Stages are large 2-D areas in where battles are held. In nearly each stage, platforms hang/float about around the stage, giving players much more area to move in. Each stage has it's own feature and design, being unique to the other.

Returning Stages


SSBBRZS Battlefield

The Battlefield is a reccuring stage in the Super Smash Bros. series. The Battlefield is a simple stage in where a large platform is set up, with three small platforms above it, somewhat ressembling the shape of a semi-circle. The Battlefield has no hazards whatsoever, making it an easy training stage.

Final Destination

640px-SSB4 WiiU FinalDestination

Final Destination is a reccuring stage in the Super Smash Bros. series. Final Destination is rather a simple stage, with no extra platforms at all. Final Destination is also known to be the Boss Stage of Master Hand and Crazy Hand. 

Mushroom Kingsom U


Mushroom Kingdom U is a returning stage from SSB4. The stage is a moving stage, meaning the players have to go to the direction the stage is moving at, so they don't get too far from the screen.

New Stages

Mario's House

Mario's Home

Mario's House is one of the new stages in SSBC. The stage simply is the frontyard of Mario's house, where the players fight. The entrance of Mario's house can be seen in the background as wel as Luigi hanging Mario's clothes. As a stage hazard, Luigi will occasionally let Mario's clothes fly by accident, and can deal damage to the player/CPU who comes in contact with the clothing. Luigi will then run and get the clothes and put it back and after a while the same process will repeat.

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