Super Smash Bros. Clash (大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズクラッシュ Dai rantō sumasshuburazāzukurasshu) It is being developed by Namco Bandai Games Inc. and Sora, and will be published by Nintendo. It is the fifth installment in the series. The official teaser trailer of the game, which featured Mario, was shown in a June Nintendo direct. 


At the end of the June 2017 Nintendo direct, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that they were working on the game that everyone wanted and showed a small clip with Mario picking up his hat, getting a smash ball, and using his final smash. Then at the end of Nintendo's e3 2017 presentation Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Kirby, Samus, Zero suit Samus, Fox, Pikachu, Villager, Olimar, Wii Fit Trainer, Little mac, Ice Climbers, Sonic, Pac man, and Mega man were all confirmed to return. Soon afterwards reveal trailers for Inkling, Captain toad, and Rayman were revealed. On August 6, 2017, Bowser and ganondorf were confirmed along with newcomer ridley. Soon on September 25, 2017 A reveal trailer confirming Pit, Palutena, and Dark pit to return and newcomer viridi to be in the game. On october 20 2017 peach was revaled on the offcial website. Soon Nintendo in a October 2017 direct Ness was confirmed to be a returning fighter, along with newcomers Paula, Prince Poo, and Porky.On Novermber 21 Zelda and Shiek were confrimed to return. On November 25, 2017 Diddy kong, was confirmed to return along with newcomers Dixie kong, and King K. Rool. After the shantae remake direct shante was confirned to be in the game. On december 2, the mii fighters were confrimed to come back with 2 new types mii athlete and mage. After the new wind waker style game was annonced where you can either play as zelda or link Toon Link and Tetra were confrimed to be playable. After the first trailer for the new yoshi game kamek was confirmed to be playble.After the annocement of the next rhythm heaven game being released in america rhythm trio was confirned to be in the game as character.After the annocement that bayonetta 3 would be on the nx, bayonetta was confirmed to return. 


Veteran Fighters


Omega Stages Ω have been confirmed to return except this time around they are completely modeled after Final Destination which means no walls. The new feature Alpha Stages α has been confirmed and are stages modeled after Battlefield. Not all stages will have Alpha or Omega counterparts but instead some will have a an Alpha counterpart while the others will have and Omega counterpart only. All stages have builds for the returning 8-Player Smash. Also, there is now a option to remove stage hazards.


Game Modes and Features

Single Player Modes 

  •  Classic Mode: Classic mode from Super Smash Bros. WiiU returns. Completing it unlocks a special trophy, various art of the character, and an album picture for the character. Players progress on a horizontal plane with 10 matches. Each match is color coded with:

    When you arrive on the spot, a spinner appears with character shadows on it. Players place how many Gold they want to invest in the match which indicates the difficulty as well as the rewards given. They then spin it and the portion that the pointer lands on indicates the opponent. Much like the handheld, going flawless with 70% of the matches being normal and up results in Master & Crazy Hand and going flawless 100% on Hard results in Master Core.

Also in addition Make your Own Classic which allows players to create their own Classic Modes and share it with anyone or friends. Here is a list of content that can be customized:

Note: Completing a created Classic Mode does not reward the player with a standard character trophy.

Adventure Mode

Players can go on an adventure; navigating a level that contains enemies and elements from a certain franchise that all have a certain goal to be completed before they can advance. This mode is a bit longer but has greater rewards. Players are awarded with trophies, equipments, stamps, and other locked content both during and the end of the mode. The franchises used within the Adventure in randomized though the Adventure Mode on the console version numbers at 8 levels while the handheld numbers at only 5. However, certain franchises will only appear on a particular version.

In addition, there is a new mode called Make your Own Adventure where players can create their own Adventure Modes by selecting from a number of the available franchises. Here is a list of content players can customize in this mode:

Note: Completing a created Advenuture Mode does not reward the player with a game series character trophy

  • Red: Indicates a normal match
  • Green: Indicates an Event match )(such as Home-run Contest, Target Blast, or Multi-Man Smash)
  • Blue: Indicates a Special Smash which has certain rules and effects
  • Yellow: Indicates that 2-3 other players will join the battle as well.
  • Number of rounds (6 to 15)
  • Types of rounds (standard, team, group, special)
  • Which character that will appear
  • Special events (Target Smash, Home-Run Contest, etc)
  • Master Hand, Crazy Hand, and/or Master Core
  • Mario
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Donkey Kong
  • Metroid
  • Yoshi
  • Megaman
  • Kirby
  • Pikmin 
  • Kid Icarus 
  • Splatoon
  • Sonic
  • Select which adventure rounds will have which franchises.
  • Select which enemies will appear, how many, where, and even mix the enemies up.
  • Set the number of stocks or time.
  • Add additional rules or effects such as Stamina or Bunny Hood.
  • Share your created Adventure Modes with friends or anyone online.

    All-Star Mode

  • Players fight throughout the entire Super Smash Bros. Clash roster. 

Note: Completing a created All-Star Mode does not reward the player with a character trophy.

  • Oldest to Newest: Fight against the entire roster from Mr. Game & Watch to Inkling
  • Newest to Oldest: Fight against the entire roster from Inkling to Mr. Game & Watch
  • By Franchise: Fight against the entire roster based on franchise.
  • Alphabetical: Fight against the entire roster from A-Z.
  • Make your own All-Star: This option coincides with Make your Own Classic and Make your Own Adventure. You can create your own All-Star Match by:
    • Placing characters where you want them to be.
    • Choosing how many characters appear per match (2 to 5)
    • Choose which level will represent each round.
    • Adjusting the time limit
    • Adjusting the rules and even adding various effects for each round (Stamina, Bunny Hood, etc)
    • Share your created Adventure Modes with friends or anyone online.
    • Changing the layout and theme of the Rest Area.
      • Urban
      • Forest
      • Fantastical
      • Futuristic
      • Ruins
      • Jungle
      • Tropical Island
      • Industrial
      • Asian Temple
      • Castle
  •  Trophy Rush: In Trophy Rush, the player selects any character they wish, then selects how long they wish to play the game. The minimum length of time is 30 seconds, though it can be increased by one second for every six Coins the player adds to the cost, with the maximum possible playtime being 150 seconds. In the actual game, the player is tasked with destroying as many crates that fall onto the small platform they are standing on as possible; a line high above the platform indicates how high the crates can go, and if this line is breached for too long a period, then the platform disappears, forcing the player to be KOed, as the platform doesn't reappear until the player falls. In addition to this danger, electrical balls, bombs, and specialised boxes that shoot fire from one side can fall onto the stage, which the player needs to avoid. Getting KOed for any reason in the mode causes a deduction of fifteen seconds of playtime. While destroying boxes, the player is able to attain a "chain", which is broken if they fail to destroy any boxes in a small period of time; the higher the chain, the higher their score, as well as the higher the rate the "Fever" meter increases. The player receives a score based on how many crates they have broken in the timespan, after which an appropriate number of trophies, custom moves, and other bonuses are rewarded. In addition, a meter present in the mode slowly fills up the more crates the player breaks; filling up this meter leads to a Fever, where specialised blocks holding coins, trophies, and customization options constantly fall onto the stage. 
  • Event Mode: Completing events unlocks stages and various things ranging from art to trophies

Rival Smash  

  • Rival Smash is a new mode where players play 8 rounds with a randomized character each time. The timer runs to 3:00 which then determines the victor by how many kills they attained. The character is randomized and each character has his or her own rival character drawn from the roster. This doesn't change based regardless of the match up. There isn't a set difficulty but progresses meaning that the first round is the easiest while the last round is the hardest. Completing the game with enough kills as well as a good performance results in more rewards.

Multiplayer Modes

  • Smash: Also known as "VS Mode", it is the traditional 4-player battle that can be done with either players or CPUs.
  • 8-Player Smash: VS Mode in which up to 8 players can play on larger versions of all maps.
  • Special Smash: 2-8 player battles with special conditions. Turbo and All Star Smash from the fangame Project M are new conditions by popular demand.
  • Classic Mode: Classic mode from Super Smash Bros. WiiU returns. Completing it unlocks a special trophy, various art of the character, and a album picture for the character.
  • All-Star Mode: All-Star mode from Super Smash Bros. WiiU returns.  Completing it unlocks an All-Star trophy for the character completed with.
  • Tournament: Tournament Mode from SSB4 returns.
Home-Run Contest

Home-run Contest returns as a multi-player mode where players must beat up Mr. Sandbag and then launch them via the Home-run Bat. The multi-player feature returns on both versions.

Target Blast

Target Blast returns virtually unchanged from Super Smash Bros. 4.

Board the Platforms

Makes it's return since it's absence in the previous two titles. Each area is modeled after the character and features elements from that characters franchise. Two players can also tackle it though the scenery reflects the first players character.

Multi-Man Smash

Multi-Man Smash returns to Super Smash Bros. List of Multi-Man Smash Modes

  • 10-Man Smash: The shortest and easiest mode which challenges fighters on taking on only ten Mii Fighters. The 10th character is a Smash fighter.
  • 100-Man Smash: Players must defeat 100 Mii Fighter opponents as well as a random Smash fighter.
  • Gamble Smash: Put in coins and the amount of coins reflects the number of enemies you will have to face. It also reflects the difficulty level. This is new to the Multi-Man Smash mode.
  • 3-Minute Smash: Players must last for 3 minutes against Mii Fighter opponents.
  • 15-Minute Smash: Players must last for 15 minutes against Mii Fighter opponents.
  • Endless Smash: Players must fight against an endless number of opponents with no time limit.
  • Rival Smash: Players must face off against a rival character and KO more opponents than the rival.
  • Cruel Smash: The difficulty of the Mii Fighters in drastically increased with it making it harder to KO opponents.
  • Baddie Smash: Players must go up against various enemies from the Nintendo franchises. They are easy to defeat and there is a 10 minute time limit.

Online Modes

  • With Anyone: For Fun: In this mode, players fight each other in four-player free-for-alls or two-on-two team battles, with all items turned on. All stages are playable except for Final Destination; stages are selected at random with no player choice. This mode affects the player's character records, but does not keep explicit statistics on the player's performance. The new mode, Smash Ace, is playable in For Fun.
  • With Anyone: For Glory: FDuring this online mode, players can fight anonymously with other players. All matches are played on Final Destination, Omega forms, or Alpha forms of other stages, with no items naturally spawning. Custom characters are eligibile, but, equipment on characters is not allowed. Players can select to play two-stock one-on-one matches with a six minute time limit or two stock team battles with team attack on in two-on-two or free-for-all matches. Both wins and losses from matches are recorded in this mode, alongside other statistics.
  • With Friends: Can play with friends on your friends lists with custom rules. All multiplayer modes except Stadium can be played online with friends and there are now 8 slots meaning up to 8 players can be in the same game at the same time.
  • Tournament: Tournament Mode from SSB4 returns.
  • Conquest: While a conquest is ongoing, the game aggregates global wins among specific groups of characters (known as teams) in With Anyone during a limited time, and determines the victor based on the number of wins. Players automatically participate in Conquest when playing With Anyone, and there is no way to otherwise prevent their data from being sent. After contributing points to a certain team or character, players cannot contribute again until 16 hours have passed. Upon the conquest being completed, going to the conquest menu will reveal the overall results and potentially provide rewards.
  • Spectate: Spectate from Smash WiiU returns.


  • Trophies: View all trophies unlocked.
  • Album: View various unlocked in game pictures and manmade screenshots.
  • Replays: View saved replays. Replays can be uploaded to YouTube.
  • Music and Sounds:  Listen to different music and sounds in the game.
  • Records: View fighter records, stats, and milestones.
  • Tips and Techniques: View various tips and techniques about characters and the game.
  • Challenges: On a rectangular grid of boxes, the Challenges give players hints at attaining the various unlockable components of the game. In-depth page maybe...
  • Stage Builder: Build your own stage. Comes with much more features. More information soon…
  • Amiibo, Mii Fighters and Custom Fighters.

NEW Vault Modes

Smash Shop

In this zone you can buy Trophies, Character costumes, Stamps, and even sometimes stages! when the game is released you can buy DLC characters, Mii costumes, and Stages

Animation Workshop

According to Sakurai, this mode took a lot of manpower to create and build and was created to allow players a deeper understanding of the characters they love. The Animation Workshop allows players to view models of characters and view all of the animations they have including walking, jumping, attacks, special attacks, etc. It also allows the player to speed up, slow down, and pause the animations and view them at a 3D angle. It can also show the hitboxes, the damage percentage, and the trajectory path of an attack. In addition, players add additional fighters to the workshop. This mode, according to Sakurai, will revolutionize the Smash meta game. In addition, players can bookmark certain animations and share them between friends. They can also record video or take pictures of the animation.


Challenges come in two types: Smash Challenges and Character Challenges. A Smash Challenge function much like in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS where it tasks players with completing certain goals and tasks for rewards, currency. and points. These Smash Challenges are typically general in nature and involve game play rather than focusing on characters. A Character Challenge is like normal challenges however they are divided by characters. Each character has it's own set of challenges that, when completed, unlock certain rewards, images, or other goodies related to the character. Each character has the same number of challenges at 15 per character.

Trophy Gallery

Trophies can be obtained through matches, Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, Smash War, and Smash Dungeon. In addition, trophies can be purchased in the Trophy Shop and Smash Lottery. Players can change the background of the trophies, access the Trophy Display which can categorize the trophies, or even make their own custom display case for all of the world to see.

Stamp Book

Players can decorate their stamp book with stamps they have collected. Stamps can be obtained much like trophies. Stamps come from a variety of the Nintendo franchises. Illustration Gallery

Players can collect illustrations of characters and franchises throughout the game. These illustration are shown in gallery which is reminiscent of the Museum Gallery from Animal Crossing.

New Features

Super Smash Bros. 5 will contain various new features that range from game play to game modes, characters, and other content. It has been confirmed via Sakurai that characters will undergo a huge overhaul in terms of design and performance; citing that move sets may be changed. According to Sakurai "In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, we included Custom Special moves as a way to shake things up. We took things even further in this next instalment. The gameplay has been overhauled to make it fresher and exciting but still true to the Super Smash Bros. formula." Sakurai also said in a later interview "The amount of content and features in this new title is staggering. It's really amazing how much stuff we could pack into it!" Here is a list of new features within Super Smash Bros. 5:

Character Aesthetics

Aesthetically, character have a much more vibrant feel compared to previous games. Masahiro Sakurai stated that he wanted character to visually "pop out" for players. The team also tried to combine the realistic design of Super Smash Bros. Brawl with that of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. Besides visual aesthetics, characters also are much more expressive and seemingly aware of their surroundings. Characters will often follow the other player in front of them with their eyes and faintly move their head up or down to follow the movement of the other player. If the player's character's back is to another player, he or she may slightly look behind themselves.

Customizable Character Content Players can now unlock new customizable content that can be accessed on the "Smash Files". New on-screen appearances, character select screen animations, victory animations, losing animations, and so on can be unlocked. They can then be selected or set at random to be used in a game.

Color Swaps/Costumes

Players have access to a total of 10 color swaps/costumes as well as some costumes that you can buy in the smash shop some of which are new models entirely.

Character Voices

Characters such as Donkey kong, Bowser, and diddy kong have lost their realistic voice clips and have been replaced with their voice clips from their normal games. 

Customizable Mechanics

Players can now customized game mechanics slightly to mold how they play the game. Targeted towards players who want a more personalized experience, players can change a number of aspects of the game such as: Slower game speed Faster game speed More floaty mechanics More launch resistance Longer hitstun Closer blast boundaries

Smash Cloud

Players are able to store information, data, records, and videos on the Smash Cloud. A Smash Cloud is a free service provided through Nintendo and is connected to the Nintendo Cloud. Players are able to download information, character data, content, and other forms of data from the Smash Cloud into the system they are using. Purchasing the game allows the player to register for the Smash Cloud and utilizing the Smash Cloud can unlock various features and content. The Smash Cloud stores data for:

  • Character Records
  • High Scores
  • Medals
  • Created Mii Fighters
  • Rules
  • Recorded videos
  • Collected trophies and other items
  • Misc Information

The account is awarded a Cloud Power rating that is dependent based on their playing records, character records, data information, and amount of content unlocked. The higher the number, the more successful the player is. Visiting another players Smash Cloud results in a Cloud Battle which is a non-playable battle between the players account and the visitors. The character used in the battle can be decided upon when making the account though it will use character with the highest character record if a character is not chosen. The outcome of the match is decided upon by the comparisons between the two accounts. However, there is really no winner or loser as both sides receive prizes and experience when in contact. Prizes include in-game Gold, custom outfits/items, power-ups, trophies, and other collectables. The winner obviously gets more than the loser of the battle. One account can battle 5 times per day.

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