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Pikachu JigglypuffTech CityPikachu Jigglypuff

  • Gimmicks:Rayquaza appears in the background and attacks the force field which shakes the stage
  • Home to:Pikachu,Ash Ketchum,Deoxys

Songs in My Music

Song Title Game
Route 104 Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire
Route 113 Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire
Gym Leader Battle Pokemon Stadium 2
Normal Battle (Pokemon Colosseum) Pokemon Colosseum
Mirror B.'s theme (XD) Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness
PBR audio rip Neon Colosseum01:59

PBR audio rip Neon Colosseum

Pokemon Battle Revoloution
PBR audio rip Joe's Theme02:13

PBR audio rip Joe's Theme

Pokemon Battle Revoloution

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