on Battlefield is shown. Mario is using Super Jump on Link, Pikachu is using Thunderbolt and Kirby is starting Final Cutter.

"Pic of the Day! In a similar format to last year's Smash games, I, Hammy, will be keeping you up to date on the game with Pic of the Days! The game was announced today, are you ready to Smash? We've already revealed a total of 8 characters, including one newcomer! I bet you're all excited to see what he looks like in-game! We've revealed some attacks here, but no new ones. Looks like Link's having a bit of a hard time there..."


A picture of Bowser, Peach, Luigi and Mario on Battlefield is shown. Peach is lying on the ground, after falling from a height with great damage taken. Bowser is using Fire Breath, Mario is about to jump on his head and Luigi is using his dash attack, in the wrong direction...

"Pic of the Day! Still no newcomer in sight... Anyway, the gang seem to be re-enacting one of those famous Bowser Boss Battles. Or maybe this is a boss battle...? Either way, Luigi seems to be confused. YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY!"


A picture of Luigi and Link on the battlefield stage is shown. The two are back-to-back.

"Pic of the Day! Our resident men in green show off height differences. They're pretty much the same as last game... Nothing really special here. Hey, how about that sunset? That's pretty interesting... I promise I'll show something noteworthy tomorrow."


A picture of Captain Toad on the Battlefield stage is shown. He is using his Super Pickaxe attack.

"Pic of the Day! I told you I'd post something interesting! Captain Toad is a newcomer! Our only newcomer at the moment, in fact. Captain Toad's own game was released some time ago, and his moves are based off that. Here he demonstrates his Super Pickaxe, which actually works a lot like a certain item."

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