Crashing the Party - 9/30/14

The trailer begins with 23 Smash Fighters sitting on bleachers in an auditorium, as they are preparing to welcome the next newcomers of Smash. Master Hand goes up to a podium to begin his speech, when he is suddenly hit by a paint bomb and falls to the ground. The Smashers look around before they are suddenly sprayed with paint and a girl jumps down from the ceiling. She turns around, cocks her paintgun, and grins. "INKLING PAINTS INTO BATTLE!". Inkling begins spraying the room with paint before aiming her gun at Zelda, who tries to shield herself, but is helped up by a smartly dressed gentleman, causing Inkling to create a large splotch of paint on the floor. Inkling then turns into her squid form and chases after them.

Zelda looks at the smartly dressed gentleman who draws his rapier and charges towards the Inkling, but not before tipping his hat to Zelda. "PROFESSOR LAYTON PUZZLES ALL!". Layton begins fighting Inkling, who puts up a pretty good fight, and all the Smashers prepare to help Layton, but they are not alone, which is shown as a winged figure dashes by the camera.

Toad is sitting on the steps outside the hall when he hears loud noises and crashing. He nods and goes behind the door. When Layton is cornered by the Inkling, a pickaxe smacks the squid girl away. Toad, now clad in his searchlight and ascot, grins, before charging off to help the others. "CAPTAIN TOAD GOES FORTH!". Soon enough, Inkling is weak, but Bowser decides that he'll have his turn at kidnapping the princess, causing the other Smashers to chase him around too.

Bowser has Peach in a sack when he maniacally laughs and surges forward, when he suddenly hears music playing. He is suddenly punched in the gut and reels back. He is suddenly hit multiple times to the beat of the music playing, where he sees Karate Joe. "KARATE JOE TUNES IN!". Karate Joe knocks Bowser over, who falls to the ground. The heroes (and the reformed Inkling) begin celebrating, but they suddenly hear a loud roar.

They look up and are shocked to see a familiar enemy of Samus Aran. The space pirate spreads his wings and lets out a devestating roar before assaulting the Smashers. "RIDLEY MAKES HIS BIG DEBUT!". Ridley begins spraying fire all over the room, including on an unconscious Bowser, reducing him to a skeleton and making Ridley stop his rampage in surprise.

The Smashers all gather around Bowser's skeleton, which glows red before rising into the air. The skeleton falls to the ground, with new red glowing eyes. He breathes a large blue fireball, which hits Mario and sends him flying into back wall. The Smashers all look horrified as the skeleton delivers a distorted laugh, with Bowser's voice still audible. "DRY BOWSER RISES FROM THE GRAVE!". Dry Bowser then teams up with Ridley to begin destroying the auditorium.

However, while the two villains fight the rest of the Smashers, someone lurks in the shadows. Just as Ridley is charging his largest fireball yet, he is hit in the back of the head by a katana and falls to the ground. Dry Bowser is promptly bombarded with shurikens before both are struck with a large blast of lightning and fly out the window. The samurai promptly resheathes his sword, and bows to the other Smashers, who bow back. "TAKAMARU STRIKES!" 

All of the characters seen in the trailer all jump up and make a pose, taking their place in the roster as of this point.

Doomsday Race

The camera begins panning around a Kart, with Mario as the driver. He prepares to start racing with a nearby Bowser, also inside a Kart, when a Lakitu flies over. As the race begins, Mario and Bowser begin going quite fast, but something suddenly speeds fast. The car brakes all of a sudden and turns around before winking. "F-TYPE STARTS HIS ENGINE!" F-Type speeds down the track, but a shadow approaches overhead...

Meanwhile, on the side of the track, King Dedede decides to sabotage the race for his amusement, and tries throwing darts at the tires of the passing cars, to no avail. Suddenly, as F-Type races by, a spear flies from the bushes and gets caught in his wheels. F-Type spins out with a flat tire, and Dedede turns around. The spear's owner bows and puts the spear back in his bag, taking out a parasol. "BANDANA DEE GETS TO THE POINT!".

With F-Type incapacitated, Mario and Bowser race ahead, but they suddenly find many holes in the ground. They swerve around them, but Bowser is hit by one of the holes and spins out. A mole suddenly pops out of the ground and straightens his glasses, before going back in the hole. "MUDDY MOLE DIGS IN!"

Bowser eventually gets back into the race, trying to race ahead of Mario, and they approach the Finish Line. A large shadow appears, and the two look up in horror. However, the giant simply smiles and waves hello, before summoning a large mountain in front of the finish line. "DOSHIN THE GIANT LOOMS INTO BATTLE!".

Mario finally rolls over the Finish Line, with many cheers of victory. However, Bowser and the four confirmed characters all start charging towards him, and the Smash logo appears.

The Smashing Haunted Mansion

The moon is high, one dreary night, as Luigi cowardly walks towards a large creaky looking mansion. He slowly pulls open the doorknob, and walks inside. Luigi, in a rather frightened manner, tiptoes around before he sees a shadow darting underneath a ladder. Luigi screams and darts into a nearby closet. The shadow shakes off the dust and cackles before delivering a typical "That's Right!". "MEOWTH SCRATCHES IN!". Meowth snickers and continues crawling through the darkness.

A first-person view takes the camera, as it floats towards the closet. A low cackle is heard, but he suddenly hears a familiar sound of a vacuum and flees. Luigi, meanwhile, kicks the door of the closet open, and grins, now wielding the trusty Poltergust 5000, this time throughout all his moves, with a brand new revamped moveset! Luigi continues creeping throughout the darkness, this time with more confidence, when he suddenly hears a howl. Wolf O'Donnell hops to the ground, before grinning savagely and howling once more, being another veteran with a revamped moveset. Wolf chuckles and Luigi runs away, and takes out a radio, apparently to speak to the next part of the plan.

Luigi goes down a dark hallway where he suddenly sees a large green glowing hand, which follows him. Luigi screams and runs down the other end of the hallway. The camera pans to the source of the hand, who rolls his eyes and prepares to charge another one. "ISAAC MOVES ON!". Isaac then decides to continue summoning hands, but we take the view of the thing that pursued Luigi into the closet, which cackles again and flies away.

Luigi finally manages to become safe when he hides at a corner. He is suddenly grabbed by a crocodillian mad scientist, and strapped into an electric chair. The cackling scientist turns around, and resumes his normal crown and cape before grinning at the frightened Luigi. "KING K. ROOL KRUSHES THE KOMPETITION!". K. Rool walks over and flips the switch on another electric chair, containing a doll that resembles Luigi, and electrocuting it to dust. Luigi begins screaming in horror as K. Rool advances toward him.

Suddenly, the lights flip on, and K. Rool begins laughing very hard, as do Meowth, Wolf, and Isaac, who come out from the corners. It is revealed as a trick, and the power source of the other electric chair joins in on the laughing before winding up his plug. "CHIBI-ROBO PLUGS IN!". As the pranksters unstrap Luigi, they all walk towards the door. Suddenly, the lights go out, and the same cackle from before is heard. 

A pair of red eyes appear in the darkness, frightening everyone but Luigi, who wields his vacuum. The shadow, knowing his old archnemesis, cackles once before coming into the light. "KING BOO SPOOKS ONTO THE BATTLEFIELD!" As Luigi prepares to do battle with his nemesis, King Boo cackles before saying "Happy Halloween!" and the screen goes dark with one final cackle from the ghost king.

Zelda Trailer

Link is running through a field, when he sees an army of Moblins, lead by a familiar demon lord. The familiar figure removes his swords, and surrounds himself with crimson daggers. "GHIRAHIM TAKES TO ARMS!". Link clashes swords with the demon lord, but Ghirahim's forces overpower him. As Link falls to the ground in recoil, Princess Zelda jumps to his aid, transforming into Sheik, and fighting Ghirahim. However, a group of Moblins defect from Ghirahim's group.

Eventually, LInk sees a face above him. She helps him up, and begins charging an umbral orb on the end of her sword, hitting Ghirahim. "IMPA CONQUESTS WITH THE POWER OF THE SHEIKAH!". Impa instantly assists Zelda, alongside Link, knocking Ghirahim to the ground. Ghirahim looks fearful for a moment, but then grins and begins cackling. Link, Zelda/Sheik, and Impa turn around and fall to the ground.

All three of them wake up with an organ playing in the background. They see Ganondorf, who walks over to them to perform a Warlock Punch, but is stopped by a Moblin. The Moblin hands him his two swords, with text appearing above his head saying "It's dangerous to go alone. Take This!". Ganondorf nods, and pats the Moblin on the head, before grinning and striking the three repeatedly. Link rolls free and begins parrying Ganondorf, before Zelda pulls out a bow and a light arrow, firing it at Ganondorf. Ganondorf is hit, and falls backwards into a portal. The three are celebrating, but the skies darken.

A large hulking sillohuette comes out of the portal, and pulls the light arrow out of his shoulder. The three can only look terrified, as the large pig hulks towards him. "RETURN OF GANON!". Ganon hulks towards them, while Ghirahim reappears besides him. The two stalk towards the three heroes, but a gust of wind swipes all five and sends them flying. A "To Be Continued" logo appears, and a red pair of large eyes flash across the screen.

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