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Trophy's act the same way they do in most Super Smash Bros. Games. You can earn them through All-Star mode rest stop, Adventure mode trophy cubes, and Coin Launcher. Unlike Brawl, stickers aren't present along with the trophy's. Trophy's can also be earned through challenges only. Below shows the list of trophy's from each series.

Mario Series



Mario Finale

Classic Mario


Perry Power

Classic Peach


Koopa Clown Bomber

Classic Bowser

Bowser Jr.

Graffiti Cover

Classic Bowser Jr.

Petey Piranha

Piranha Armed

Classic Petey Piranha

Luigi's Mansion Series



Poltergust 5000

Classic Luigi

King Boo


Classic King Boo

Dr. Mario Series


Dr. Mario

Vitamin Pelt

Classic Dr. Mario

Chill Virus

Virus Team-Up!

Classic Virus

More to Come!

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