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SSB Mario Series
Super Mario Bros. (1985)

Peach is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Combat and is available from the start. Peach has recieved several new moves in her default moveset, including Toad finally being removed from her Neutral Special, giving her a new move. Peach has also been made much slower than before, but her float has been significantly buffed from previous installments. Aesthetically, her dress has been changed to its simpler design from the Mario series, as well as her facial structure being closer to its appearance in the base series. 


Standard Attacks

Special Set A

  • Neutral Special - Heart Shot - Peach throws a heart at opponents, which can either burn them, daze them, or just lightly damage them upon touching them. This replaces Peach's old Neutral Special, Toad.
  • Side Special - Peach Bomber - Peach twirls around and leaps forward rear first, smashing into any opponents in her way. The explosion from Peach Bomber in Melee has been restored, replacing the heart effect from Brawl and 4.
  • Up Special - Parasol - Peach jumps high into the air and summons a Parasol to float gently down. Unlike previous installments, the parasol is Perry, Peach's parasol from Super Princess Peach.
  • Down Special - Vegetable - Peach pulls a vegetable from the ground that she can throw at opponents. Although they are usually weak, one that can launch opponents has a 1/58 chance of appearing.
  • Final Smash - Peach Blossom - Peach puts all opponents to sleep and summons tons of peaches to heal herself. This move is unchanged from previous installments other than the sleep lasting for a longer amount of time.

Special Set B

  • Standard SpecialCalm - Peach gains a calm expression and is covered with a yellow glow. As long as the button is held, Peach can heal herself by holding the button down. The process is interrupted when Peach is hit.
  • Side Special - Gloom - Peach begins crying uncontrollably, causing water to spurt out of her eyes and allowing her to become much faster. Peach can ram into opponents while crying for damage, as well as the tears pushing opponents away from her.
  • Up Special - Joy - Peach begins laughing and a small tornado surrounds her, allowing her to fly high into the air for four seconds. This move is Peach's primary method of recovery, but it does no damage.
  • Down Special - Rage - Peach begins charging up before she stomps the ground and is surrounded with fire, sending all opponents near her flying. The longer Peach charges, the more fire comes off of her when the attack is executed.
  • Final Smash - Peach Heart - Peach summons a heart, which flies into the background of the stage, Peach can then run around the stage, hitting opponents. The more damage Peach does, the larger the heart gets. Finally, after seven seconds, the heart slams into the foreground, sending opponents flying.

Taunts and Other Animations


Peach is one of several characters with a named alternate costume, being Daisy. Although Daisy is a pallet swap of Peach, she is named as her own character by the announcer.


  • Peach's default attire
  • A red dress resembling Pauline
  • A white dress resembling a wedding dress, in reference to Super Paper Mario
  • A blue dress
  • A green dress
  • A black and yellow dress, possibly a reference to Honey Queen
  • Her dress as Fire Peach
  • Her sports attire
  • Her attire in Super Mario Strikers
  • Her attire as the Shadow Queen in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
  • A white dress with red hair that resembles Peach's appearance in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario World


  • Daisy's default attire
  • Her classic attire (tanner skin, pink crown, yellow dress)
  • Her sports attire
  • Her attire in Super Mario Strikers
  • Her shorter dress and crownless costume used in NES Open Tournament Golf
  • A costume with a brown dress and a hat resembling an eclair, possibly in reference to Princess Eclair, the implied character from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door


  • This is the first time that Peach's Daisy costume has actually been refered to as Daisy.