Super Smash Bros. Charged!! had loads of beta elements mostly from character's . Below show's series of Nintendo video games with beta elements.

Kirby Series

  • King Dedede was going to return with the same exact moves from Brawl, but he was replaced with Rick for Rick being a very Retro character more than King Dedede.
  • Meta Knight was originally going to be a starting character. He was turned to unlockable due to too many starting character's.
  • The stage "Pop Star" was originally going to be the first world in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.


  • Alph, Brittany,or Charlie were going to replace Olimar, but were scrapped for unknown reason's.
  • Final Trial wasn't intended to be a stage at first


  • Zero Suit Samus was going to return, but was scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • Fusion Suit Samus was going to act like Zero Suit Samus when the player gets a smash ball, but was instead temporary.

Mario Series

  • Bianco Hill's was going to be a stage, but was replaced with Honey Hive Galaxy due to Delfino Plaza being the same thing with different enviernment. Though, Honey Hive Galaxy does in fact act like Delfino Plaza as well.
  • Big Bob-Omb was going to be a boss in the adventure mode, but was now is an element in Bob-Omb's Battlefield in the background.

Wario Series

  • Wario was cut from the game for unknown reason's.


Chibi-Robo & Telly Vision were going to appear as playable character's. Similar to Zelda & Sheik, they can transform into each other. Both were cut for unknown reasons.


  • Snivy was going to appear as a playable character, but was cut because of too many Pokemon characters.
  • Lucario was originally going to be unlockable, but is now a starter for unknown reasons.

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