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Donkey Kong (1981)

Donkey Kong is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Combat, and is available from the start. Although this Donkey Kong appears to be the same one as in the arcade games, he is actually Donkey Kong Jr., the son of the original DK, now known as Cranky Kong. Donkey Kong is buffed considerably, but the mechanics of his moveset are unchanged from previous installments, other than the properties of some of his moves being changed and having improved recovery as a whole. Donkey Kong is voiced by Grant Kirkhope in this game, as opposed to the realistic animal sounds from previous installments. From this game onwards, Grant voices DK again in the greater Nintendo canon. His fur is also slightly redder by default in this installment.


Standard Attacks

Special Set A

  • Standard Special - Giant Punch - Donkey Kong winds up his fist before punching forwards. The longer DK winds up, the more power and knockback the punch has. The punch charges up faster this time around.
  • Side Special - Headbutt - Donkey Kong headbutts forwards. It sweetspots opponents in the air and buries them on the ground. This move now spikes in the air in addition to having a sweetspot, but has more startup lag.
  • Up Special - Spinning Kong - Donkey Kong spins around in a helicopter-like fashion for a distance before falling. This move has more vertical range this time around.
  • Down Special - Hand Slap - Donkey Kong slams his hands into the ground repeatedly, creating various shockwaves around him. This move can be sustained as long as the button is held. It is much faster this installment and DK uses his sound effect from the original DKC this time around.
  • Final Smash - Konga Beat - Donkey Kong brings out a pair of bongos, which can hit to the beat by the player to create soundwaves.

Special Set B

  • Standard Special - Coconut Shooter - Donkey Kong shoots a coconut out of his Coconut Shooter at opponents. It doesn't travel far, but is very powerful.
  • Side Special - Barrel Toss - Donkey Kong throws a barrel at opponents. The barrel rolls across the stage until it is touched by an opponent where it breaks and does damage. Occasionally, the barrel will be a TNT barrel that explodes upon contact.
  • Up Special - Barrel Cannon - Donkey Kong shoots himself out of a Barrel Cannon. This move give DK a lot of vertical distance, but not a lot of horizontal distance.
  • Down Special - Kidnap - Donkey Kong stretches out his hands. If he manages to grab an opponent, he jumps high into the air before throwing them down back to the stage. If the stage has platforms, DK will climb them before throwing them all the way down to the bottom where they began
  • Final Smash - Banana Slamma - Donkey Kong causes bananas to rain down from the sky, dealing light damage with each banana, but there are 100 bananas that rain down.

Taunts and Other Animations


  • His default attire
  • Black fur, yellow tie
  • Red fur, blue tie
  • Blue fur, pink tie
  • Green fur, red tie
  • Super Kong's appearance (white fur, blue tie)
  • Yellow fur, cyan tie
  • Pink fur, yellow tie
  • Burgundy fur, tieless
  • Swanky Kong


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