Super Smash Bros. Clash of Worlds is the 6th installment in the Super Smash Bros franchise. The name represents how the partnership with new game company Dreams Corp. and others makes the roster extremely expansive.


This game has an "Adventure Mode" wich is like Subspace Emissary, the story goes like this:

Super Smash Bros is a tournament where people from across the globe (gaming globe of course) duke it out in epic fights! The winner gets a wish, but if you're a bad guy, you just get prize money, however, one faithful day a mysterious new threat, appropietly named "The Masked Demon" stole the Giant Smash Ball, wich is the source of the wishes! Now Mario and Link must get it! but they get interrupted by The Masked Demon's army! Now they must fight they're ways to The Masked Demon, meeting new friends and foes along the way, while trying to unmask The Masked Demon!


Instead of the usual health bar, there's a damage percentage, the higher it is, the bigger of chances of getting thrown off the stage, wich is how you:

- Lose lives in Stock Mode, last man standing wins!

- Lose points and make whoever knocked you out obtain points in Point Mode, the player with the most points before the timer runs out wins!

- Lose inmmediatly if your on Health Mode, your damage percentage becomes a life percentage! If it reaches 0 you're out!

- Give your Sunshine Sprite to whoever knocked you out in the new Sunshine Mode! Sunshine Sprites appear randomly in the map, try to get the most before the timer runs out!

Every character has different attacks, but every character has a Recovery (a move that doesn't do much damage but helps you get back to the stage once you're thrown out) ,a Dash Attack (an attack that dashes towards the nearest player) and a Final Smash (a powerful finisher).

Dash Attack

Super Smash Bros. Clash of Worlds's new mechanic! When you're near a character you can use this move that dashes to that player, like some kind of homing attack, but not really.

It also can be used as some sort of horizontal recovery, if your character can dash far, or you're near to the edge, you can dash to someone (if they're standing on the edge) and go back to the stage (but they might push you off). 


The Super Smash Bros franchise has 2 kinds of characters: Veterans and Newcomers, while seeing returning characters make people happy, the ones that really makes the players erupt in a volcano of joy are the newcomers.



Back and better than ever! Let's look at his Recovery, Dash Attack and Final Smash!

Recovery: Winged Shell - Mario pulls out a shell with wings, every time you press the jump button, the wings flap, it can flap up to 7 times!

Dash: Shell Ride - Mario pulls out a grenn shell and rides to attack the player (it attacks multiple times), as a horizontal recovery, it's not very good...

Final Smash: Fire Blast - Mario shoots a beam of fire! This time a bit bigger!


The Hero of Hyrule is back! 

Recovery: Hook-Shot - Link shoots a hook, it can be shot in all 8 directions, if it hits the edge (or the floor if you're thrown up) you'll be pulled back up (or back down)!

Dash: Hook-Shot (again) - Link shoots a hook to a person and gets pulled back to that person, it has good horizontal recovery but you can get pushed off.

Final Smash: Strike of Time - Classic Link, Young Link, Minish Cap Link and the other 3 Links jump and strike one opponent together (if there are other players really near him, they will get caught in the Final Smash), sending him to the air (if he hits any players while going up, they will get caught in the Final Smash too) then they all jump again and hit that oponnent (and any other that got caught in the Final Smash) sneding him flying defenseless to the side of the stage.


The little pink guy is-- Wait, he's a guy? Oh yeah, he is *ehem* is sucking into battle! ....Yes, this is where the jokes begin...

Recovery: The Lemon of Flight - Kirby eats the lemon of the first game that lets him fly up, it basically lets him dash upward.

Dash: Blaze Attack - Kirby gets covered into a fireball and crashes into the opponent but the small explosion pushes Kirby back, making it a not so good horizontal recovery if the oponnent is standing very near the edge.

Final Smash: Ultra Hammer - Kirby gets the Ultra Hammer out and smashes the center of the stage, making giant waves appear on both sides! 


The blue blur runs into battle!

Recovery: Tails - Tails appears and carries Sonic, but he can't carry Sonic forever!

Dash: Knuckles Slide - Sonic decently far with a small barrier in front of him, wich can hit multiple times (basically like that slide that you get when you have Knuckles in Sonic Advance 3) unfortunately, since it's a slide, it's not very good as a horizontal recovery...

Final Smash: Final Color Blaster - Sonic has to wait for the seven wisps to surround him (if he gets hit he loses one wisp, if he loses all, the Final Smash is cancelled) if they manage to surround him with no problem, Sonic will shine bright and then will shoot a powerful blast that sends all fo the players out of the screen.

Toon Link

The Wind Waker breezes into battle!

Recovery: Medli - Link grabs Medli's feet as she carries him back to the stage, but if she's hit too many times (4 and she's out) she'll drop Link.

Dash: Boat Charge - Kinda like Squirtle's Surf, Link makes a small wave appear, and on top of that wave, there's Toon Link's boat! Wich will charge into the oponnent! Not very good as an horizontal recovery...

Final Smash: Master Sword - Link gets out the Master Sword wich has A LOT of knockback! Of course it's temporary, there will be a small bar below Toon Link's image, that's the time limit, if it runs out, Ton Link's Master Sword will dissapear.


Yoshi rolls into battle!

Recovery: The Flutter Jump - Yoshi flutters to reach the edge of the stage.

Dash: The Dash Pepper - Yoshi eats a Dash Pepper making him red and super-fast, he uses this super-speed to crash into the oponnent, decent as an horizontal recovery, but like Kirby's recovery, it makes a small explosion that pushes him back.

Final Smash: Super-Eggs - Yoshi gets 3 giant iron eggs with red spots! (combination of the eggs for the final boss of Yoshi's Island and the iron eggs from Yoshi's New Island) They are super powerful and could hit anybody off the stage! But if you don't have good aiming, this might be a bit hard to master.


Megaman picks Smash!

Recovery: Gyro Copter - Megaman uses the weapon he gets from Gyro Man to fly over to the stage, but it has a limit so make sure they don't push you away until the time runs out!

Dash: Charge Kick - Megaman uses the Charge Kick, pretty straight forward, not too good as a horizontal recovery...

Final Smash: Super Double Mega Buster - Megaman uses the Super Double Mega Buster he uses against The Moon Devil  to blast his oponnents of the stage, when in this mode, Megaman can only shoot powerful shots until the time runs out, so watch out for melee combat!


Lucario detects Smash!

Recovery: Sky Uppercut - Lucario uses this attack to recover, its like Little Mac's recovery but a bit better.

Dash: Close Combat - Lucario dashes quickly to the oponnent and hits them around 6 times in a row! the only downside is that Lucario`gets tired, and can't attack for 10 seconds...

Final Smash - Mega-Evolution - Lucario goes into Mega-Lucario wich makes his attacks more powerful than even max aura power Lucario! What's that, you say?

Ability: The higher the damage percentage is, the more powerful his attacks are! However, don't power up too much! or you'll get stuck in silly situations...


Marth gets a redesign! Marth now looks a lot more like Marth in Fire Emblem Awakening! (Yes, i know that technically -SPOILERS- but it still fits him!) 

Recovery: Dolphin Slash -  Marth swings his sword into the air, it has good damage and it's a good vertical recovery but it can't move horizontally...

Dash: Falchion Dash - Math Dashes into the oponnent with his Falchion Sword pushing him back, it's decently good as a horizontal recovery.

Final Smash: Critical Hit - Marth slowly raises his sword into the air (this time a bit faster!) and then does a critical hit wich can send any character flying off the stage!


Ike slashes into Smash!

Recovery: Aether - Ike throws his sword into the air, jumps, grabs it and finally dashes into the ground, now you can move horizontally while Ike jumps to grab the sword and you can press left or right to move Ike while falling down!

Dash: Stab Dash - Ike dashes into the oponnent like Marth but instead of slashing him, it stabs the oponnent, then he quickly let's him go and grabs him (did you think the enemy would actually get impaled in his sword?) so basically it's a dash that grabs! It's good for horizontal recovery since you...well, grab the oponnent, so he can't push you off!

Final Smash: Blazing Aether - Ike slashes his oponnent (and anyone that was close) into the air (like the Dolphin Slash) with a blazing sword and hits him a bunch of times, then he slashes him back down to the ground and makes a small explosion that could make any player nearby (with high damage percentage) go flying off the stage.


The green lighting shocks the crowd! (not really....i mean, he's almost in every Smash game....)

Recovery: Vertical Green Missile - Like the green missile but upwards! It has a bit of horizontal movement so it's recommended to be used near an edge.

Dash: Lighting Dash - Luigi dashes into the oponnent covered in electricity, shocking him and pushing him back, very good for horizontal recovery.

Final Smash: The Super Green Lighting - Luigi charges a big ball of lighting and and throws it in the middle of the stage making a giant electric explosion.

Little Mac

Little Mac Punches in!

Recovery: Upward Combo - Little Mac punches extremely fast upwards making him go up, not very good as a recovery but it does good damage.

Dash: Counter-Attack Dash - Little Mac's dash works like a parry in a fighting game, when you press the button your character goes into a mode where if he gets hit, he will counter back, if Little Mac gets hit after pressing the button, he'll dash with his fist forward super-quick, then after hitting the oponnent, he uppercuts him, making it a good move in terms of attack, however, when he's in the mode where if he gets hit he activates the attack, he will shine a bit white, making it easy to tell when to attack and when not to, in terms of horizontal recovery, it's hard to pull off since it's  parry but if you manage to activate it you'll have a pretty good horizontal recovery.

Final Smash: Star Charge - After activating the Final Smash 3 stars will fill up in Little Mac's image, once they're filled Little Mac will do a super powerful combo on the nearest player, then he will send the oponnent flying the direction Mac's facing, if he hits a platform it'll make a small explosion that can send nearby players flying.

Wii Fit Trainer

Wii Fit Trainer Weighs in!

Recovery: Skipping Rope Copter - The WFT (Wii Fit Trainer) gets out a skipping rope and starts spinning it around making her go up like a helicopter.

Dash:  Jump & Slide - You know in those Volleyball scenes in movies or cartoons where the person jumps and slides in the ground to catch the ball with his/her fist? This is like that but the fist are for pushing the oponnent (a bit far), decently good as a horizontal recovery

Final Smash: Intensive Work-out - In the background a green siloutte of a fat person will appear (visible but not covering the screen) then the WFT will get an extreme buff-up (her attacks will gain a lot power and much more knockback) and also will gain more speed (but not extreme speed that makes it impossible to control) the green siloutte of the fat person will get thinner while she gets the buff-up (in around 30 seconds) and when it gets thin she will lose the buff-up and the siloutte will disappear (so basically a temporary buff-up).


Charizard lights up the flames of victory!

Recovery: Fly - Charizard dashes upwards, quite straight forward, you can't move left or right while going up but you can while falling down.

Dash: Dash n' Slash - Charizard uses his wings to dash near the oponnent and slashes him, good for horizontal recovery, since you can attack the oponnent before he can push you off.

Final Smash: Fire Pledge - Charizard gets his fist charged with fire and punches the ground with strength, making enormous pillars of fire appearing near him that can make anyplayer fly off the stage.


Zelda royally intervenes! While Sheik Sneaks into Smash!

Recovery (Zelda): Farore's Wind - Zelda will teleport back up! Kind of...

Recovery (Sheik): Grenade Boost - Sheik throws a grenade but it's tied to his hand so it explodes in his feet, boosting him up!

Dash (Zelda): Farore's Wind (again...) - Zelda teleports near the oponnent and hits him away, pretty good as a horizontal recovery.

Dash (Sheik): Tied Kunai - Sheik throws a kunai that's tied to his hand pulling him and the oponnent (so basically the oponnent gets pulled to Sheik and Sheik gets pulled to the oponnent) and when they're about to crash, Sheik kicks him pushing him and the oponnent back (in their back) not very good as a horizontal recovery...

Final Smash (Zelda) - Super Light Arrow - Zelda charges a bow with a giant Light Arrow and shoots it.

Final Smash (Sheik) - Sheika Combo - Sheik keeps teleporting in a ninja fashion (disappearing in a puff of smoke) comboing one or more oponnents near him and finally kicking him/them off the stage.


Pikachu electrifies the battlefield!

Recovery: Upwards Volt-Tackle - Pikachu dashes into the air quite far making it "the perfect recovery" however it gives Pikachu 30% damage.

Dash: Extreme Speed - Pikachu charges and dashes quickly to the oponnent hitting him a bit far and doing a bit of damage but it has to charge up, good as a horizontal recovery.

Final Smash: Mega-Volt! (100.000 Volts! in japan) - Pikachu charges a giant powerful thunder that hits the center of the stage it's guite big so you might get caught in it!

Captain Falcon 

Captain Falcon dashes into battle!

Recovery: Blue Falcon - Blue Falcon apears from below Captain Falcon, takes him up and drops him down, if you get hit while going up, the Blue Falcon will explode and drop you down, even if you haven't made it up, that's why it's a bit fast.

Dash: Blue Falcon (again...) - The Blue Falcon spawns from behind Cpt. Falcon and dashes to the enemy, aftfer it crashes it'll explode doing damage to both to Cpt. Falcon and the oponnent (more damage to the oponnent of course) good for horizontal recovery.

Final Smash - Super Falcon Punch - After being activated there will be a cutscene of Cpt. Falcon running with a fiery punch and with a giant fire falcon behind him, he  says "Falcooon" then it cuts back to the game and Cpt. Falcon is screaming "PUNCH!!" and hitting his oponnent/oponents really far.

Samus/Zero Suit Armor

Samus Aran Blasts in! While ZSS Zeroes in!

Recovery (PSS (Power Suit Samus)): Super-Jump - Samus charges a powerful jump (like the one in Super Metroid) and jumps quite high, but it has to charge.

Recovery (ZSS): Jet-boots Activate! - ZSS activates her Jet-boots, very useful recovery but slow, so they could hit you away until the energy runs out.

Recovery (PSS & ZSS): Jet-boots/Super-run - They do the exact same damage, they push the oponnents back, the jet-boots help ZSS dash to the oponnent and Samus runs to ther oponnent at super-speed using her suit.

Final Smash (PSS): Hyper Beam - Samus starts glowing in all 7 colors of the rainbows as she fires a giant aimable laser

Final Smash (ZSS): Hyper Boost Zero - ZSS starts glowing in all 7 colors of the rainbow as she gets a massive boost in power, speed and resistance.


This fighter gives Metaknightmares to the other fighters in Smash!

Recovery: Mystery Jump - Meta-Knight will cover himself in his cloak, protecting himself from any damage and dashes upwards, good recovery but it has to charge.

Dash: Dark Mini-Cyclone - Meta-knight will spin fast in a spinning top fashion, and will crash with the oponnent, it can't be cancelled by any attack, until it crashes with the oponnent.

Final Smash: Knightmare Cyclone - Meta-Knight spins fast in a spinning top fashion, but he spins so fast that it creates 2 giant red tornados that go out in both side of Meta-Knight.

King DeDeDe

King DeDeDe and his army join the fray!

Recovery: Kabula's missiles - 1 of Kabula's missiles go up from below DeDeDe takes him up really high and drops him, like Cpt. Falcon's recovery but it can't be destroyed, but when it drops you it explodes (giving you around 30% damage) so it's like Pikachu, it's really good but it does damage.

Dash: Wheelie Wheels - DeDeDe gets on top of a Wheelie and rides it superfast to an enemy, the thing is that once you hit an enemy you can instantly turn back and do a dash behind you, good for horizontal recovery.

Final Smash: The Mask - (DeDeDe is NOT The Masked Demon) DeDeDe puts his Silver Mask wich makes his super-hammer come to him, this makes his attacks incredibly strong, it also can shoot fire and homing missiles.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong beats in!

Recovery: Dixie - Dixie helps DK by using her pigtails to fly over to the stage, even though it's very good, it's slow (like some other recoveries).

Dash: Randy the Ryno - Randy appears and makes Dk ride him, when it crashes against a player, you can press the Dash button again and if you have the correct timing, Randy will keep on dashing at least 3 more times, after that, the Dash button will have to charge up (if you do just one normal dash, it doesn't have to charge), unless you're near the edge, it's not too good as a horizontal recovery.

Final Smash: Mini-Donkey Kong Plus - Donkey Kong will get a much smaller version of his robo-suit from Mario Vs DK (incredible theme song by the way) and his attacks will become much more powerful.

Diddy Kong

Diddy's Kong quests in Smash!

Recovery: Barrel Jetpack - Diddy Kong uses his Barrel Jetpack to fly back up.

Dash: Jetpack Dash - Diddy uses his Barrel Jetpack to dash and crash against an oponnent, after he crashes, his Jetpack explodes.

Final Smash: Hyper Popgun - Diddy shoots a barrage of powerful peanuts that cause a lot of damage and knockback, it's aimable.


Ganondorf Evilly intervenes!

Recovery: Shadow Hover - Ganondorf uses his dark magic to hover back up, slow but useful.

Dash: Shadow White Horse - Ganondorf makes the white horse from the fake Ganondorf fight in OoT (....I still believe that horse is real and that it belongs to Ganondorf) and rides at high speed to crash with the enemey, when it does it pushes back the oponnent.

Final Smash: Ganon Beast - Ganondorf turns into the Ganon from Twilight Princess and dashes incredibly fast, making any player in his path go flying off the stage.


NOTE: People that have been in Meelee but not in Brawl or in SSB4 count as Newcomers.


Roy burns through!

Recovery: Blazer - Like the Dolphin Slash but not  as high and it's easier to move horizontally.

Dash: Blazing Dash - Like the Falchion Dash but on fire and it's more of a combo as it hits multiple times instead of just one powerful attack (so it's more of a bunch of quick attacks instead of just one blow), decently good as a horizontal recovery.

Final Smash: Sword of Seals - Roy gets out the Sword of Seals and performs a Sword of Seals Critical Hit to whoever is in his range (must be in front of him but doesn't have to be necessarely close).


Chesnaught reps nature in Smash!

Recovery: Sky Uppercut - Chesnaught uppercuts high into the air like Lucario's recovery.

Dash: Spiky Dash - Chesnaught dashes with a Spiky Shield in front of him so he's invincible in the front, also if he hits someone while performing the dash they will get sticked into the Spiky Shield, Chesnaught will quickly let him go and grab him (like Ike).

Final Smash: Giant Spiky Shield - Chesnaught will shoot Vine Whips that will grab the opponents and push them to Chesnaught's Giant Spiky Shield, the Vine Whips will push them to the Spiky Shields like some vaccum, if they hit the Giant Spiky Shield they will automatically go flying off the stage!

Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro Kujo stands up!

Recovery: OraOraOra UP! - JoJo (KuJO JOtaro) and his stand Star Platinum punches the air so fast that it actually propells him up (before you say that's dumb...Kenshiro has a kick attack in Jump Ultimate Stars that kicks so fast it makes him hover up...).

Dash: Star Finger - Like the many Dash Attacks that stab and grab the oponnent but when dashing, Star Platinum punches forward making anyone trying to stop him useless, very good for horizontal recovery.

Final Smash: Star Platinum Za Warudo - Jotaro was the one who stopped time! ....No, really, that's his Final Smash, he stops time for 15 seconds and his attacks get extreme knock-back!


Megaman.exe jacks into battle!

Recovery: Air Shoes - Megaman.exe gets the Air Shoes ability and hovers back up to the stage, works like many other hover recoveries (slow but useful).

Dash: Wide Sword - Megaman.exe gets a Wide Sword out, dashes to the oponnent and slashes him, pushing him back, good for horizontal recovery.

Final Smash: Hub - Megaman turns into Hub Style, gets a Shield (making him inmune) and his shots turn into devastating beams!

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