Here is a list of updates that the game Super Smash Bros. Clash of Nintendo] has recieved.

August 28th

  • The game was officially revealed
  • 12 veteran fighters were officially confirmed
  • The game was confirmed to have a story mode of some sort.

September 4th

  • Captain Toad Searches For Battle! He can use his pickaxe, and grab materials out of his backpack. His final smash involves sending a whole bunch of Toads in mine carts, which will race all around the stage.
  • Baby Bros. Come From The Past! They fight as a duo, and can use hammer related attacks, as well as bite. Their final smash freezes everyone in place, whilst a Chain Chomp crashes down.
  • Tetra Wakes Up! She uses a mini cannon to attack, as well as her projectile bracelet. Her final smash lets her temporarily turn into Toon Zelda, which can shoot projectile triforces.
  • Ridley Sizes Up The Brawl! He can fly, swoosh, and more! He is basically like a flying Bowser. His final smash involves him turning into Meta Ridley, and putting them all on that thing from Brawl.
  • Bowser was officially confirmed as a veteran fighter.

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