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SSB Mario Series
Super Mario Galaxy (2007)

Rosalina and Luma are a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Combat, and are available from the start. Rosalina is a young woman who pilots the Comet Observatory, as well as watching over the Lumas. Since her debut, Rosalina has grown enourmously popular. Rosalina has been highly nerfed since SSB4, becoming less powerful with her finishers having less power, but she has become much faster. She also has gained a third jump in the form of the Star Spin, making her recovery more reliable. She is one of the few characters to have recieved little to no aesthetic changes from SSB4 to Combat.


Standard Attacks

Special Set A

  • Standard Special - Luma Shot - Rosalina shoots one of her Lumas at opponents, the more time charging the more powerful it is. This move can now summon more types of Lumas than before, such as a purple Luma and Co-Star Luma.
  • Side Special - Star Bits - Rosalina commands Luma to shoot Star Bits at opponents. If a Luma is not on the field, this attack is useless. It is relatively unchanged from previous installments.
  • Up Special - Launch Star - Rosalina shoots herself out of a Launch Star to shoot herself in an arc. Rosalina's arc is now much more vertical in this game.
  • Down Special - Gravitational Pull - Rosalina waves her wand around her, catching any and all projectiles and drawing items to her. This move is a bit slower this game.
  • Final Smash - Power Star - Rosalina summons a Power Star, which expands and shoots Star Bits at opponents.

Special Set B

  • Standard Special - Starbit Fire - Rosalina's Luma fires a single powerful Star Bit forwards, which explodes upon contact with opponents.
  • Side Special - Summon - Rosalina summons a Luma, who stays with Rosalina until KO'd. This move can summon Lumas easily, but it does no damage.
  • Up Special - Luminous Shield - Rosalina flies slowly vertically, surrounded by a shield. She can be steered left and right as she rises.
  • Down Special - Star Sling - Rosalina does a spin that sets a sling star on her current position. When Rosalina or an opponent touches the star again, they are slung high into the air again.
  • FInal Smash - Black Hole - Rosalina summons a Black Hole, that sucks in opponents and does damage if it sucks them in.

Taunts and Other Animations


  • Rosalina's default attire
  • A pink dress resembling Peach's
  • A yellow dress
  • A green dress
  • A purple dress
  • A black dress with yellow highlights
  • A white dress with red highlights
  • An orange dress
  • Cosmic Spirit


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