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Super Smash Brothers Conflict
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Platform(s) Fantendo 64
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) fighting


all the characters in Brawl plus...


neutral: Boxer Punch

up: rope

Side: Cow




From: Drawn to life

up:Cloud Jump

neutral:Dark Spear

side: fog

Down Special: Star fall

Final: Dark Scorpion

Toon Zelda/ Tetra Edit

from: Phantom Hourglass and wind waker

toon zelda's

side: din's fire

neutral:nayru's love

up:farore's wind

Tetra's special moves

neutral: counter


Up: Grappling hook

down:turn to toon zelda

final: Light arrow


from: drawn to life

special moves

Up: cloud jump

neutral:snowball shooter

side:acorn gun


Final: Rocket Laser

note: looks like the creation from the box the game comes in

Amy RoseEdit

from: sonic the hedgehog

neutral: Piko Piko

up: Hammer bounce

side:Tornado shoot

down:Hammer Flip

Final: Giant hammer


from: sonic the hedgehog

side:spin dash

neutral: Super punch

up: Spiral uppercut

down: Drill claw

final: Super Knuckles


from: sonic the hedgehog

up:tails copter

side: spin dash

neutral: Tails Spiral

down: copter fall

final: Super tails


from: Spyro the dragon

neutral: fire blow

down: head ram

up:Dragon wings

side: Frost breath

final: Omni Blast


from: pokemon

Neutral: dig

Side: shadow ball

up:quick attack


neutral: Will-o-wisp

side: Smokescreen

up: fire spin


neutral: thunder bolt

side: pin missle



Neutral: Bubble beam

Side: Water pulse

Up: waterfall


up: faint attack

side:Mean look



Neutral: Psywave




neutral: energy ball

Side: Leaf blade

up;Aerial ace


Neutral: avalanche

Side: Ice Beam

up: powder snow

all of eevee's formsEdit

Down: evolution (for eevee), type change (flareon, jolteon, vaporeon, umbreon, espeon, and leafeon), Devolve (Glaceon)

Final: Swift


from: Rayman series

neutral: Fist toss

down:rayman top

side: Lum

Up: Lum Rope

Final: Rayman Gear


From: Rayman Raving rabbids

neutral: rabbid chomp

side: Plunger Bazooka

down:heavy weight

Up: Rocket Rabbid

final: Raving Rabbids


from: crash bandicoot

neutral:Bandicoot spin

side:Head Ram

up:spin Jump

down:Belly flop

final:aku Aku

King K. RoolEdit

from: Donkey Kong

Neutral: Kremling Fist

Side: Fire ball

up:Rolling Jump

down:barrel hide

final:kremling tremor


from: mario

Neutral: Shy guy

Side: Bob-omb

down: Hip drop

up:fly guy

final smash: Mega Toad


from: Banjo-kazooie series

Neutral:egg shoot

Side:beak bash

up:beak Bomber

down: Bill drill

final: T. Rex Morph



neutral smash: Bomb chuck

side smash: dynamite

up: explosive jump

down: landmine

final:cruise missle


neutral: energy orb

side:zap stick


down: Life force

side:golden goliath


moves unknown


up:jet flame

down:pepper breath

side: spitfire blast

down:flame twister



up:rising pierce

side:light brand


Down:falling slash

final:heaven seal


Rabbid arenaEdit

Its a basic stage: one large platform with three small floating platforms arranged lik a triangle. The thing that makes it special is that if you're doing really good Rabbids show there appreciation, by pelting you with toilet plungers. In the background you can seee the band Raving rabbids, and there singing they're song Making fun (of everyday Life). If you change the music, in this stage the band will sing Girls just wanna have fun, Good times, or hip hop hooray.

Rapo cityEdit

It starts out with just a platform with the eternal flame, but this stage grows every 15 seconds, gaining a series of platforms with a banya field, Resteraunt, well, Beach, Kaorin Bushes, and a gate.

Temple of the ocean kingEdit

Stay out of the purple fog. It hurts you.

Chao GardenEdit

Home of sonic, amy, tails, and knuckles. It is a main platform with trees. The trees can act as platforms and are climbable by certain characters. Hitting the trees enough will knock food off the tree. Chao fly in the background. It also has water on the left of it, and cliffs on the right.

Mii stadiumEdit

It is a regular stage except for the miis in the background. The miis cheer. depending on what they cheer, it will affect power, Defense, or speed.

DK beatEdit

There is a main platform that has two drums that are within jump range. Using the drums (which act as spring platforms) you can reach the notes. The notes act as moving platforms. In the background you can see Tiny, Lanky, and chunky playing on their trombone, Sax, and Triangle.

spiral MountainEdit

It is a platform with 2 thin platforms above the main platform and one above another. There is water below the main platform. Grunty attacks from the background.

ghost houseEdit

there is a main platform and 6 floating platforms. In the background are portaits of chauncely, king boo, bogmire, and boolossus. After a while boos circle around the stage. They then flee. Big Mr. I or big boo appears. If it was big boo, the floating platforms vanish. If it was Mr. I it destroys the main platform. after a while E. Gadd sucks Mr. I and big boo up and the platforms are restored. The whole thing then starts all over again.

Candy constellationEdit

The main platform is green and is made out of metal. It has five metal floating platforms. Three are over the main platform, and one is over each of the two smaller platforms. A bridge of blocks, with stars in the middle of each block, links the main platform to two smaller platforms on either side of the main platform. These blocks are destroyable, but they rebuild themselves over time. Occasionaly six enemies, a mixture of Laserballs, bronto burts, and UFOs appear and attack the characters. These enemies can be beaten in one special attack or two normal attacks.

Frosty cliffEdit

It is home to the Ice climbers. It's icy main platfrom stretches to both sides of the stage. It has 3 floating platforms. Above these platforms are two snowy cliffs, on on the left and one on the right. The cliffs have a small gap in between them. Above that gap are 2 floating platforms. Icicles fall from the cliff occassionaly. After about 15 seconds, you here yodeling. After the yodeling ends.... An avalanche begins. The avalanche covers up the main platform. The falling snow hurts anyone hit by it, although the falling snow can easily be avoided by being on the cliffs, or the left and right side of the main platform. the snowpile reaches up to the the top of the first 3 floating platforms. then, the snow gradually melts, and the cycle repeats all over again.


Frostwind, from drawn to life

kracko. from kirby

Chaos 2, from sonic adventure

klungo, from Banjo-tooie

Darkrai, from pokemon

Twinrova, from Legend of zelda: Ocarina of time, oracle of ages, and oracle of seasons

Nergal, From fire emblem

Master hand and crazy hand, from super smash brothers melee

Tabuu, from super smash brothers brawl



Star shooter:Shoots 3 heat seeking stars

Ice eggs:throw them at a foe, freezing them

fire eggs:Throw them at a foe, burning them

TM (brick break, Dark Pulse, hail, and energy ball.)

Escape Orb: takes you back to the main platform

assist trophiesEdit

Mr. Resetti

E-102 gamma: Locks on to enemies and shoots them

lakitu:throws spinies


little mac;PUNCHES


magic pengel: summons a few doodles

labrador: chases a frisbee

joanna dark: shoots a gun

AiAi:Rolls around the top of the platform


note:by caster I mean the person who threw the pokeball

togepi: metrenome, uses the power of any of the other pokemon

sudowoodo: mimic, uses the caster's neutral special attack 5-8 times (in olimar's case, sudowoodo uses pikimin pluck and pikimin throw. The pikimin die as soon as they hit something)

Beautifly: silver wind, a breeze surrounds beutifly for 5 seconds

scyther: swords dance, multiplies your power by 1.5 for 8 seconds.

metapod: harden, multiplies your deefense by 1.5 for 8 seconds

pidgeot: agility, multiplies your speed by 1.5 for 8 seconds

pilup: bubble, shoots 4 bubbles in different direction. They float around and move around for 4 seconds before they burst, harming anyone near the bubbles.

rotom: Discharge, rotom explodes into a medium-sized ball of electricity.

Spinda:teeter dance, dances around for 7 seconds. Anyone who touches it has there controls messed up for 5 seconds. If a cpu touches it they walk around haphazardly and have bad aim for 5 seconds.

cubone:bonemerang, throws a bone three times. each time it throws the bone it returns back to marowak.

gyarados:hydro pump, shoots water a stream of water out of its mouth

sneasel: faint attck, sneasel dissapears, and later reappears behind an enemy and slashes them.

metang: bullet punch, targets a foe then tackles them. metang can be dodge by a carefully timed jump.

delibird: present: throws five bags. The bags, when opened, either explode on the holder, heal the holder, or contain an item.

vespiquen: attack order, summons many bees that flie form the right side of the screen to the left side of the screen then offscreen.

changes from brawlEdit

Since toad is now a playable character, peach's neutral B is anger.

lucario's final smash is now called hyper beam.

toon link's final smash is now four swords spiral, where he and 3 other toon links right beside him spin with their swords for 8 seconds. he can move and jump during this.


theme from phantom hourglass

together we ride

donkey kong arcade

Rainbow road- From MKDD

creepy castle


  • All of the following characters were planned for this game but later removed: Grunty, squirtle,shadow, gamma, gabumon, chunky kong, Lanky Kong, Kiddy kong, dixie kong, tiny kong, and Eggman.
  • they also was going to be a back special move. It was later removed. Some examples of them were pikachu's Iron Tail and Jigglypuff's gyro ball.

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