The challenges of Super Smash Bros. Charged!. Has the function of the player complete challenges to unlock new parts and clothing customization mode, music etc ...


Challenge Name Objetive Prizes
My Ideas Mount 2 stages in custom mode Background : Cave
Punch you Face Beat 50 enemies in Adventure Mode Trophy : Cannon
Goomba Bowling Beat 10 Goombas in Adventure Mode Hat : Goomba Hat
Speed Clear target mode in less than 3 minutes with medium dificulty Trophy : Target
Home Run! Hit 20,000 m/30,000 ft combined with all fighters in Home Run Contest Trophy : Sandbag
The My New Stage Mount 5 stages in custom mode Background : Water
You Win the new piece Mount 4 diferents mii customizations Piece : Rock
In Beach Play 2 minutes in Delfino Plaza Piece : Water
The Baloon Play 5 minutes with Jigglypuff Hat : Jigglypuff Ears
The King of Bosses Clear Boss Battles Hat : Petey Piranha Head
You Hammer Beat 10 Hammer Bros. in Adventure Mode Hat : Hammer Bro. Helmet
Magic Zone Play 10 minutes with Yoshi Hat : White Yoshi Head
Super Sonic is Super Win the battle with Super Sonic Outfit : Super Sonic Outfit
Metal Power Win the battle with Metal Box Outfit : Metal Mario Outfit
Ice Speed Clear Boss Battles with Ice Climbers in Medium Outfit : Popo Outfit
Fire Speed Clear All Star Mode with Ice Climbers in Hard Outfit : Nana Outfit
Power of Mario Clear Classic Mode with Mario in Very Hard Nose : Ice Mario Nose
My Rival Win the battle with Shadow Mario Nose : Shadow Mario Nose
Bowser Attack Again Win the battle with Bowser None
The Big Trophy Collect 4 Trophys None
My Sound Collect 10 Sounds Music : Menu 1 ( Brawl)
Falcon Punch ! Beat 10 enemies with Falcon Punch in Adventure Mode Trophy : Pico
King of Good Clear Adventure Mode Sticker : Mario with Bike
Show Time Play 2 minutes in Mushroom Kingdom Music : Super Mario Bros.3 (Melee)
Best Choose Play 10 days with your favorite characters Sticker : Super Smash Bros. Logo
Pokemon Battle Unlock all characters of pokemon Music : Pokemon Stadium (Melee)
Villain Mode Clear the Classic Mode with all villains Music : Boss Battles
Gold Prize Clear All Star Mode with all characters Trophy : GameCube
Master of Fight Clear Classic Mode with all characters Trophy : Tabuu
Shadow of Sonic Play 2 minutes with Shadow Sticker : Super Shadow
Dark World Beat All dark copy in adventure mode Trophy : Dark copy (Mario)
Bomb ! Beat Big Bob-Omb in adventure mode in Hard Sticker : Mario With Yoshi
Punch you face Beat Sonic with Knuckles in free play Music : Sonic Boom
Buy all pieces Buy all pieces in Custom Mode None
All Roster Unlock all characters None
All Stages Unlock all stages None
Mission Attack Clear all missions Trophy : Anti Guy
Sonic Boom Beat 10 enemies in adventure Mode with Sonic Trophy : Classic Sonic
My Shadow Unlock Shadow Mario  None

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