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The Smash Store is an online shop available to players of Super Smash Bros. Clashed on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. The Smash Store allows players to download new characters, stages, items and more once they've completed the game and if they have enough Smash Coins.


8 characters have been released and are available to download so far, it has been confirmed that more will be avalaible in the future. All characters cost 3000 Smash Coins.

Image Name Series Description
PaperMarioDTT Paper Mario Paper Mario Paper Mario is an alternate-dimensional version of Mario who comes from a world as flat as paper, he has many unique abilities different from the regular Mario.



5 stages have been released and are available for download so far, it has been confirmed that more will be released in future. All stages cost 2000 Smash Coins.


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