Henry Fleming STEAM
SSB Codename STEAM Series
Codename: S.T.E.A.M. (2015)

Captain Henry Fleming is a newcomer character in Super Smash Bros. Combat, and is available from the start. Captain Fleming is one of the members of S.T.E.A.M., which stands for "Strike Team Eliminating the Alien Menace". Captain Fleming is based on the character Henry Fleming from Stephen Crane's The Red Badge of Courage. Captain Fleming is a character who requires an incredible amount of caution from the player, as his "steam" mechanic makes every move Fleming makes have to be very precise.


Captain Fleming is a medium-heavy character who uses his Eagle Rifle in battle, as well as a wide variety of punches and kicks. Although most of Fleming's moves are completely made up for this title, the core of his character is not, starting with Fleming's main mechanic: steam. In a small bar above Captain Fleming's icon, there are six puffs of steam, and one of which is used up every time Captain Fleming uses a smash attack, dashes, or finishes off an opponent. The only way Captain Fleming can regain the puffs of steam is by standing still long enough to regain it. When Captain Fleming runs out of steam, he is forced to stand still until he can regain it, but he can still be hit in that time so he is essentially a sitting duck.

As a result of this, anyone who plays as Captain Fleming requires tons of planning and knowing your opponent better than they know you. Captain Fleming requires a lot of spacing in order to not just be a target, and this can be hard for Captain Fleming due to his rather slow speed compared to other characters, being one of the slowest characters in the franchise. However, his powerful Smash Attacks, while they use steam, have tons of knockback and are great for keeping Fleming safe. Captain Fleming also has the ability to float using his jetpack.


Standard Attacks

  • Neutral attack - Captain Fleming jabs opponents with both hands.
  • Forward tilt - Captain Fleming shoves his rifle forwards, sending all opponents in its path flying.
  • Up tilt - Captain Fleming punches above his head.
  • Down tilt - Captain Fleming shoves his rifle into the ground.
  • Dash attack - Captain Fleming barges forwards shoulder-first.
  • Forward smash - Captain Fleming aims his rifle and fires off a shot.
  • Up smash - Captain Fleming fires a shot above his head.
  • Down smash - Captain Fleming fires a shot towards the ground, creating an explosion around him.
  • Neutral aerial - Captain Fleming jabs his rifle forwards.
  • Forward aerial - Captain Fleming kicks forwards.
  • Back aerial - Captain Fleming kicks backwards.
  • Up aerial - Captain Fleming jabs his rifle above him.
  • Down aerial - Captain Fleming kicks below him.
  • Grab - Captain Fleming grabs with his hand.
  • Pummel - Captain Fleming punches the opponent with one hand repeatedly.
  • Forward throw - Captain Fleming throws the opponent forwards with both hands.
  • Back throw - Captain Fleming nonchalantly tosses the opponent over his shoulder.
  • Up throw - Captain Fleming throws the opponent above his head, before shooting them with his rifle.
  • Down throw - Captain Fleming throws the opponent onto the ground and shoots them before throwing them away.
  • Floor attack - Captain Fleming jabs his rifle forwards and jumps up.
  • Edge attack - Captain Fleming swings up onto the ledge and jams his rifle forwards.

Special Set A

  • Standard Special - Triple Shot - Captain Fleming fires three shots from his Eagle Rifle.
  • Side Special - Bear Grenade - Captain Fleming hurls one of John Henry's Bear Grenades at opponents which explodes after bouncing three times.
  • Up Special - Lion Launcher - Captain Fleming uses Lion's Lion Launcher to hurl himself into the air.
  • Down Special - Hijinks - Captain Fleming summons a series of mines that appear around him that are buried under the ground, exploding upon contact with opponents.
  • Final Smash - Eagle Strike - Captain Fleming summons an eagle who divebombs the stage repeatedly.

Special Set B

  • Standard Special - Patriot Egg - Captain Fleming rolls a red, white, and blue eagle egg at opponents that explodes upon contact with them.
  • Side Special - Avian Charge - Captain Fleming summons a projection of eagle wings on his back, and charges forwards.
  • Up Special - Overwatch - Captain Fleming leaps into the air and glides towards opponents. Captain Fleming can then glide out of the attack using his jetpack.
  • Down Special - American Nest - Captain Fleming creates a nest around his waste, which protects him for a period of time.
  • Final Smash - God Bless America - Captain Fleming salutes as eagles attack the stage, with "The Star Spangled Banner" playing in the background.

Taunts and Other Animations

  • Side taunt - Captain Fleming salutes.
  • Up taunt - Captain Fleming waves an American flag above his head.
  • Down taunt - Captain Fleming puts his goggles on his face before taking them off.
  • Victory animation 1 - Captain Fleming waves an American Flag while whistling the national anthem.
  • Victory animation 2 - Captain Fleming calls an eagle, which lands on his arm and Fleming begins to pet it.
  • Victory animation 3 - Captain Fleming shakes hands with Abraham Lincoln. 
  • Victory theme - A flourished excerpt of the title screen theme from Codename: S.T.E.A.M. -


  • Captain Fleming's default attire
  • A blue version of his normal outfit
  • A yellow version of his normal outfit
  • A green version of his normal outfit
  • A white version of his normal outfit
  • A red, white, and blue version of his normal outfit
  • A version of his normal outfit that is ripped and battle damaged.
  • A military green and brown outfit with war paint


  • Captain Fleming, along with Paper Mario, are the first non-Fire Emblem Intelligent Systems property to be added to a Smash Bros. game.

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