SSB Mario Series
Super Mario Bros. (1985)

Bowser is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Combat, and is available from the start. Bowser is the main antagonist of the Mario series, and is the leader of a group of evil turtles known as the Koopas. Bowser has recieved several changes from SSB4 to Combat, such as becoming larger and becoming slightly slower, although not to the point of Brawl Bowser. Bowser is more brightly colored compared to previous installments.


Standard Attacks

Special Set A

  • Standard Special - Fire Breath - Bowser shoots a stream of fire at opponents, the stream getting smaller the longer Bowser uses it. This attack is unchanged from previous installments, other than the fire effect being more cartoonish.
  • Side Special - Flying Slam - Bowser slashes one of his claws at opponents. If he touches them, he jumps into the air with the opponent and slams them into the ground. This attack is now capable of Bowsercide once more.
  • Up Special - Whirling Fortress - Bowser whirls around inside his shell, comboing opponents on either side. This attack has more horizontal range than previous installments.
  • Down Special - Bowser Bomb - Bowser slams into the ground, bottom-first. This attack has a lot of startup lag, but is very powerful.
  • Final Smash - Giga Bowser - Bowser transforms into his giant monster form from previous Smash games and gains the ability to rein havoc for the next 7 seconds.

Special Set B

  • Standard Special - Honing Fireball - Bowser breathes a ball of fire that hones in on the nearest opponent. 1/70 times, the fireball will explode upon contact with an opponent.
  • Side Special - Chain Chomp - Bowser swings a Chain Chomp over his head at opponents. If the Chain Chomp touches opponents, they are kept in place while they are attacked by the Chain Chomp.
  • Up Special - Koopa Clown Car - Bowser gets into his Clown Car, before using it to get higher into the air. It acts like a faster version of Pit's Brawl Up Special.
  • Down Special - Poison Claw - Bowser delivers a deadly slash that brings him forwards. If he manages to touch an opponent with his claws, they are briefly poisoned after the attack.
  • Final Smash - Lava Flood - Bowser hops into his Clown Car, and flies above the stage while it floods with lava. If opponents touch the lava, they are likely to be sent flying.

Taunts and Other Animations



  • His default coloration
  • A brown coloration
  • A yellower coloration
  • His coloration in Super Mario World
  • A coloration resembling that of his father, Morton Koopa Sr.
  • A coloration with more saturated colors and magenta hair
  • A red coloration
  • A blue coloration based on the fake Bowser in Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels
  • Dark Bowser
  • Dreamy Bowser

Dry Bowser

  • His default coloration
  • A coloration based on standard Dry Bones
  • A coloration based on Dark Bones
  • A yellow coloration


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