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The game has dlc, you earn them with Wii U points and 3DS points . They are divided into packets.


Super Mario Enemies Pack (200 Points)

Image Name Description Final Smash
Dry Bnes
Dry Bones "A skeletal member of the Koopa Troopa family. Immune to fireballs,The Dry Bones join in the fight." Attack of bones
Shy Guy "  The Shy Guy is very shy but is fast is fight" 
Lightning Spear
Koopa Troopa Charged!
Koopa Troopa Big Green Shell

Super Mario Colors Changers (210 Points)

Image Color Name Description
Coming Soon
Bee Mario
Ice Mario
Propeller Mario
Propeller Mario
Fox Luigi
Fox Luigi
Coming Soon
Striker Peach
Waluigi Strikers
Striker Waluigi
Coming Soon
Dark Bowser
Striker Bowser

Terry Koopa Pack (332 Points)

Image Name Description Final Smash
Terry "The last Koopa remaninng in the Koopa Village is here to use your magic to defeat the enemies!" Devil Slayer - The screen goes black and the enemy is knocked out.
Lina "Lina is pink Paratroopa and Lina's girlfriend, Lina have a bunch of skills, but, your best is the Go Out!" Go Out! - Lina will get the enemy and leaves him into a pit.
Lony "Lony is a brown Magikoopa who gives Terry magics powers." Demon Slayer LV. 2 - Same thing of Terry's Demon Slayer, but, this Demon Slayer can KO 2 enemies.
Kopeu The Dog
Kopeu "Kopeu is the Terry and Lina's Dog, he looks like a Koopa, but, he is a dog with Koopa costume." Big Bite - Works like the Ultimate Chimera trap.

Sonic Boom Pack (350 Points)

Image Name Description Final Smash
Metal Sonic Charged
Metal Sonic Metal Overlod

Sonic Day Pack (350 Points)

Image Color Name Description 
Hallowen Sonic
Christmas Sonic

Tabooki Pack ( 400 Points)

Image Name Description Final Smash
Tabooki Charged!

" The Tanooki Boo join in Charged! ."

Leaf Storm

Retro Pack (562 Points)

Image Name Description Final Smash
Nes Mario 3D j
Nes Mario Big nes Mario
Nes Luigi Big nes Luigi

Pac Pack

Image Name Description Final Smash
Pac-Man Final Pac Man


Super Mario Bros. Pack (299 Points)

Image Name First Game
Coin Heaven Super Mario Bros 3
Haunted Woods New Super Mario Bros U.
Yoshi's Island 3 Super Mario World.
Cheep Cheep Lagoon Mario Kart 7

Pushmo Pack (300 Points)

Image Name First Game
Pushmo Park Pushmo

 Retro Pack (300 Points)

Image Name First Game
Pac-Man Level
Pac Stage Pac-Man

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