Assist Trophies


Image Name Serie Effect
Toad Assist
Toad Super Mario

Thnow items on stage

Silver Assist
Silver Sonic Attack opponents with psychic powers
Reznor Assist
Reznor Super Mario Attack opponents with fireballs
Nintendog Nintendo Blocks the screen.
Metroid Metroid
Kat & Ana Wario Ware Attack with sworlds
Devil ????
Lakitu and Spiny Super Mario Attack with spiny
Space Pirate Metroid


Image Name Serie Effect Criteria
Rosalina Super Mario Attacks with lumas Win Classic Mode with Peach and Zelda
Koopalings Attack

Super Mario

Attack with magic and with the Koopa Clown Car

Unlock Bowser Jr./Shadow Mario
Hammer Bro. Charged
Hammer Bro. Super Mario Hammer Bro throws hammers at opponents. Win Tag Classic Moe with Bowser and Paratroopa 
Tingle f
Tingle Zelda

Tingle randomly summons a variety of strange effects. It also takes longer for more Assist Trophies to spawn after his appearance than any other character.

  • He can inflate lots of balloons and float off the stage. The balloons can lift characters, but will not give any damage.
  • He can cause a Hammer and Golden Hammer shower.
  • He can create a Banana Peel effect. This makes all opponents slip constantly until Tingle disappears.
  • He can burst into flames, which gives everybody a Superspicy Curry effect.
  • He can produce a flower graphic. This will then zoom the camera in on the character who summoned him.
Boom Boom Super Mario He attacks with his big arms Clear Tourney
Glass Joe Punch Out! Punch the others players Win Classic Mode with Little Mac 
Funky Kong DK Attack with TNT Barrels
Impa Zelda
Vaati Zelda
Kamek Yoshi Attack with magics
Nabbit Super Mario Stealing items in stage
Excitebike ExciteBike

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